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Pretty Little Liars

Season 2 Episode 23

Eye of the Beholder

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Mar 05, 2012 on ABC Family

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  • The perfect pre-finale episode!!

    Toby is back in town and he's acting very much unlike his usual self. He kind of reminded me of him back in early season one. Jenna had the surgery done. Emily gets an e-mail from Maya telling her she's okay. Aria keeps seeing Duncan who reveals to her that he flew Allison from Hilton Head back to Rosewood and that he could have been inlove with her. Jason gives Spencer a bag Maya dropped off. Spencer's mother isn't happy about his involvement in their lives. When the girls discover that the contents of the bag, or what was wrapped around could be vital for their quest on solving the mystery, they go back to Jason's to get it back. There Hanna notices that his house is on fire. She quickly stoops in and pulls Jenna out. At the end of the episode we notice Jason, and Mrs. Hastings bonding, Ella telling Byron he can't push Ezra into a corner, after a very intense face off, and "A" walking around Jason's house with a badge.

    Can't wait for the finale!!!
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