Pretty Little Liars

Season 2 Episode 9

Picture This

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Aug 09, 2011 on Freeform

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  • 'A' wrecks Emily's relationship with Samara

    Aria dreams of Jason, while Spencer and Hanna discover he's a creepy stalker who's taking photos of Aria as she sleeps. 'A' wrecks Emily's relationship with Samara and Caleb contacts his mother.
  • The plot thickens..

    Emily is having Samara and her friends over for a game of poker, where "A" threatens to tarnish her medical records if she dosen't make a move on one of Samara's friends. Emily won't take any chances and does what "A" told her to do, resulting in Samara dumping her.

    Spencer is obcessed with finding out what Jason is hiding in his shed, so she along with Emily break in and find that it's a shrine devoted to Aria. Apparently Jason has broken into Aria's house and took pictures of her while she was sleeping. The police offer stalking Caleb turned out to a private investigator hired by his mother. This leaves Caleb with a choice. Go to his mother in California or stay with Hannah. He picks his mother and they have a tearful goodbye, but he promises he'll return. Byron is scared his son is going through the exact same thing his brother went through which puts Ella off. Aria and Jason kiss after Aria has multiple dreams about him. The kiss was seen by Garrent and Jenna, well just Garret, because Jenna can't see, although that might change according to this episode. This scares Jenna because she dosen't want Jason to remember the night Allison died. The episode ends with "A" developing a photo of Emily and Spencer breaking into Jason's shed.

    I hate how fast they destory Emily's relationships, but I'm hoping this makes way for Maya or Paige to return. I love that Caleb has left. I have learnt to dislike him less lately but I still cringe a little when he smiles. This whole Jason being obcessed with Aria thing is so unnecescary, and just a way to put off the main plot, but I'm interested to see how it all plays out. I actually feel really bad for Aria's brother.

    Another stellar installment!