Pretty Little Liars

Season 2 Episode 14

Through Many Dangers, Toils and Snares

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Jan 02, 2012 on Freeform

Episode Recap

The Little Liars are all serving their time and doing community service picking up garbage on the side of the road as punishment for tampering with evidence in a case. Though no one has been charged with murder, the girls and Emily had a falling out. Things are so tense between Emily that after getting into a fight with Spencer, the pair earned another two weeks of litter pick up duty. Meanwhile, Offer Garrett and Jenna take their romance public! Jason DiLaurentis has been missing since the night a few months ago when the Little Liars were arrested.

Some things in Rosewood remain the same. Toby and Spencer are still not together even though Toby tries to win Spencer back by carving her a wooden rocking chair. Sadly, she refuses his heartwarming gesture. Aria and Ezra haven't seen much of each other either until she runs into him on the street. She blames the arrest and the public's speculation of their being together for their not seeing each other. Aria goes to Ezra's office later to return a book when Jackie, his ex-girlfriend walks in. She threatens to reveal the truth to Aria's parents but Ezra arrives in time to stop Jackie from doing anything. He decides to be the bigger person and tell Aria's parents about their relationship. Everyone is silent until Aria's brother Mike punches him in the face.

Emily is still off the swim team. Despite the doctor clearing her with a clean bill of health, the coach is still hesitant to let her back on the team. As Emily returns to class, she receives a text from A asking to strike a deal. Emily agrees and receives a note to meet at 10. It turns out that it wasn't A who left the note for Emily but the rest of the girls. They aren't actually mad at Emily. They just want A to pick on her because she's the "weak link." The girls stage a fake argument in the hallway at school right by the swim meet. Emily demands that Spencer turn over a box that belongs to Jason containing secrets. While this box doesn't actually exist, A is impressed by Emily's work and wants to meet.

Emily heads to the meet up spot and the girls are meant to follow but each is detained. Aria is sent to her room now that her parents know about Ezra, Spencer and Toby get in an argument and Hanna's dad drops in to let her know that he's moving back to Rosewood – with the rest of his new family and step-daughter Kate. When Emily meets A, who is dressed in a hood, and she tells A that the box is actually empty. A goes to beat her up but Spencer and Aria arrive in time to save her. While A runs away, she's hit by Hanna's car. A still manages to get away in the forest but the girls find A's cell phone on the ground.