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Incredibly unhappy with this show!

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    [1]Feb 27, 2013
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    Am I the only one who feels that this show has gotten really really bad as it has gone on? The girls are so easily manipulated, and after being messed with by A for so long, shouldn't they sorta know how to avoid A screwing with them? The characters are just so dumb! Stop doing exactly what A expects you to do, PLLs!

    And isn't it obvious that A is purposefully trying to get Spencer out of the group since she is the only one of the girls smart enough to actually figure anything out? Should they not realize that she is the intelligent one and is completely vital to them finding anything about the girl in the red coat, and so protect her more esp once they know Toby is A?

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    i agree its getting a bit unreal for me too. The cops know about mona and A why is no one paying attion to mona? she is free to do what she wants???? After trying to kill someone? and is her sentence of psych so short?

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