Pretty Little Liars

Season 3 Episode 21

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Feb 26, 2013 on Freeform

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  • S**t went down!

    well it was a good episode but they were all a tad stupid. Like Hanna pushing the car in the lake? bad move and it didn't make sense that Aria was protesting and saying she shouldn't do it, but then helped her physically push it in...

    I'm glad Aria and Ezra are headed towards a breakup, that relationships stupid now there's a kid involved, but Arias complaints were annoying about not wanting such a complicated then why date your teacher?

    I like how Spencer had some balls and followed Mona and then chased her through the woods after finding out she's capable of murder! But then she just broke down which is a bit sad. Its annoying cause if she just called the police and told them she found a dead body, Mona ran from the scene of the crime and has a bag full of lots of cash, she obviously would've been arrested given her record of insanity/attempted murder of four of her classmates. Also annoying that she didn't open the helmet to check it was Toby, but I guess I cant really blame her I mean, who would want to deliberately open that helmet to find their dead boyfriends face staring back at them? I wouldn't.

    As for Emily, she probs shouldn't have gone by herself to a dark alley with a random warehouse but never-mind, she ended up being fine. I wish Paige would piss off though, she's really annoying.