Pretty Little Liars

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  • Season 1
    • Pilot
      Episode 1

      The perfect little town of Rosewood holds more than its fair share of secrets and for four friends, Aria, Spencer, Hanna, and Emily's darkest ones are about to unravel. A year after their Queen Bee, Alison, goes missing, the girls begin receiving messages from ''A'', saying – and threatening – things only Alison would know.

    • The Jenna Thing
      Episode 2

      With Jenna's return to Rosewood, the girls are forced to face an unpleasant incident from their past that sealed their friendship forever, especially since "A" won't let them forget it. Meanwhile, questions about the night of Alison's disappearance begin to arise as the events of that fateful night continue to haunt Aria, Spencer, Emily and Hanna.

    • 6/22/10

      The girls try to pay tribute to Alison's memory, but they are still being faced with unresolved issues. Aria has an unpleasant encounter with her father's former mistress and Spencer must face a vengeful Melissa while Hanna is trying desperately to get her boyfriend to forget the 'old Hanna.' But with "A" taunting them every step of the way, the girls will find that leaving the past behind is much harder than they first thought.

    • 6/29/10

      The girls block e-mails and text messages from all unknown users in an attempt to stop "A," but their problems are far from over. One girl receives a surprise visit, while another receives a gift from a prospective paramour. And just when things couldn't get any more complicated, the girls find out that trying to keep "A" away comes with a price.

    • Reality Bites Me
      Episode 5

      The girls must pay the penalty for trying to ignore ''A.'' Whether it is a family in crisis, parental praise for an undeserved honor looming over their head or wearing totally unfashionable scrubs while working off a debt, the girls must deal with it all. And on top of that "A"'s lipstick message is still haunting them.

    • While the homecoming decorating committee is knee deep in balloons, the four friends from Rosewood are just trying to stay afloat. Dealing with heartbreak, a boyfriend's virginity pledge, and a vengeful sister all takes a backseat when one girl makes a shocking homecoming date choice that puts her in a possibly sticky situation.

    • 7/20/10

      Spencer, Aria, Emily and Hanna must deal with the consequences of their disastrous homecoming dance. Family, friends and boyfriends are all in flux, and the girls need to act fast to prevent the situation from getting worse. To top it all off, they are also hiding killer information about Toby and text messages from someone other than 'A' are causing tensions to rise in the Montgomery household.

    • The girls are ready to say goodbye to Alison as her memorial service approaches. However, Alison's brother Jason shows up and the gang quickly finds out that saying goodbye is the last thing he wants to do. The clique wants to celebrate Alison's life in a peaceful and positive way, but with Detective Wilden back on the scene and Jason taking over the girls realize they may not have prepared for what is to come. Meanwhile, Emily and Maya go on their first date.

    • 8/3/10

      Rosewood gets a massive storm on the day the students are to take their SAT test, which causes the school to postpone the examinations. Trapped in the school during the storm, the girls' personal lives become stormy as well. Drama strikes each girl differently and manifests itself into different situations. After the storm passes and the girls get to go home, they all come to the realization that taking the SATs would have been a much easier task to complete.

    • 8/10/10

      "A" targets the girls once again as they attend an upscale camping trip for one of their friend's birthday party and they fear that "A" may want to crash the fun. The FBI becomes involved in Alison's murder case because of new evidence that they have found. Also, Hanna faces difficulties because of her financial situation.

    • Moments Later
      Episode 11

      Hanna is sent to the hospital and she gets a surprise visit while she is there.  Meanwhile, her friends try to find out who "A" is.

    • Salt Meets Wound
      Episode 12

      Hanna is released from the hospital, but confined to a wheelchair.  Meanwhile, Aria struggles with the fact that Noel knows about her affair with Ezra, Spencer's relationship with Alex hits a road bump, and Emily invites Maya to meet her family.

    • 1/17/11

      "A" persuades Hanna to return to her law-breaking ways.  Meanwhile, Noel continues to bait Ezra, Emily's mother makes clear her dislike of Emily and Maya's relationship, Spencer adjusts to Melissa's sudden marriage, and the girls get help from a surprising place.

    • 1/24/11

      When the school's dance-a-thon rolls around, the Pretty Little Liars are too preoccupied to think about raising money for a trip to Washington, D.C.. Hanna is focused on her family's financial situation, but will she be able to refuse the job that "A" has for her? Emily is still hung up on Maya, so she enlists the help of Caleb, the school's new bad boy. Spencer finds tolerating Ian more difficult than ever when an important possession goes missing. Meanwhile, Aria's former babysitter, Simone, arrives in town - but things quickly get ugly when she sets her sights on Ezra.

    • The Liars try to retain some normalcy in their lives, but even everyday activities are filled with drama. Emily is forced to deal with a teammate who is threatened by her return to swimming, while Aria and Ezra make plans for their first date in public. Meanwhile, Hanna is still being manipulated by "A", and Spencer turns to Ali's brother, Jason, for help.

    • Je Suis Une Amie
      Episode 16

      The Rosewood Sharks have an important swim meet and Emily encounters Paige again.  Caleb uses his favor from Hanna, who tries to keep Aria from becoming suspicious of her over of Ella's museum ticket.  A past enemy may not be just so.

    • The New Normal
      Episode 17

      Spencer tries to read the braille that Toby gave her.  Aria and Hanna reconcile and Paige's father makes a scene at the school regarding Emily's sexuality.

    • The Badass Seed
      Episode 18

      The four liars remember a frat party and question Alison's motives that night. Aria uses the school play as a means to get closer to Ezra. Hanna and Caleb are pushed to a new level in their relationship. Spencer and Toby become closer. Emily shares some new information and 'A' watches everything closely.

    • 2/28/11

      The Liars find themselves in even more trouble than before when Spencer is deemed suspicious by the Rosewood Police. Meanwhile, Paige and Emily come to terms with their relationship, Spencer and Toby grow closer as they continue to work together against Jenna, Ashley discovers that Caleb has been living at the Marin residence, and Aria decides that it's time to tell Ezra the truth about "the Jenna thing".

    • 3/7/11

      Spencer's falsehoods get her into trouble as one of her lies causes her to become a person of interest in the murder.

    • 3/14/11

      The girls get one step closer to finding out who Alison's murderer is when Emily finds a key that Jenna desperately needs.  Caleb gets ready to leave Rosewood, while Spencer finds herself trapped at the Founder Festival. Aria finds a picture of Ezra with another woman and suspects the worst.

    • 3/21/11

      The Pretty Little Liars use the videos that they found as blackmail against Jenna.  Meanwhile, Aria and Ezra get into another conflict when his ex returns to town, Emily's father wants the family to move to Texas for a year, and Spencer finds herself in life-threatening situation after life-threatening situation.

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