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Spencer now being the new A

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    I hope its because she wants to bring down the place, if its not im DONE. Serieusly, its getting more more ridiculus, am i the only one who thinks so?

    Malcom being picket up by A, that was a shocker, poor aria, but i would have said so to esra keeping secrets dont the girls learn that is only making it worse.

    they need to shoud it out to the world A is there and bully tortue and KILL!

    I dont understand the motive from them any more to keep this to them selfs?! I mean if toby is really dead, to bad, then they need to come forward. The police need to arrest that bitch MONA. its to unreal for me that she can do all that without anybody noticing. Thats just not real anymore..

    Hope i hear from your oppinion on this matter

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