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discuss final episode of the season

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    what a episode i dont get it :S

    Alot of questions, is Mona also being manipulated she looked always in earlyer episodes happy to be a?

    IS spencer really innocent, still?

    And what was that for sorry BAD SCENE of the house on fire the girls one minute searching for an exit the next being unconsious on the ground pulled out by the red coat? How did she get it?? Sorry but thats just messed up. How ever is making this episode or direct them dont they watch first before sending it out? Its just there to many holes in there! the first two seasons where so much rock sollit.

    it feels like there just shooting so much scenes as possible and dont think any more how it looks. Am i the only one really dissapointed by this season????????

    And what is the story with Wildon why in earth would he accept being runover??? he had ashley right there in the corner with this. But no word of him, :S

    And do i believe toby? Do you??

    Please comment.

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