Pretty Little Liars

Season 2 Episode 11

I Must Confess

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Aug 23, 2011 on Freeform

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  • The girls finally tell the therapist about 'A'

    The girls finally tell the therapist about 'A' and then she disappears.
  • Perfect.

    Emily gets a text from "A" containing a photo of Aria and Ezra kissing. Emily's task from "A" is to tell Ella about the affair. Emily runs from her problems and the girls are worried. This all leads to the decision of finally telling the therapist about "A," which they do. The therapist lectures the school about bullying, where we see Jenna smiling, Noel Kahn looking suspicious, Lucas, and a bored Mona. Hannah goes to her father's rehearsal dinner and is manipulated by his soon to be step daughter which leads to her rowening her soon to be stepmother's dress, really upsetting her father, who tells her to leave. She wasn't the only one to be banished though. Her grandmother was aswell. Hannah's grandmother is in town and on a mission : get Ashley and her son back together. She isn't the only person to return, Maya is back too! Her and Emily bond over dinner. Things are getting really tense with Mike and his condition hits red hot level when he attacks Ella, which scares Aria and gets her to confess about Mike's breaking in adventures. Spencer sees her dad leaving Jason's home, while engaging in a make out session with Toby, and confronts him. The confrontation goes from Spencer Vs. Dad to Toby Vs. Dad. Spencer's father later tells her, he helped the Delaurintises alter some legal documents to try and make Jason look less guilty when it came to Allison's murder which brought back some memories for Spencer. Emily gets a phone call from her therapist telling her that she knows who "A" is, after spending hours investigating, soon after she received a phone call with a voice recording of her speaking to the girls. When the girls arrive, they find that the therapist has dissapeared and a text from "A" confirms that he/she/them had something to do with it.

    Now this is exactly why I fell inlove with this show. The perfect combination of major plot developments, entertaining subplots, and shocking revelations.

    The second half of the season has deffinately gotten off to a great start!