Pretty Little Liars

Season 1 Episode 9

The Perfect Storm

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Aug 03, 2010 on ABC Family
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Rosewood gets a massive storm on the day the students are to take their SAT test, which causes the school to postpone the examinations. Trapped in the school during the storm, the girls' personal lives become stormy as well. Drama strikes each girl differently and manifests itself into different situations. After the storm passes and the girls get to go home, they all come to the realization that taking the SATs would have been a much easier task to complete.


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  • suspicion falls on Emily

    When the memorial is destroyed, suspicion falls on Emily.
  • Predictable plot witholding unpredictable events...loving it.

    This show adds nothing to the teen drama and mystery genres, but what sets it apart from it's many competitors is it's delivery. I like the character development. You care about the characters, then you care about what's happening to them, and this episode had lots for Emily.

    The girls are locked in school for their SAT exams after a tornado warning is issued.

    Here we learn that Emily was inlove with Alison. Not really shocking, but still. Alison's memorial was sabotaged and Emily is suspect number 1, only it very well could have been Lucas; which was hinted at the end of the episode. Now, I'm hoping it's not him though. There's alot more chemistry between Hannah and Lucas than Hannah and Sean. I want this coupling to happen, and if it's Lucas, then I don't see how that's going to work out, and wether I'll feel good about it if it does.

    Ezraa realises he's losing Aria to a boy her age, and has a moment with her mother. Spencer wants to find out what happened between Alex and her mother, and she does; right after her mother steps in and saves the girls from the detective.

    Byron and Hannah's mother (they need to mention her name more often) have a moment, only to be cut short by the realisation of the little hole they've dug. I mean Byron is still married.

    Keeping it spicy. Lots of surpises all around. Spencer's mom's lump removal. Emily's love for Allison. Lucas and Emily's involvement with Allison's memorial's destruction.

    Also, the Emily/Alison flashbacks made me think of Veronica Mars. I know they're comparing Pretty Little Liars to a teen Deseperate Housewives, but it feels alot more like Veronica Mars to me. The Emily/Alison flashbacks are very Veronica/Lily.

    Anyway, another superb episode. Best one this season, along with the homecoming one. Can't wait for more.moreless
  • 109

    The penultimate episode till the mid-season finale was very good. We learn a lot of things, and wow, was this episode eventful. Flashbacks continue when we learn that Emily was in love with Alison. We've gotten subtle hints of this, but now we've actually seen it happen. Someone destroys Alison's memorial. Emily is a prime suspect. The thing that was definitely shocking was finding out Lucas was the one who destroyed the memorial.

    This was just a great suspenseful episode with some great drama. I loved the interactions between Aria's dad and Hannah's mom. Also the interactions between Ezra & Aria's mom were great too. It was kind of strange since Aria's mom seemed to be "connecting" with Ezra. Little does she know that Ezra dated her daughter, that was just a great scene. The ending climax with the detective was just great, and this episode definitely got me pumped for the mid-season finale.

    Good penultimate episode, good job PLL!moreless
  • Season 1, Episode 9

    This has to be one of the best episodes of Pretty Little Liars so far and probably one of the best episode of any hour long drama in a long while. It is just so well written, the characters are great, and the drama/suspense of this murder mystery is one of the bests I've ever seen. For a while, I've always though this is just the "teen" Desperate Housewives, but this episode changed my mind yeah it is the "teen" Desperate Housewives but it is so original that it makes this such a great awesome show!


    So this episode picks up right where the previous one left off, with the memorial being destroyed. We see the girls studying for the SAT tests minus Emily. We see Emily come into her bedroom all muddy and dirty, was she at the memorial?! Then the next day at school a midst a huge storm, everyone becomes stranded in the school where lots of secrets are revealed and lots of suspense is given. Emily is separated from the girls when she gets a text from A saying "Great Expectations", so she goes and finds the book, "Great Expectations", finding a letter to Alison which we late find out that Emily wrote. She then loses her purse and gets freaked out in the library with weird things happening. The detective then finds Emily's purse with statues from the memorial and a picture of Emily at the memorial accusing her of destroying it, also showing the girls the letter that she wrote Ali just three days before she was killed, basically accusing Emily of killing Ali. We also see in flashbacks that Emily and Ali kiss, something I think we all saw happening from the beginning, but we also learn how much Emily loved Ali. The other girls also find out about Emily's love of "girls". Aria deals with her new possible love interest right when Ezra returns. Hanna deals with Lucas and Mona, which at the end we see Lucas wearing dirty shoes, did he destroy the memorial? Aria's mother has an encounter with Ezra, just when Aria's father has a "romantic" encounter with Hanna's mother. We then see a mysterious person watching a video of Ali then slipping it into an envelope that is sent to Rosewood police department where the person finishes the return address that just has A written on it and they write "Anonymous".

    Overall an excellent, wonderful episode of what I think is one of the best shows on tv right now. 12/10!moreless
  • The drama gets taken to a whole new level...

