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  • Just Wow!

    I really enjoyed watching PLL I found myself on the edge of my seat shouting at the TV when the episode would end. this mystery series is one of the best ever made, granted not everyone will agree but i found that I came to love the show once i gave it a chance. when i first watched it I didn't like or understand it but I went away and watched from the beginning and found it truly amazing, i mean it cant be that bad if there are loads of people who cant stop watching it and raving about who A now is. I urge you to watch a couple of episodes and give it a fair chance and I think you will see what all the fuss is about. It cant be that bad if they started filming season 4 and it was picked up for a 5th season 4slxR_7NA justr watch it 95% of the time you will only be dissappointed when you run out of episodes to watch :D
  • Don't waste your time on this derivative

    After reading the book series and loving it, I thought that I would watch the tv series. HUGE mistake! I watched five episodes of it and was absolutely horrified by the thin dialogue and weak acting. Now, I love both thrillers and teen dramas, but unfortunately, the thriller aspect was far too soft and the drama had a been there, done that feel to it. This show wasn't terrible, but it wasn't good enough to keep my interest either.
  • season 4

    Premieres june 11th:)
  • Watch online free!

    Watch all seasons for free promise: bee4 .biz/v/1bq1r(remove gaps)
  • Good for the girls

    My fiance gave me the Pretty Little Liars season 1 & 2 box set for Christmas. At first I really enjoyed the series but I started to lose interest after the 2nd season. I love the characters but I really don't care who "A" is anymore. It would be a great TV show for a young adult audience and is addictive to watch. It has it all - fashion/drama and suspense.

    I love Aria/Ezra but also love Spencer and Toby.
  • Way too confusing and ridiculous...

    I used to watch this show, and for the first few seasons it held my interest. But come ON---I don't even care who "A" is anymore. Talk about milking a single plot! I finally stopped watching since the plot just kept getting more and more confusing and ridiculous, with references to characters and things that happened years ago suddenly coming back with no rhyme or reason, endless new bizarre and nonsensical twists and turns, and the always omni-present "A" who seems to know everyone's thoughts and actions while simultaneously thwarting attempts to uncover his/her identity. A decent show that the writers messed up in a big way! If you watch this show, you need a scorecard to keep track of the zillions of characters bouncing in and out at random.
  • Addictive show

    I really love the show and I have got hooked on it!! Can't wait for season four!!Although, I find it a bit far stretched watching high school girls always dressed to the nines, in high heels and all the expensive bags, accessories and jewellery!!! Plus the perfect hair and make up!! That doesn't portray the average high school girl. They always have time to be at class , socialise and chase all the suspects and conduct their own investigations!!!
  • GREAT Show!

    The show is SO ADDICTING, I love it! It instantly gets you hooked. The show is casted perfectly -- I LOVE Lucy Hale <3
  • awsome

    i always look foward to tue this show is amazing it all was keeps u at the edge of ur seat they all ways keep u guessing:)
  • Twist and turns

    I love this show! Always new things happening and never the things you guessed would.

    I keep thinking that Toby being on A's team is some way for him to look out for Spencer or something - can't think of him as being a bad guy when Spencer and him are so cute together!
  • Assessment

    Yeah, I would just like to say that I particularly like the Halloween episodes. I particularly like Shay Mitchell's Pocahontas costume from the 2011 Halloween episode as well as her sci-fi inspired getup from last year's Halloween episode.
  • Honestly

    I do enjoy this show as it has alot of suspense. I do find it amusing how the girls are running around in high heels and short skirts lol.
  • Good show

    This show is really good. There is a lot of suspense in it, which I like, but they have to be careful not to drag it out too much or they will lose a lot of their audience.
  • cheese sticks

    damn can some1 say cheese! super terrible u like little girls running around dressed nice in bikinis/ mini skirts and short dresses with absolutely terrible plot and acting then this is the show for you. the writer should be shot for this terrible excuse for a proper teen show.

    i count vampire diaries & 90210 as my guilty pleasures;pretty little liars sucks major probably for kids under 14 i could give a rating of 00.1
  • One of the worst shows on tv.

