Pretty Little Liars

Season 2 Episode 13

The First Secret

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Oct 19, 2011 on Freeform

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  • It's Halloween 2008

    It's Halloween 2008 and it's revealed that Alison was taunted by A. The girls meet Jenna for the first time and Aria and Alison see aria's dad cheating.
  • Felt a little out of place..

    Okay, so here we watch A's first attack. It was a year before Allison was killed and on halloween. Jenna arrives to town and is immediately targeted by Allison. Both the girls attend Noel Kahn's party as Lady Gaga, while Emily goes as Pocahontas, Aria, I don't even remember, Hannah as Britney and Spencer as a queen. I'm a little surprised Allisson dressed up as Gaga considering Britney is the princess of pop. Wouldn't the queen bee want to be Gaga's successor. But whatever, that's just coming from a pop culture analyst's point of view.

    Allison pulls a hoax on the girls, with who she thought was Noel but later found out wasn't him. Then she recieves the first text ever from "A." We also explore the whole Byron/Aria relationship strain post affair reveal and Ashley's divorce problems, aswell as Emily coming to terms with her sexuality and Spencer going out of her way to achieve what her family wants her to achieve.

    This episode was deffinately enjoyable, but it felt like it should have been in season one. I guess the fact that we learn that "A" messed with Allison aswell makes it feel like a season 2 episode, but It just dosen't feel like it fits season 2. Also, everyone had a motive to kill Allison. Ian, Jenna, Mona, Lucas, Jason...she was a total bitch to everyone.

    Well, not as good as the previous two episodes, but still quite entertaining and I can't wait for the continuation of last episode's events.
  • SO SCARY!!! Well it is if you watch it alone in the dark. Alison= bad friend though. Allison may have known all of their secrets, but only knew a few of hers.


    Some spoilers: Great episode. I was scared at the end of the episode. You'll see why. Not sure how I feel about Alison though. She was one of those girls... you know the mean popular girls. Episode is set at least a year before she disappeared. Many people had a reason to kill her.

    Jenna just moves to town because her mom married Toby's dad. Alison tries to pull that "I'm the popular girl and therefere I can make you popular too" routine that others characters in other series do (Malfoy from HP, Cordelia from Buffy are two examples)

    Alison is cruel to her brother, Jason.

    Garret is not seen in this episode.

    Alison talks about a story about twins in the beginning- something about one twin killing the other. It was supposed to be a scary story for Halloween, but now I wonder (if the book fans are going to see Courtney after all)

    Alison is mean to Mona.

    ALison is mean to Lucas.

    Alison is mean to her own friends.

    Again with friends like that who needs enemies.

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