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Offical Episode Discussion: 2.23: "Eye of the Beholder"

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    The girls meet a guy some guy from Alison's past. Toby is supposed to come back. 2 episodes away from the A reveal (supposedly). I am getting excited about the last few episodes.

    Edit: Erza and Aria story is losing me again. I liked them at first, but they are boring together. Out of all the break ups and make ups these four girls go through and how often they switch partners I was hoping Aria and Fitz would be over by now. Is anyone else finding it hard to disagree with the parents? I can't fault Hanna's mother for refusing to buy her daughter a new phone after what happened to her last one. The parents already know something is going on. A's game has become so big that of course the girls' parents noticed. Let's be honest A is becoming really desperate at this stage. His or hers tactics are becoming less refined and is making too many big moves that are starting to get outside people (the parents) to notice his or hers activities.

    Jenna got the surgery finally? Jason's fire was set on fire with Jenna in there. Is A trying to get rid of all of Alison's findings? I think Alison did indeed find out who A is and now that the girls have a good chances of discovering it A is trying to cover his tracks by scaring the girls into backing off. Good episode for me.

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    The episode was OK, apart from the whole Ezra story. I don't even follow this storyline. I don't care if he takes the job or continues to annoy me with his presence and all this big love and yada-yada. I don't care and I don't even watch the moments when he is onscreen. Ugh

    And where's Holden btw, I loved this character, I'd love to see more of him.

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