Pretty Little Liars

Season 1 Episode 11

Moments Later

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Jan 03, 2011 on Freeform
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Episode Summary

Hanna is sent to the hospital and she gets a surprise visit while she is there.  Meanwhile, her friends try to find out who "A" is.

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  • Hannah sees Alison by her hospital bed

    Hannah sees Alison by her hospital bed, but is it just her medication?
  • Fair continuation to a brilliant mid season finale..

    Hannah is hospitalised after the crash. When she wakes up, she reveals, to the girls, that Noel Kahn is "A." During her stay at the hospital she encounters many strange events including a very surreal dream (or was it?) about Allison, and a surprising (to her, not us) display of affection from Lucas, who she, to his disappointment, rejected.

    Aria needs to deal with Noel's message on Ezraa's car in a way that works for everybody's benefit, and Ezraa discusses the option of about of wanting to keep things going. Spencer is left in shock after Melissa announces her and Ian's engagement, right after finding the tree with "Alison loves Ian" on it, completely cut down.

    Emily comes out to her very concerned father and recieves a hot and heavy reaction from her mother; who apparently has recieved the photos of Emily and Maya kissing. The episode concludes with the ladies finding a message from "A" on Hannah's cast.

    I wouldn't call this episode suspenseful as it is eventful. I like that things stayed steady and didn't get too out of control. Surprising, yes. Ian and Melissa's marriage mostly. I honestly saw the Noel thing coming so that was a let down. It seemed illogical that we didn't see Sean in the episode. I mean even Noel visited. Yes, they mentioned him but still. I mean I get Aria's parents not making an appearance in the episode, but he's Hannah's boyfriend!! Also I was so looking forward to seeing Toby, but since I have the show on DVD, I know I won't have to wait too long.

    Entertaining and eventful.moreless
  • Interesting episode but not quite what I expected

    The 11th episode of the show, "Moments Later", answered a few questions from the mid season finale but lacked the excitement of said episode. As the title says, it follows up right after Hanna's little accident. The person who wrote "I SEE YOU" is revealed to be Noel Kahn and Aria's affair is revealed. I liked the rather unsettling note in which they chose to end the episode but I found the episode itself average. Emily finally comes clean about her sexuality to her parents. Her father is understanding and reasonable but her mother is not. In addition to that, a certain someone pays Hanna a visit from beyond the grave. This certainly raises a few questions about A's identity and reveals that the girls might have suppressed memories of what happened that night. Here are my theories on "A's" identity

    1. If Alison wasn't just a drug-induced hallucination, then she could be "A" or rather, given that she referred to "A" as a third person, she could be having an alter ego.

    2. It could be Lucas or Ian or even Mona(as per the books). While that would be too obvious, there is not enough info to completely rule it out. 3. There is more than one "A" or "A" has agents. I hadn't considered this till this episode. I'm pretty sure more than one person is required to chop and move a tree that big.

    Besides that, I was expecting more from this episode.For one thing, I was annoyed with Aria and Ezra's scenes. It's not practical to continue when more than one person knows about it. Of course, I'm flexible with lack of logic except for the fact that it serves as nothing more than a meaningless diversion from the main plot. I was also annoyed by how nonchalant Aria's friends were acting about the affair. At least Emily's sexuality does not make her a felon. It also doesn't explain why "A" tried to kill Hanna if she got the wrong person. That is, unless Noel knew something important. Overall, while a decent episode, I expected better after having to wait for nearly 6 months.moreless
  • Hannah gets sent to the hospital and gets visits from lots of people but cant tell what is real and not due to the pain meds, Emily has a talk with her parents, Mellisa has a HUGE surprise for Spencer, and Aria and her older man have trouble on the waymoreless

    I thought it was a pretty good episode. I felt bad for Lucas but she was being honest with him at the same time... I see those to getting together soon though, however whether its hidden or not.. thats the question also it bothered me that we never found out if the Ally thing was a dream or not, I'm sure Hannah thought it was but they never really let us know I thought she might find the cup with the lipstick on it or something later but they never did....

    I'm kinda curious what Spencer is going to do with Ian. I really like how her and Mellisa are on good terms now and I dont wnt that to go away just because someone informs Melissa about her and Ian's past, its in the past and they should have moved on from it by now

    Im not really liking Emily's mom very much right now Her dad is being a lot more sensible at least he understands that he has to accept her daughter for what she is rather then makin excuses and thinking she could change her

    I'm getting really tired of the Ezra and Aria storyline, they arent going to work out and they aren't even that cute together, I wish they would just break up already I want her with someone more realistic that she can actually be with in front of everyone does she really think Noel isn't going to do anything now that he knows they've been caught which means that they need to end it already before things get worse for both of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!moreless
  • Season 1, Episode 11. Winter Premiere.

    Pretty Little Liars began it's second part of its first season on a good note. It started right after the shocking events of the midseason finale. Hanna is in the hospital. Ezra shows Aria the message he found on the back of his car meaning someone saw them last night. Hanna tells the girls she saw Noel Con write something on Mr. Fitz's car, and finally the other girls find out about Ezra and Aria's relationship. While in the hospital Hanna gets a "visit" from Ali. Ezra and Aria talk about what their going to do about Noel knowing about them. Lucas visits Hanna, but feels angry when Hanna tells him she likes him as just a friend. Spencer goes with Aria to show her the "Alison + Ian" tree, but they can't, when all that's left of the tree is a stump. Emily's parents deal with her "coming out". Melissa and Ian elope. In the end, the girls find an "A" message on Hanna's cast, and we see the tree message burning in a fireplace.

    Great Comeback. 8.5/10moreless
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