Pretty Little Liars

Season 1 Episode 15

If At First You Don't Succeed, Lie, Lie Again

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Jan 31, 2011 on Freeform

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  • Quite a suspense filled episode!

    Quite a suspense filled episode! Hannah's mom gets a call from the bank telling her the old lady (who's money she stole) has called to make an appointment, she usually only comes in once a year and this throws Hannah and her mom into a panic. Arial plans a date out of town with Ezra at the art gallery but A has a spare ticket to the event and contacts Hannah, telling her she can have back her moms (stolen) money if she makes sure Arial's mom gets the ticket. Hannah does, but later regrets it and tries to stop Ariel's mom from going, this is when she gets help from an unexpected source!
  • Suspense! Suspense!! SUSPENSE!!!!

    Emily is being harrased by a swim collegue. Hannah is given an opputunity by "A" that would enable her to make the money her mother needs so the old lady she "burrowed" the money dosen't find out, in an attempt to sabotage Aria and Ezra's first date in public. Spencer sets out looking for answers regarding the picture, and the later the bracelets. Ella and Bryce reconnect.

    I enjoyed this episode alot. I love it when there's suspense no matter how ridiculous a storyline is. If it's done well, then I'm happy. This episode is underrated with fans and I don't know why. Waiting to see what'll happen to Aria and Ezra, Hannah's mother and then finding out the bracelet order was in Spencer's name, I spent the entire episode gasping.

    A brilliant addition to a great first season.
  • 115

    It was only okay, not the most eventful episode. The only thing that this episode shows is that these liars will do whatever it takes to get something they want or need, take Hannah for example with Aria. Now I knew from the start that Aria's mom wasn't going to find out, that was pretty obvious, and I really doubt she saw anything in the end there. Aria's parents kissing again was also predictable.

    The "new kid" that is helping out the liars isn't really helping the show, in fact, he gets on my nerves. I was really looking forward to Lindsey Shaw's return to television tonight and this is the story line that actually kept me intrigued. The end was a bit creepy, and I'm wondering how far Paige will go make Emily "disappear."

    This episode was a prime example on why Spencer is my favorite liar. She stood up to Allison, although I really didn't get the ending with Spencer being the shadow or Allison's strange brother, but it was still great to see a flashback. I love the tag scenes to these episodes, just a fun tease to who A is. Okay episode, that delivered some good moments, but it was for the most part predictable.
  • Season 1, Episode 15

    Another good episode. not the best episode, but still very good.

    Lindsay Shaw guest stars in this episode as a swim rival to Emily. Lindsay is a great actress, so I can tell this will be interesting as I'm not really intrigued by Emily's swimming story so far.

    Spencer meets up with Ali's brother Jason to talk to him about the picture of Ali that was supposedly taken in his house the night she was murdered. She also finds out that Ian stayed in Ali's house the entire summer that year.

    Aria tries to have a real public date with Ezra at a Art Exhibit in Pennsylvania, but A has other plans for her date when she gives Hanna the job of making Aria's mother a ticket for the Art Exhibit to show her what her daughter has been up to, but Hanna quickly has regrets after giving her the ticket, but she is stuck in detention, where Caleb helps get Aria's mom's car stalled so she can't make it to the exhibit. Aria's father comes to her aid though and makes it to the art exhibit, and when Aria finds out she went, she gets nervous.

    Later, Spencer finds out that the person who purchased the Alison and Jenna bracelets was "Spencer Hastings"! and then that same old lady who sells the bracelets tells a mysterious person that she did exactly what they told her to do.

    and Spencer tells the girls that she was the shadow in the Ali picture right when they see a mysterious Jason in the window of the house!