Pretty Little Liars

Season 3 Episode 13

This Is a Dark Ride

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Oct 23, 2012 on Freeform

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  • Halloween Episode

    Like last week, we have another amazing episode! Spooky, suspenseful and murderous! Love the ghost story sideline.
  • Halloween In Rosewood

    A special Halloween episode. As the Liars board the Halloween Ghost Train, they are attacked by a mysterious person in a Queen of Hearts costume. Not everyone on the train makes it out alive!! Great episode, full of action.
  • This is a dark Ride

    Great episode
  • Could the writers get any lazier?

    "Wait right here while I inexplicably leave you alone so you can either be killed or abducted or run away! Remember, it's really important that I leave you alone!"

    Ugh. I might be done watching after that episode. Not sure how long it will take to forget the bad stench of every cliche in the book.
  • This is a Dark Ride

    A lot more action-packed than previous episodes of PLL, but then again not a lot of character development or storyline advancement. Good to have the show return for one night between hiatuses, but not much was accomplished here, until we find out who was in the bodybag.

    Still, an enjoyable show. Enough to hold us over until the season continues.
  • Epic!

    Like the title says. Where to begin? The flashback with Ali and Jenna's fight, Aria being trapped in the box (don't mean it like THAT, though). There were other things (creepy) things I thought about as well.