Pretty Little Liars

Season 3 Episode 21

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Feb 26, 2013 on Freeform

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  • Spencer makes a discovery

    Spencer makes a discovery that shocks her to the core.
  • Oh Aria,Oh Spencer,Oh Hanna.

    Both Spencer as Aria as Hanna as Hanna's mom Ashley are all in trouble.. Ezra's kid and Ashley running over Wilden. And what about Spencer,what the heck happened to her??? She looks completely and uh,I don't think Toby's dead...
  • Out of Sight

    Very predictable and very cliched storyline with Aria and Ezra's son, but it was still fun television. In its own way, Spencer being locked up in the institution has been fun and entertaining television as well. Another solid PLL here.
  • A little rug burn, equals a trip to hospital, in Liar-world only.

    I watch this show purely for the plot and hype; I believe the actresses may flourish in other projects, but something about ABC Family as a network seems to project dampening performances. Anyway. Right from the get go, I'm rolling my eyes; Hanna's mom, wanting to call the hospitals and her attorney, is the sensical thing to do - you would think that victims of such extensive black mail would wise up and not keep any secrets and live life in the open to discourage said black mail, but kind of show would that not one called Pretty Little Liars. Clearing your name and putting your side out first, that makes too much sense. Hanna easily convinces her mom to not talk about hitting Wildon with her car (it was such a slight bump on his tukus, come on now, we're being overdramatic anyway). Unfortunately, I knew that was coming before that conversation even started. Emily was naively rooting for Toby and seemed to be taking news of his betrayal hard, like THEY had been lovers or Spencer's already been crying this river, let HER own it, it was HER boyfriend, not Emily's. And, ok, what's Aria's beef? She's been championing herself as this mature relationship contender, she's the one who struggled for oh, so long, wanting to tell Ezra about his kid, she didn't go running for the hills when she found out he had a kid, but NOW she wants to get all awkward and reluctant about the situation? Stupid. Like, if I were her, I would've been devastated to have found out about his son from the beginning, realized that that in itself is a game changer, regardless of where his son lives, and have been honest about it kinda making me sad. She's now handling the situation all wrong though, and very immaturely. And for Chrissakes. The boy fell off a low-to-the-ground bed. He got a rug burn. That's it, end of story. Let him cry, tell him he's ok, put some ice on it, and a cool band-aid, easy-peasy, lemon-squeezy, he'll be a happy camper. If I had been a baby-sitter, I wouldn't have considered worrying about that so much. As a baby-sitter, it's your job to handle small, minor, accidental injuries if they happen to occur, despite preventative measures. So you were on the phone, turned your back to leave a message and get a juice box for the kid from the refrigerator for him, yet you were only, what, inches away from him the whole time? Hardly qualifies as negligent. Get over yourself, Aria. But then, whoa, they actually took him to the falling off the bed and getting rug burn?! Am I seeing things right?! The whole thing was REALLY annoying me, if you can't tell, 'cuz it was so outrageously far-fetched and ridiculous. The more dramatic it got, the less I could stand to watch it. Really, writers, is that the best you could do?

    But poor Spencer. I really do feel for her, and she has the biggest burdens to carry. And I do believe she gave the best performance of everyone in this maybe because she had the best part?

    And Hanna. You're stupid. Dumping a police car in a lake. Yep. Sheer brilliance. Not like that will ever be found and will never haunt you again.
  • Nice Episode!!!

    Ok, first i want to say that i for sure don't believe that Toby is dead! I think the body we saw was the cop!

    Toby is or still out there, or he just left Rosewood...

    Or spencer is really broken, or she is playing a dangerous she seemed broken all the way in the is so much a person can take, and the whole Toby thing, broke her anyway..

    Poor Aria, going all through that trouble, for the be dumped in the is going to choose for sure for his kid and Maggie ( a grown up woman), then stay with a young girl, who has no clue how to take care of a Let's see how that plays out. Loved the whole talking with her mother moment.

    Emily, can be annoying, but somehow i keep liking is so alone 3 hours in that car, going to that workplace and find out her window is broken, with a can be so bolt it..

    Hannah and her mom, what shall i love when A involves the parents into her sick now.. I think Hannah should have told her mom about the car...

    Nive me sitting on the edge of my ..

  • F@cking good

    OMG! One of the best episode on season 3.. I think tha the dead body is not Toby.. The time Spencer went to put his helmet of is head, Mona distracted her!!!

    Spencer has cracked for real?? Nope.. She plays Mona's game!!

    When Spencer tells Aria and Emily that Toby is "A", only Emily freaks!! Why? Does Aria know?? (I hope not)

    Its weird that Hanna's mon listen to her and didn't call the police.. She is only 17!!

    Maggie, Ezra and their son are soo boring.. I love Ezra but the hero has nothing to give.. Unless he is with "A" - Who knows??!!
  • S**t went down!

    well it was a good episode but they were all a tad stupid. Like Hanna pushing the car in the lake? bad move and it didn't make sense that Aria was protesting and saying she shouldn't do it, but then helped her physically push it in...

    I'm glad Aria and Ezra are headed towards a breakup, that relationships stupid now there's a kid involved, but Arias complaints were annoying about not wanting such a complicated then why date your teacher?

    I like how Spencer had some balls and followed Mona and then chased her through the woods after finding out she's capable of murder! But then she just broke down which is a bit sad. Its annoying cause if she just called the police and told them she found a dead body, Mona ran from the scene of the crime and has a bag full of lots of cash, she obviously would've been arrested given her record of insanity/attempted murder of four of her classmates. Also annoying that she didn't open the helmet to check it was Toby, but I guess I cant really blame her I mean, who would want to deliberately open that helmet to find their dead boyfriends face staring back at them? I wouldn't.

    As for Emily, she probs shouldn't have gone by herself to a dark alley with a random warehouse but never-mind, she ended up being fine. I wish Paige would piss off though, she's really annoying.