Pretty Little Liars

Season 2 Episode 12

Over My Dead Body

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Aug 30, 2011 on Freeform

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  • The liars are framed framed for Alison's murder

    The liars are framed framed for Alison's murder, but before that happens they each need to complete a difficult task
  • I cannot believe it!

    The girls are each given tasks in order to save Doctor Sullivan. All the girls except for Emily. Spencer is ordered to protect Toby. Aria should make Ezra's ex dissapear by blackmailing her. Hannah should stop her father's wedding. Spencer breaks up with Toby and hooks up with Wren. Hannah tells Isobel her dad slept with her mom. Jackie won't give up without a fight. Emily is led to a place where she is gassed. She is then woken up from what what she thought was actually a reality and time with Allison. The girls are then pointed in the direction of a shovel which they then use to dig out what they thought was Doctor Sullivan, only to be ambushed by the police. "A" has set them up. We then find out that Jenna and Garret wrote Ian's letter and Jason hasn't killed Allison.

    Okay, wow. This episode actually stunned me. I'm amazed at how this far on in the storyline, the more questions that get answered, the more questions arise. So did Jenna and Garret kill Allison? Is Allison still alive? Are Jenna and Garret "A?" I mean, they set this whole thing up.

    I like how this episode had a countdown, and intersecting scenes from what was happened and what is happening.

    Again, like I said, the second half of season 2 has been fire!!
  • Great episode like all others.


    Someone has saved Emily. She thinks it was Allison but she may be hallucinating from the gas.

    We get to know who killed Allison amd seems A is working with them to lure the 4 into the trap.

    But there is another possibility, that Allison somehow survived with the help of someone. But if that's the case why didn't she get revenge? Also A cannot be Allison for another reason. She wouldn't be seeing the shrink or going to the jeweller.

    If Allison is really dead, then who is A? Now we know that A has pretty eyes. That can be two persons: Allison or Maiya, which only leaves Maiya. Maybe Maiya had a reason to kill Allison too.

    Well, have to wait for next season. Each season is leaving us with more questions.

  • A nother walk in the forest and a little digging :(


    This episode isn't as great as the last two, however, the heat is back on!

    This second season is way less entertainig than the first one. There are always more questions, and not that many answers, or wait did we just learn who killed Alison in the last minutes??? I wouldn't be so sure that's the case cuz we don't know who A is YET!

    Btw, am I still the one firmly thinking Alison isn't dead???

    Can't wait to REALLY know the real A cuz it's getting booooring...