Pretty Little Liars

Season 1 Episode 16

Je Suis Une Amie

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Feb 07, 2011 on Freeform
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The Rosewood Sharks have an important swim meet and Emily encounters Paige again.  Caleb uses his favor from Hanna, who tries to keep Aria from becoming suspicious of her over of Ella's museum ticket.  A past enemy may not be just so.

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  • Decent episode, I find the new character Caleb very interesting

    Decent episode, I find the new character Caleb very interesting, Not sure what was happening with Paige though??
  • BORING ROMANCE! Poor Hannah. More unrealistic Aria.

    Most of the romance so far is especially boring. blah blah snooze fest. Hannah/Caleb at least is somewhat fresh at this point. And with the amount of awful stuff that has been happening to Hannah she could use some nice sweet support so Caleb hopefully provides that.

    The out-of-sight, out-of-mind/random disappearing characters/storylines of Maya, Jenna, Lucas, Noel, Mona, Mike etc are a bit weird.

    Aria is boring and unrealistic and ridiculous. She actually tells Hannah that there's NOTHING that would convince her to rat out her BFs? BS! There are SO MANY life or death potential omg. she's dating a PEDOPHILE for MAYBE a few months and that is somehow an epic romance that is more important then keeping Hannah's mother out of jail and Hannah out of temporary foster care?! Lol. Please.

    I do love Emily's coming out storyline though - it's been impressively handled. And I also like how Spencer is trying to make amends for misjudging Toby - and that the show writers are showing the consequences of people not taking into account the whole concept of "innocent until proven guilty".

    So basically the only one of the four girls I don't like is the victim of a pedophile - mostly because the situation is being presented as an epic romance instead of as what it really is - a seriously disgusting CRIME!moreless
  • Spencer and Toby <3

    Caleb is extremely unlikeable.

    Aria's storyline was boring.

    Not liking Paige. Not liking her at all.

    Where are Lucas and Noel?


    One thing I did like however is Spencer and Toby's new found friendship. There's lots of chemistry there. I think it's the fact that they are probably the most unexpected pairing this show has made and it feels new and strange, but in a good way.moreless
  • 116

    A really boring episode of Pretty Little Liars tonight. I was really looking forward to Lindsey Shaw's appearance and I've been for the most part disappointed with her stay on Pretty Little Liars. I guess the primary reason is I really can't find any reasoning in her decisions. Like going on her bike to apologize to Emily? So the highly anticipated rivalry is over?

    Aria is my least favorite character on this show just because all of her story lines have been over played. Her dad cheating on her mom, her relationship with Mr. Fitz. At least we didn't get any Fitz tonight (enough of that already). I really do not like the other new character, Caleb. His character could have potential, but I haven't been impressed for the most part.

    Other than some minor development involving Aria's discovery of how her mom got the ticket, it was mostly the same old jibber jabber. The girls getting chased in the school was the most exciting, but look how that turned out. I don't know, I just want excitement, conflict, more of "A" terrorizing the liars. Something to keep me intrigued. This episode didn't give me that unfortunately.moreless
  • Season 1, Episode 16

    A decent episode. Mostly filler.

    Aria finds out Hanna gave her mom the ticket. Emily and Paige still rival against each other which so far is still not the best storyline it could have been. Spencer tutors Toby. Caleb tries to come up with how Hanna can repay him for stopping Mrs. Montgomery from getting to the Art Exhibit.

    The highlight of this episode was Hanna and Aria in the school at night. While in the school spying on Aria's parents, they are in the library when the lights go out and find A's mysterious stash in a vent. They are then chased throughout the school, but we then learn it was just Caleb who is living in the school. Which eventually Hanna offers Caleb to stay in her basement. Toby eventually tells Spencer to stop tutoring her and gives her her french book back which she finds a mysterious note in it from Toby. 6/10moreless
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Paula Newsome

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Lindsey Shaw

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