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  • Love it.

    Favorite show.
  • PPL is the most best

    It is very great tv show! it always make me wonder every time who is 'A'
  • Amazing, suspenseful, Gorgeous Show!

    This show always seems to hit me right in the feels. Since the beginning, after each episode, I wouldn't stop thinking about it. I would reanalyze trying to figure "A" out. The characters are gorgeous and so real. The music is perfectly matches with certain scenes and episodes. I could rematch again and again.
  • Addicted to it

    I love this show. even though it got a little bit boring and repetitive after a while, and even though the whole A thing was a huge let down, its still highly addictive. I can't wait for 6b.
  • Can't stop watching it!

    I think that this show could be closed after uncovering A, have no idea that is possible still come up. I would like Little Liars finally be free from the maniac and were happy. But the other side I am glad that the shooting is not stopped because I want to watch this show again and again!
  • Good mid ending but too rushed and the acting of CC seemed off...

    I don't know... I enjoy this show, this EP 10 seemed "off" during CC's spilling of information. It seemed like poor acting... bad lines, .... I can't put my finger on it. Something felt off that isn't there in other episodes.

    I enjoy the show, so thus a nice rating of 8.5... but if this EP 10 had been done better, it would have been a 10. A :)
  • A show that has lost its magic

    It is sad to see the path that this show is taking. Weird Sara Harvey, tracking chips on the girls, finale spoiler leaks yet again? This show should have ended while it was hot & fresh. The mature intellectual fan base is def lost....
  • Love the the Show

    I am the only person who thinks Allison has a twin not Jason?
  • watched every episode since 2010 :-)

    Okay so I agree with JaydalynCoates and they should definitely do the lie detector test with other people so it isn't rigged like when Detective Holbrook mixed it up for a favor. I really want somehow for it not to be Andrew :-( idk I kind of expected it in the last episode when he was all like "I'm glad Mona's dead" so I knew it was Andrew and one of them should figure that out and I still do not understand why all of them were arrested at the trial, it's not like they killed Mona or did anything involving the murder. I JUST WANT THIS TO END I HAVE WAITED FIVE YEARS OK? I thought it was really random for the author to be on the show as the reporter on the news... ANYWAYYY.... It was a great episode but I WANT MORE lol keep up the good work.
  • i love the show but an idea for the next season

    I just started watching the show on netflick over winter break I'm watching season 4 and 5 but they have been framed for a lot of things so I think that in season 6 they should take a lie detector test I'm part of the a team but I also defend the others too. Like my idea email me at
  • I have been a die hard fan since it first came out

    I absolutely love this show. I can't stop watching it. It's soo addicting can't wait until the next episode comes on!
  • My Love-Hate Show

    How long have we been watching, and we still have no idea who A is. I've been watching from the START, and it's so annoying how long this show is dragging. I love the characters, love it all, but it could of been written a lot better, with less seasons. We don't get to find out who A is till season 6. At this point, I have no choice but to finish. I just wish it was better written.
  • Nice show - did not expect it since I am not the target group (too old for high school drama :))

    Yet again I got convinced it makes more sense to rate not the whole show but season after season. I overrated "Lost" and "Dexter" and gave only "7" to "Pretty Little Liars" at first, being rather bored after the first half of the second season - my bad! The third season being great, the show is improving episode by episode since (ok, I even loved that black and white episode - a filler but nicely done). I hope we WILL get the answers in the end - if they present the fans with another open, senseless or "going into the light" ending, the creators can go and find themselves a nice bunker to hide from the faithful fans (maybe the authors of "Lost" and "Dexter" endings can share).
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    Pretty Little Liars Season 5, Episode 15 947
  • new episode here Pretty Little Liars Season 5

    new episode here Pretty Little Liars Season 5
  • Watch Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Episode 0 Online

    Okay so I really fell in love with PLL in the first two seasons, and after that the whole A thing is dragged out so much to the point where I don't care who A is anymore. I feel like it is mostly just a show now for girls to get vagina boners over shirtless 5-episode-0-online/

    pretty little liars is the best show in the whole entire world, galaxy, and in the United States of America!
  • the best show ever

    i know that pretty little liars is the best show in the whole entire world, galaxy, and in the United States of America!
  • Getting stupid now

    Okay so I really fell in love with PLL in the first two seasons, and after that the whole A thing is dragged out so much to the point where I don't care who A is anymore. I feel like it is mostly just a show now for girls to get vagina boners over shirtless guys.
  • I still feel like I don't know these girls...

    It feels like the girls don't have static personalities, especially Spencer. I have no idea WHO the hell Spencer is. Emily is no better. And I know that teen girls change a lot, but these girls are nearly unrecognizable episode to episode. I would not be surprised in the least if A turned out to be all of them because they all suffer from DID and are screwing with each other just because they're totally nuts and actually all hate each others guts.

    ButI also can't stop watching. So whatever I guess.
  • addicting, but predictable and repetetive, ugh.

    The heading says it all. Super cheesy over -acting, and quite frankly this show sucks balls. But as a girl- it has just enough romance and drama to draw you in. I suggest not getting into it because it isn't worth the addiction. But once you get into it (it takes a FEW episodes to REALLY like it) then you will be hooked to this stupid shit. Greys Anatomy is more worth your time. Too bad they couldn't come up with anything more original for each season. I hate situations that are on repeat in different outfits.
  • This show has become a guilty please for me

    First off let me say I am waaaay past the shows target demographic. However I do enjoy a good mystery and from the start the idea of a bunch of friends getting caught up in the murder of their best friend/worst tormenter was an interesting one for me. Over the years this show has become a guilty pleasure for me. It is one of the few shows I watch live mostly just to twitter about it #Booradleycancullen forever! This is a fun show that is better then it has any right to be. It may not be great but it is exiting and it keeps be entertained for at least an hour.
  • I just love it!

    I really like this show and I think the concept i great! Though I don't really like having Alisom back and keep guessing how 'A' is, but thats a part of the game and I'm looking forward to seeing how the girls will be around Alison and them self now that she is back. Love from here!
  • Reason to watch PLL!

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  • WHY i stopped watching PLL!!

    it started of really good it was one of my favourites but then

    1- i got bored of guessing who's A..

    2-i started not care about the characters

    3- the story is not changing its the same

    4- its too long just finish it already..
  • The Talk

    Can u go any lower? Talking about picking boogers and then eating them. You really are distigusting PIGS!! Each and everyone of you that participated in this conversation. This show has gone too far!! Please folks, start boycotting this show. The sooner it is off the air, the better off we will ALL be....
  • this show is amazballs!

    I love it I can't say anything else about its just perfect.
  • Amazing Show!

    This show is awesome, I never get tired of the suspense and I think they really keep viewers on their toes! I think the story line and the acting is great, I just don't understand why people think its so terrible.

    I cant take my eyes off the screen when I watch this show.

    I dont think the story keeps repeating, the whole point is trying to find out who killed their friend. They keep thinking that they have the answer but it turns out they are just wrong and have to keep looking, I don't see that as repeating the story.
  • Love it, but needs more fun added to it

    Just 1.5 weeks left till season 5, can't wait but I really wish that they reveal who the big A is coz the same story is repeating again and again and again.
  • 5 season

    when the 5 season coming !?
  • Still Good

    I like this show. I think they have managed to keep it interesting and still keep viewers guessing. There are said to be more books, so why not more episodes?! If others are bored no need to crap all over it, Just move on. But I know I was sitting on the edge of my seat this last episode!