Pretty Little Liars - Season 4

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Episode Guide

  • A is for Answers
    Episode 24

    After years of searching for answers and being tortured by A in every way, the girls finally get the key to all the secrets around Ali's disappearance 4 years ago. But the mystery of A's true identity still haunts them. Will Spencer, Emily, Aria and Hanna be clever enough to finish the puzzle and expose who A really is? Will Ali finally get to come back home safe and sound for good?

  • Unbridled
    Episode 23

    All four of the Liars are dealing with romantic issues when a charity bridal fashion show hosted by Mrs. DeLaurentis presents itself as an opportunity to gain proximity to her, her house, and Ali's secrets. The girls take advantage of the opportunity as Ella and Jason arrive back in Rosewood.

  • Cover For Me
    Episode 22

    While Spencer and Aria are on the mend, Emily and Hanna put on their detective caps. Emily tries to uncover what's behind Ezra and Mona's relationship, while Hanna gets herself involved with new clues in Ali's case revealed to her by Detective Holbrook.

  • She's Come Undone
    Episode 21

    All the Liars rally around Aria, who is falling apart after finding out Ezra's true motives. Meanwhile, Spencer attempts to convince her parents and Toby that she can overcome her bad habits independently.

  • Free Fall
    Episode 20

    Spencer hits rock bottom and Aria spirals out of control when the ultimate betrayal shatters both of them. Has the past finally caught up with  them? Has Ali's attempted murderer been exposed? Is Mrs. DiLaurentis harboring a dirty little secret that could completely unravel Aria, Spencer, Emily and Hannah's lives?

  • Shadow Play
    Episode 19

    Spencer’s countless sleepless nights due to her abuse of prescription pills are starting to catch up with her. She time travels her way back into the black and white 1940’s Film Noir with her friends, where her mystery solving skills are put to the test! But in this altered reality of trench coats, 15 cent coffee, and pin curls, can Spencer put all of the pieces together to finally find out the truth about Ali?

  • Hot For Teacher
    Episode 18

    Since the new discovery, Spencer starts struggling with sleep and turns to a couple classmates with her problem. Hanna is worried about Spencer because her behavior is getting out of control. After the bad confrontation with Alison, Emily tries to mend fences and asks for another chance. Ezra is still on his mission and Aria's many fibs begin to weigh on her and she has no clue what to do.

  • Bite Your Tongue
    Episode 17

    Aria notices her brother befriending Mona and tries to stop it from continuing. Feeling distracted, Spencer digs into a new lead from Ali's diary and discovers something shocking. Emily's dad grows worried about her; and surprisingly, Hanna's love of crime novels leads her to investigate Alison's grave.

  • Close Encounters
    Episode 16

    Shana makes a surprise visit to Rosewood, but the gang questions her motives.

  • Love ShAck, Baby
    Episode 15

    Hanna shows the Ali's diary to the other girls. Deciphering it soon proves difficult because it is full of deep and secretive stories about each of them. Meanwhile, Spencer becomes suspicious of her father's work with Mrs. DiLaurentis.

  • Who's in the Box?
    Episode 14

    The girls try to figure out who is buried in Alison's grave. Caleb makes a surprise visit to Rosewood but a sad exit after talking with Hanna. Meanwhile, Emily struggles to come to terms with the revelation that Alison is alive, and Aria meets with Ezra in private.

  • Grave New World
    Episode 13

    Separately, Caleb and the girls head to Ravenswood to crash the Ravenswood Founders Day Celebration party at the cemetery because they want to see for themselves that Ali is alive after a discovery left by "A" says she is. The gang decides to wear Edwardian costumes to blend in at the party. Caleb shows up at Ravenswood soon after and meets a kindred spirit along the way and Caleb wants to learn more information about her.

  • 8/27/13

    When the four Liars discover yet another intriguing riddle from "A", they decide to venture on a road trip to the town of Ravenswood.

  • Bring Down the Hoe
    Episode 11

    With their school's hoedown coming up, the girls make a plan to corner "A", but things don't go as planned. While Aria and Jake get closer, Ezra asks Aria for help about the problems he is having. Toby, wanting to find out more about his mother's death, continues to get manipulated by "A" at every corner.

  • 8/13/13

    Mrs. DiLaurentis offers to let Emily to move into Alison's old bedroom. "A" torments a very sensitive Toby. To get closer to Jake, Aria decides to be a part in his interests. Ezra gets even more disturbing news about his son.

  • Into the Deep
    Episode 9

    To celebrate her girlfriend's birthday, Paige decides to surprise Emily with a party, but Jenna and Shana, two very unexpected guests, arrive with their own idea of a celebration for the birthday girl. Ezra receives some surprising news involving his son, Malcolm. Meanwhile, Emily has a meeting with an impressive swimming coach.

  • 7/30/13

    Hanna's mom, Ashley, is still found guilty of Wilden's murder but Hanna wants to find evidence to prove her mom didn't do it even though Caleb doesn't approve of Hanna's recent events. While that is happening, Spencer is researching another death that occurred in Rosewood that Wilden could be involved in. Emily decides to contact Zoe, her long lost friend, to reconnect for old times sake. Wondering about her brother's new attitude, Aria turns to Jake for advice on what to do.

  • 7/23/13

    As Hanna struggles for normalcy, Caleb and Toby created a united front to figure what happened at the lodge during the fire. Aria must deal with a difficult incident at school involving Mike, while Ezra attempts to determine how he can be in Aria's life.

  • Under the Gun
    Episode 6

    As a result of tracking Ali's mysterious phone number, Spencer and Toby find themselves in Ravenswood. Meanwhile, Hanna finds out something she should never have found out about, and has to deal with the repercussions with her parents and police. The Liars have to deal with sore feelings when Mona reveals something about Spencer.

  • Gamma Zeta Die
    Episode 5
    It is time for some of the girls to tour colleges before the year is over! Spencer and Emily tour the same college but for different reasons. Meanwhile, Aria argues with her brother about their parents, and Hanna comes across incriminating evidence against her mother.
  • Face Time
    Episode 4

    A new detective arrives in town and questions the girls about Wilden's death. Meanwhile, Emily worries about the problems "A" is causing for her parents; Hanna is reluctant to accept Caleb's help; and Spencer sets a trap for her sister.

  • Cat's Cradle
    Episode 3

    The girls are curious about Melissa's return visit to Rosewood. Meanwhile, Hanna meets with Detective Holbrook in an attempt to help her mom; a clue left by Ali leads the girls to an eerie mask maker; and Emily's mother becomes one of "A"s targets.

  • Turn of the Shoe
    Episode 2

    Aria takes self-defense lessons; Alison's mom gives Hanna a parrot; Toby reveals a poignant secret to Spencer; and Hanna uncovers something surprising about her mother.

  • A is for A-L-I-V-E
    Episode 1

    The season 4 premiere finds the Liars having to deal with Mona, as she's now an "A" target, and may have some answers they need. Aria is managing run-ins with Ezra after their break up, while Toby is dealing with by "A" in new ways. Emily begins to think about her post-high school life.