Pretty Little Liars

Season 3 Episode 3

Kingdom of the Blind

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Jun 19, 2012 on Freeform

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  • Stop with the Mona visits!

    No one would go to see Mona after what she did (or what they believe she did)
  • Kingdom Of The Blind

    i thought it was good... i can't believe Caleb went to go see Mona and that Aria's mom almost got fired until Mr Fitz stood up for her that was awesome i just hope theVP doesn't find out but it was a good episode... but i have a question though where is DR Sullovian... she was a big part of the show last year i shouldve known melissa was faking the pregnancy that was predictible enough im glad Spencer started her own invesgation
  • Kingdom of the Blind

    A so so outing from PLL. There was nothing earth shattering about what was revealed here, as we all expected Mona to show her true colors at some point. Right now we did not learn much that we did not know the previous week, and the ending was certainly less than ominous.

    Just okay for me.
  • Good/Decent.

    It was good/decent. I was a lil' confused as to why Mona was screaming like that. Kinda took me by surprise. And Spencer being Melissa when she called the hospital. I was alil' confused my Mel faked her pregnancy.