Pretty Little Liars

Season 2 Episode 7

Surface Tension

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Jul 26, 2011 on Freeform

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  • Plenty of soap storylines

    Not much of 'A' in this episode, but we have plenty of soap storylines.
  • Garret, hockey stick, and Jason..

    The Montgomerys are throwing a dinner party and both Ezra and Jason are on the guest list leaving Aria feeling anxcious and awkward. Toby discovers a hockey stick in Spencer's barn, which Spencer remembers Allison and Jason to have argued with, and Spencer's father goes out of his way to try and keep it from her which stirs her suspision. Emily finds it difficult to adjust at Hannah's and Hannah finds it difficult to accept Caleb's work. At the dinner party, the cops show up to tell Byron and Ella that they've arrested their son. After bringing back him, Aria confronts him and finds Jenna's pottery pocession in one of his stolen things. She tells him it was wrong to steal from a blind girl, and he tells her it's actually from Garret's appartment. The episode ends with Spencer finding out she can't trust Garrent in his car.

    This episode was just like most episodes this season. The storyline isn't moving at light speed but it's still entertaining and suspensful and there's alot to solve, I just feel like they should get to it already. I don't like the way Emily was acting. I hate this side of her. The sort of mean, uptight, "studios," person. I'm so used to innocent Emily. Also, characters just disappear on this show. Where is Paige? Isn't Maya coming back? Sean? That guy who worked at the club and dated Spencer for a while? I like the new alliance Ella and Ashley have. I want to see the mothers interact more with each other. Sort of like an adult version of the group our heroines have. I'm so confused about Spencer's dad. Never thought he'd be a suspect. Spencer seems to be connected to Allison and her death a million times more than the other girls. I mean, her sister dated the guy Allison was with, Ian. She was the last girl out of the group to talk to her. She's dating Toby who's Jenna step brother.

    Anyway, enjoying it so far.
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