Pretty Little Liars

Season 2 Episode 24

If These Dolls Could Talk

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Mar 12, 2012 on Freeform

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  • Melissa's in the frame for an 'A' suspect

    Great episode. Melissa's in the frame for an 'A' suspect and Jenna is as evil as ever!
  • Haunting.

    I've been anticipating the two final episodes of the season for a while now and I have to say this one did not dissapoint me at all. It was revealing, it was shocking, and it was surprisingly dark and creepy for Pretty Little Liars. Could very well be the scariest episode since this show started. I love how the old lady of the doll store and her son were involved. They are so spooky and they gave the show a very 90s horror movies feel to it. I absolutely love Mellissa's involvement in this whole thing. That look she gave Spencer when Garret got arressted really raises suspicion even more. I mean at first I thought there's no way it could be her but now who knows? It could be anyone. I guess I'll find out very, very soon. Also the Caleb/Mona makeout scene was just hilarious. One thing I didn't like though was how fast Hanna was willing to turn Mellissa in. I mean come on! Spencer is her friend. Hanna of all people should understand what it's like to have someone you love in danger of being convicted for something seriousley dangerous. We finally have an Aria/Ezra sex scene. It has been two seasons and I alaways wondered wether their border crossing, inappropriate, dangerous affair had actually gone from PG to R. Well now we know. I thought the Aria boarding school issue was extremely dumb though. They would actually send her to boarding school for this? I honestly saw the whole Jenna can see thing coming, but it still made me jump up when she killed that fly. Anyway, next episode we find out who "A" is and I'm exited!
  • amAzing

    This was best Pretty Little Liars episode of the season and the best until possibly Monday... All of the other episodes were good but they honestly don't touch this episode. It was flawless. Everything from the plot, the writing, the direction and the performances... FLAWLESS! I actually had sympathy for Jenna until she lied to Toby about page 5 and of course the awesome scene that proved she can see! The doll hospital scenes was some scary stuff. So creepy yet so cool... Ezra and Aria were Ezra and Aria romantic but a little boring but hey that's them. Speaking of Aria seriously talking to her mom like that? I like Ezra and Aria and I hope they stay together regardless if they're a little boring but still show some respect your mom, Aria! I cannot wait until Monday!!! A Day is coming.. A Day is coming!
  • On a Higher level!!

    This episode was truly incredible. Performance wise, it was great- Holly Marie Comps once again showed what an amazing actress she is. The episode was very informative but at the same time, it created a confusion (which I really liked) and it was Creepy... The scenes with the dolls were all A*. and the scene when Jenna kills the fly, it was pure gold. Excellent episode!

    amazing episode... like all of them, but for me this is the best!