Pretty Little Liars

Season 3 Episode 14

She's Better Now

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Jan 08, 2013 on Freeform

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  • I don't see where this is going, but I like it

    Sorry for my English; I am not a native speaker.

    Two episodes ago I was thinking "Spencer and Toby used to be my favorite couple and now they are so boring. He was an interesting character and now he is like a robot-prince-charming". In the end, I jumped when I saw him under the hood!!! Oh my God!!! It is a quite unbelievable change of attitude, suddenly all those twisted looks but I am glad that Toby is being interesting again and I am ready to believe.

    The train episode was super-scary. I did not understand some parts.

    1. It seems that Alison's remains appeared, but nobody has mentioned it again.

    2. Where is the creepy girl story going? Are there ghosts in Pretty Little Liars? I don't think so. Is Ted a member of A-team and all was a plan to weaken Ashley? Is Ashley losing her mind? I hope she is not because I love her so much; she is my favorite mother. Maybe, it was a Halloween thing and the story is going nowhere, after all.

    3. On the train, the girls said several times that Caleb was with Toby. So Toby was faking all the time in front of Caleb? Did they split at some point? Please, don't tell me Caleb is evil too, because that would break my heart very bad. I am so in love with Caleb. One of my favorite moments this season was the kiss, when he says Hanna that he is going to fight A and he is not going to ask for permission.

    Finally, about this last episode I loved Hanna's grandma singing. "Why is your grandmother singing?" "Because she can!" She is hilarious and very clever. On another note, Aria's father becomes more and more disgusting, annoying and jerk. However, I hope Meredith is fine because I think she is awesome and she is misunderstood. I was eager to see the dinner where Byron was supposed to apologize to her, but they did not show it I wish Meredith and Aria's mom became friends. By the way, Aria's mom was also quite annoying and self-righteous but she is cooler since she has a boyfriend.

  • Mona is back

    Mona is back and rallying support! It's revealed that Ally was blackmailing Aria's dad.
  • Mona's Back in Action!

    Mona's return to Rosewood High shakes the Liars to their core. When they see Mona talking to a janitor, they quickly recognize him as the hotel clerk from Lost Woods Resort. Their investigation of the janitors office leads them to find Ali's diary. Ali's diary states that she had been blackmailing Byron about his affair, and after a mysterious tip from Garrett in the previous episode, the girls begin to suspect Byron of having something to do with Ali's murder.
  • She's Better Now

    After the hiatus, PLL returned with a really strong hour of TV that fast-forwarded the overreactions and the girly chit chat to get back to the action, and add in another strong candidate to the "A" drama. Intense and entertaining and setting the stage for a good next few weeks, even if we are no closer to solving anything than we were awhile back.