Pretty Little Liars

Season 2 Episode 5

The Devil You Know

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Jul 12, 2011 on Freeform

Episode Recap

The Little Liars have found Ian's body in the cabin.  They also find a suicide note where Ian had admitted to killing Alison. The girls attempt to find closure in the situation. Emily decides to take a closer look and she realizes that the note is actually comprised of all the texts that "A" had sent to the Little Liars meaning that the confession in the letter was false. The girls hear the news and they are shocked. Spencer insists that Ian needs an official funeral and tells her parents. It is necessary for Melissa to have complete closure with his death. The Little Liars all attend the funeral in support of the Hastings family. Aria is disappointed that she and Ezra still have to keep their relationship a secret. She wants to make it public. Jason admits to Aria in a moment of vulnerability that he had blacked out the same night that Ali disappeared. He tells her that when he woke up from blacking out he found a threatening note saying "I know what you did." Now he thinks that he accidentally killed Ali although the confession in Ian's suicide note is proof that he did not. "A" sends the Little Liars back to the cemetery. There, a video of Ali and Ian is projected on the side of the Mausoleum and the Little Liars learn more details. The video shows Ali walking away from a confrontation – one they thought was Ali about to be killed by Ian.