Pretty Little Liars

Season 1 Episode 13

Know Your Frenemies

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Jan 17, 2011 on Freeform
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"A" persuades Hanna to return to her law-breaking ways.  Meanwhile, Noel continues to bait Ezra, Emily's mother makes clear her dislike of Emily and Maya's relationship, Spencer adjusts to Melissa's sudden marriage, and the girls get help from a surprising place.

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  • A helps Aria and Ezra get out of a sticky situation

    A helps Aria and Ezra get out of a sticky situation, leaving the girls to wonder if she's friend or foe, then they remember she tried to splat Hanna!
  • Now we're getting somewhere...

    Spencer isn't pleased with Mellissa's continuous surprises, and this week, it's a new interest in babies. Emily's mother sabotages her daughter's relationship with Maya by getting Maya sent to Juvie camp, after discovering some pot in her backpack. Hannah needs to "work" for that money "A" has taken, and task one is going back to being "hefty Hannah" for a day. Noel contiues his destructive exploits by befriending Aria's brother and blackmailing Ezra who just won't cave.

    Three stolen midterms are found in Noel's lockeroom breaking any ounce of credibility in anything he might reveal, putting Aria and Ezra in the clear, and apparently "A" has something to do with it. Spencer, Hannah, and Aria give Emily and Maya a chance to say goodbye, while they look through Ian's things.

    The episode ends with what could very well be the best hangover so far. Just chilling. I don't think I've ever been frightened by Pretty Little Liars, but this scene left me on the edge of my seat. The final scenes of the episodes where we see things through "A's" perspective are always giving me goosebumps.

    I also really liked how Hannah's mother knows when Hannah's lying. Her mom is a very likeable character. Strong yet caring and gentle. I am completely with the writers on her getting more screen time than the other parents.

    Alot better than the previous episode. Another great addition to this very well planned series.moreless
  • Season 1, Episode 13


    Spencer finds out Ian was at Hilton Head the exact same weekend Ali was, which was right before she was killed. Hanna begins to get "tasks" from "A" to make her to do stuff to make her go back to her "hefty" ways. Noel continues to blackmail Ezra to get a better grade on a paper, but Ezra refuses to cave. Emily's mom finds Maya's backpack and finds marijuana in it. Emily's mom tells her about what she found and accuses Emily of using drugs. Aria's brother tells her that Noel knows that Mr. Fitz is seeing a student and that he is planning on going to the principal. Ezra and Aria are planning for the end of their relationship as Ezra thinks the solution to this issue is to quit and move away. Spencer finds out that Melissa and ian are trying for kids because they want a lot of kids. The principal finds three stolen midterm answers in Noel's locker saying he will never trust anything he says again, so Ezra and Aria think they are home free. The girls go through Ian's boxes finding some interesting contents while they give Emily and Maya a night alone before she i sent away because of Emily's mom.

    And then there is the Pretty Little Liars cliffhanger that there always is, and this episode ends no different, on an INCREDIBLY AMAZING cliffhanger!! "A" sends Aria a text message to tell them to turn on the computer. The girls find the video the FBI showed them, except this time Ali grabs the camera so the girls can see she is with Ian!! and then they see as what they can only imagine Ian killing Ali. Then the PLL writers hit you with another cliffhanger, they are being watched! So all the girls run outside into the woods and try and see what's going on.

    I am NEVER disappointed with Pretty Little Liars! Definitely a 10/10 episode here.moreless
  • 113

    A great eventful installment of Pretty Little Liars, and it was just way better than the last episode in so many ways. So much things happened, I really don't know where to start. Well Maya's leaving for a couple months, I guess this is a way to bring in Lindsey Shaw's character in the next couple of weeks without Maya. The scenes between Emily & Maya were nice, and I really hope she returns.

    We learn that Ian is Alison's murderer, or may be, you never really know with this show. A couple weeks ago, everyone was sure Toby was the killer, and also recently everyone thought that Noel was A but look how those things turned out. The girls watching the video was such an intense scene. And I'm looking forward to see if Ian is actually manipulating Melissa. Speaking of great scenes, how awesome was the scene where Hannah had to eat those cupcakes, I can't imagine myself in the position she's in.

    Ezra continues to be blackmailed by Noel, but A does something nice for a change and frames Noel which saves Aria & Ezra's relationship, and of course leads them to Alison's murderer. I think I'm most intrigued with Hannah's story right now, she's just so three dimensional and fun to watch. Great episode, can't wait for the next.moreless
  • OMG

    OMG. That's all I have to say about this episode.

    The end couldn't have been more intense, perfect and breathtaking. I never see a show that can do this like Pretty little liars. That's why I love this show.


    So, other than the end, the Hannah's storyline is really sad. The fact that A is trying to make her return to her old habits, it's horrible. The scene where she eats all of the cupcakes in front of those guys. How strong she was there! Doing it to help her mother.

    By the way, where is Aria's mother (Holly Marie Combs)?! I miss her! I hate Aria's dad. He's just false and annoying. They have to bring her back.

    I guess we should all thank A for getting rid of Noel's annoying and cocky attitude. He got what he deserved. I can't believe Emily's mother. How retarded is she? So sorry for Emily. I didn't really like Maya, but it's sad how things turned out to be. I hope they still can continue the relationship.

    The end of the episode, and I will not spoil it, is just p-e-r-f-e-c-t. You kind of discover 2 things that have been in your mind forever!

    But we never know with this show! See yamoreless
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