Pretty Little Liars

Season 3 Episode 1

It Happened 'That Night

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Jun 05, 2012 on Freeform

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  • Great start to season 3

    Great start to season 3, however I don't think the girls would be dumb enough not to know A would have filmed them near the grave.
  • Pretty little liars

    It wAs. So amazing
  • It Happened One Night

    My first time watching this show and I have to say that I get why people are addicted to this show. They got me hooked after one episode, and I am buried in the "A" drama already.

    The acting in this episode was a little suspect, but they have the right balance of building their relationships with family and significant others, and then building on their long-running premise. An exciting show and I think they added a new fan in me.
  • Pretty Little Liars Premire Season 3

    I loved Lucy Hale in this episode but im really upset that her parents are getting a divorced bc of her Ezra's relationship i think that's just so annoying and not needed and defiantly unexpected. but i love the story line bc knowing the show they will end up getting back together but we will see what happens anyway i hate that Emily is so depressed bc of Mya's death totally understandable though but i dont like that she's depressed. i hate that Hannah is going to see "A" Mona in the hospital she should stay away for her own protection and i also hated that Spencer went to go see Garret but overall good episode
  • Here we go again! - A

    8.5 we go again! Ring that bell because round two has begun. The opener to season 3 was a lot of fun and had some great moments that paid homage to the pilot episode that really made it seem like we're starting this crazy ride all over again.

    So what has happened? Five months have passed, the girls are all sporting shorter, trendier hairstyles and A has been locked up...or so they think.

    The episode mixed the sweetness of young love with the disturbing nature that comes with the show, focusing on all the couples as they celebrate a life free from A, but when Alison's body goes missing and mysterious texts start to appear, the girls once again lie when they're in the wrong place at the wrong time. While it may not be the smartest thing to do, you can understand that they've been through enough drama to not want to get involved in anything else. While the girls seem to be communicating openly once again they're all hiding individual secrets, we have Hannah who has been secretly visiting mona and running into Wren (is he going to throw a possible wrench in the caleb/hannah relationship?) and Spencer has been dodging calls from jailbird Garrett who seems to have the answers to some of the mystery. Aria is dealing with the same old parental issues while having panic attacks (I can't blame her) and Emily is going off the deep end in a struggle to remain positive in a world run by A.

    Overall it was a great episode, the girls want to move on but they're never going to be able to, and just as they thought things were getting better, A reappears with photos to blackmail them. It's a drama filled world and I can't wait to see where they are heading and if the girls will have any victories at all in the process. Hopefully the strength of their friendship can keep them all from going over the edge, but I look forward to seeing at least one of them (bets are on Aria or Emily) completely break down as struggle to handle another year of being tortured by 'Team A'.

    Lastly it did seem sweet that they were reverting back to many of the things that happened in the pilot, the entire first portion was eerily reminiscent of the night that Alison disappeared right down to Spencer's "I've looked everywhere"; to the song when Hannah was shopping, Aria twirling around in her dress in front of the mirror and reminiscing with Ezra (question, has only a year gone by?) about the moment they first met.

    Keep the drama coming, but hopefully there will be some reprieve for these poor girls, I have a feeling Jenna will be coming back to give them hell though! We are in for quite a ride so here we go again!

  • Amazing episode

    The season premiere was full of twists and turns and shocking scenes. The episode was very thrilling. Great episode to start season 3