Pretty Little Liars

Season 2 Episode 19

The Naked Truth

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Feb 06, 2012 on Freeform

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  • Spencer gets a new surprise family member

    Spencer gets a new surprise family member, Caleb takes a stand against Jenna and the girls expose a liar.
  • Sh!t just got serious!!!

    It's truth up day and the girls and their families are taking part, and will be getting more than they bargained for. Aria, Caleb, Mrs.Hastings, and surprisngly Jason are in one group. Hanna, her step sister, Noel, and Ella in another. Emily, Mona and Ashley in the third. Caleb is trying to stand up for his girl, which only leads to Aria getting attacked by Noel and then saved by Holden who used a very impressive kick. Emily teams up with Mona and gets herself back on the team by blackmailing the principal, who wasn't being fair towards Emily to begin with. Hanna notices a birthmark on her step sister and realises the naked photo was photoshop. She confronts her while Aria and Hanna record their conversation clearing Hanna's name. Spencer overhears an argument between Jason and her mother which initiates an Allison flashback which brings on a sudden realisation to how she is linked to Jason. Soon it becomes apparent that this link is by blood. He is also her father's son. The episode ends with the girls getting a phone call from "Vivianne"s friend who tells Emily to meet him, and Caleb getting his laptop stolen by "A."

    Loved it! I never saw the Jason being Spencer's brother thing coming. The truth up day thingy was fun to watch. I love the events held in these episodes. Also, I loved the whole Mona/Emily team. Mona is really cute. I hope she gets used more.
  • Not that great ...

    I don't know, it just seemed like not that much happened on this episode. It didn't have that great teenaged cattiness that I usually expect from PLL, and the plot didn't really move forward, with the slight exception of the phone number found in Ally's (Vivienne's) jacket.