    When I told myself I wanted more insight on the Alison-Emily relationship, this was EXACTLY what I wanted. This gives Emily a whole new layer, being traumatized by flashbacks with her more-than-a-friend. My favorite scene of this entire series was the climax this episode, when the detective questions Emily and she comes out in front of the other girls. I could hear my heart ponding as the drama played out on the screen.

    I liked the entire Hanna-Lucas-Mona storyline, up until they showed Lucas's muddy shoes. Is he A? I sure hope not. I also think the whole Spencer's mom's secret thing and the relationship between Aria's dad and Hanna's mom were a little overdone; we care much more about the girls than their parents. I'm also slowly falling out of supporting Ezra and Aria and into supporting Noel and Aria. I hope Aria makes a choice soon; the mid-season finale's next week!

    Overall, this episode definitely is one of the candidates for my favorite episode. Can't wait for the next episode!moreless
Diego Boneta

Diego Boneta

Alex Santiago

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Yvette Freeman

Yvette Freeman

School Administrator

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Brant Daugherty

Brant Daugherty

Noel Kahn

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Brendan Robinson

Brendan Robinson

Lucas Gottesman

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Janel Parrish

Janel Parrish

Mona Vanderwall

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • "A" Messages:

      To Emily: "There's only so much you can bury, Emily. You're not done with me yet. -A"

      To Emily: "Hey Em - You weren't the only one with Great Expectations. xoxo -A"

      To Spencer (and Aria and Hanna): "Define 'desertion'. Seems like you're about to lose Emily. Who's next? -A"

    • We find out by the back of an addressed envelope that Alison's address was 895 Holly Pl. Rosewood, PA 19387 and that Emily's address is 43 Serenity Ln. Rosewood, PA 19387

  • QUOTES (9)

    • Hanna: God, he's freaking me out! Whose locker is he poking into now?

      Spencer: He's desperate. Ali's brother's breathing down his neck.

      Aria: Ours too. What if Jason told the police Alison's version of what happened after the fire?

      Spencer: If Jason was gonna tell them, he would've told them a year ago. He knows that story's bogus.

      Hanna: Well, then, why do they bring it up?

      Spencer: To try to drive a wedge between us. Well, he's not gonna do that.

    • Aria: Mom, what are you doing here?

      Ella: Oh, I tried calling you, but your phone must be turned off for the test.

      Aria: Why are you here?

      Ella: Well, they called and said they needed proctors. I'm on the sub list.

      Aria: You are? Since when?

      Ella: Well, since they cut my hours at the gallery and I'm paying rent to live above it. I filled out an application last Monday.

      Aria: What, to teach? Why didn't you tell me?

      Ella: Well, sweetie, I was going to when you came over for dinner, but then you canceled on Monday... and Tuesday, and then on Wednesday.

      Aria: Yeah, this week's been intense.

      Ella: I understand. I just, you know, I would like to see you in the flesh. But you don't really plan on ever coming over, do you?

      Aria: I can't. Look, if I did, it'd be like saying I'm okay with you and dad living apart.

      Ella: But we are.

      Aria: I know! Just 'cause you were ready for this doesn't mean that I am. I gotta get back to the library.

    • Aria: Can't believe it was trashed... Just when you thought that "A" would give it a rest.
      Spencer: It's like Toby had to kill Alison all over again.
      Hanna: Toby? What do you mean, Toby? His motorcycle was totaled. Isn't he dead?
      Spencer: I hear more from Alison now than when she was alive.
      Hanna: You guys, I thought we decided "A" wasn't Toby. "A" was happy to have Toby out of the picture.
      Aria: How do we know that Toby didn't just send that text? And why are we suddenly trusting "A"? "A" made a fake bracelet to mess with us.

    • Emily: (on Alison) I loved her as more than a friend.

    • Alison: (to Emily) A kiss is a kiss. I like boys. Trust me, if I'm kissing you, it's because it's practice for the real thing.

    • Aria: Where are you going?
      Emily: To the restroom. But if you guys don't believe me, we can all try to squeeze into one stall.

    • Mona: (to Lucas about Hanna) You can go now. This beauty doesn't need a beast.

    • Hanna: Don't you want someone real? Someone you can scratch and sniff?

    • Hanna: Spencer, you do not need to know any more big words. You're already scary enough to anyone under 50.

  • NOTES (2)

    • Music in this episode:
      "Never Get Enough" by Honey Pie
      "Quiet Hearts" by Amy Stroup

    • Original International Airdates:
      Canada: August 3, 2010 on MuchMusic
      United Kingdom: December 16, 2010 on VIVA
      Philippines: January 3, 2011 on ETC
      Slovakia: June 24, 2012 on Markiza
      Czech Republic: November 24, 2012 on Prima LOVE


    • Hanna: (to Mona) I think you're the one who needs a trip to Oz. See if the Wizard can find you a heart.

      This is a reference to the book series by L. Frank Baum that inspired the classic 1939 movie The Wizard of Oz. Hanna is referring to the Tin Man who goes to the wizard for a heart.