    Really bad acting/story/writing.
  • Tv shows

    This is the most amazing tv show i have ever watched ! (:

  • Pretty Little Liars

    "Pretty Little Liars" is my favorite drama series. You just don't know what's going to happen next.
  • characters

    emily fields(shay mitchell) is the hottest girl on pretty little liars , hana(ashley benson) is the most stylish one, aria (lucy hale) is the prettiest and spencer hmmmm is spencer:).......

    i have a crush on Caleb :);))......
  • amazing show ever

    damn we have to wait again......... :( i cant wait to watch the pll again i lve the show so much!!
  • Flawless!!

    The Best Show Ever Made!! <3
  • Amazing...

    Pretty Little Liars is amazing. I love it so much. Cannot stop watching...

    Oh but because I live in Australia, we have to stop watching because we are so far behind on the seasons and episodes...and when one season ends, we have to wait over a month for the next season. Fox 8 which is what it airs on here, decides "Hey, Pretty Little Liars has ended. We have another show with a new season so lets put that on, taking Pretty Little Liars time slot, and not put up Pretty Little Liars next season straight away..." Yeah, it pisses me off. Then it says "Pretty Little Liars starting November 12, 2012 express from the U.S"...Ah, no, its not because they're almost finished season 3 and we'll only be starting it then; and they usually say 'express from the U.S only if the show here is airing the same time as the show in the U.S so they stuffed up.

    So yeah, I love the show but hate how it is not aired quickly enough in Australia. Jealous of the U.S.

    I wish I lived there, then I wouldn't have to wait...

    10/10 for the show, always. Love all the characters and the plots.
  • Just can't get enough, my best show ever!

    Very smart and interesting script! Im addicted to PLL! Hoping there will be more then 3 seasons, love it to much to end!
  • It's no Veronica Mars

    In the usual game of comparisons Pretty Little Liars has been called 'Desperate Housewives with teens' or 'a small town Gossip Girl'. The one show I can't help mentally comparing it to, however, is Veronica Mars (O ye gods of TV, how I miss Veronica Mars!). Both shows feature a first season mystery arc about a dead friend's murder, which took place approximately a year prior to the events portrayed. Both shows include memory flashbacks of the dead friend and explore the dirty secrets that got her killed. But where Veronica was a smart, badass PI actively investigating her friend's murder, Aria, Hanna, Spencer and Emily are the clueless victims of A's manipulation and all they seem to care about is covering up their own little secrets. Veronica had real character whereas the four pretty little liars are barely developed enough to distinguish one from the other. It's a watchable show, but without more interesting characters, guessing the identity of A is not going to be enough to keep me intrigued until next January.
  • What's better than a dark twisted drama?

    Trust me this is not your average tv show,

    In all honesty I'm not the kind of person to watch this 'kind' of show. Although quite a bit of this series is about these 4 highschool students relationship with eachother and the people around them there is also a dark twist manipulating all of their lives. someone called "A" is haunting these girls lives creating a unique suspenseful mystery. This show takes a while in making these girls characters fully develop, but once they do you're hooked! Go ahead watch and you'll love it!
  • Love this show!

    This show is very intriguing. I love the mystery that is developed in every episode along with the personal lives of the girls. Every time you think you know whats going on, they throw you for a loop and then give you more questions. I just hope that when the series is over, the ending doesn't disappoint.

  • Unpredictable

    Who Thought tobby would be a ??? it a nice show but not all episodes are good some episodes nothing happen only at the end.
  • Love this show!

    AHHH!!! Love this show! Can't for the season finale this Tuesday!!
  • Predictable

    Honestly the show isn't all that great. The only reason why it keeps you hooked is because every episode is a cliffhanger. There's no real substance to the show. It gets so confusing and out of hand sometimes and it's very predictable
  • So Good!

    I find myself watching everyone minute of every episode! If i miss seven minutes i know i missed a truck load of drama. One of abc's best!
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