Pretty Little Liars

Season 2 Episode 14

Through Many Dangers, Toils and Snares

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Jan 02, 2012 on Freeform

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  • Ezra finally comes clean to Ariel's parents

    Ezra finally comes clean to Ariel's parents about their relationship.
  • The messers become the messees!!!!

    So here we pick up a month after where we left off, which I have to say was a little underwhelming. The girls are doing community service and aren't getting along. Spencer and Emily are given two more weeks after a physical fight they got into. Emily gets a text from "A" asking her to strike a deal which she agrees to, which obviously made me go "OMG EMILY HOW COULD YOU?!" We soon find out that the girls are working together too fool "A." I laughed when I saw them smiling at each other, I mean at first I thought that after everything they've been through, and the situation they're in, to pit them against each other now would be just silly. Caleb is back again and you can tell Lucas feels a little renstment towards him. Okay where is that girl Lucas was dating? Aria runs into Ezra. She then returns a book he lent her much to Jackie's dissatisfaction. Jackie tells her to stay away again and Ezra overhears. This makes Ezra want to tell Aria's parents about their relationship so they can finally do what they want to do. This dosen't go well. Ella and Byron are shocked to the max and Mike punches Ezra. The girls then embark on their mission to stop "A" with their fake Jason box scheme. Hannah is delayed however, by her father who tells her he's moving to Rosewood, him and his new family. Spencer also gets delayed by an angry Toby who wants answers. The girls finally make it to the what I presume is to be a greenhouse in a cemetery LOL there the confrontation gets physical but "A" escapes. Hanna hits "A" with a car (Karma much?) but that dosen't stop him/her from escaping. The girls are mad about the failure of their plan until they find a phone that "A" dropped on the run. The episode ends with an angry "A."

    Okay, so it started out a little slow. Ezra telling Aria's parents is something I have waited for since like episode 10 of the show and it was a little tame from the reaction I expected. Less yelling and screaming than what I thought would be the scenario. The last scene was brilliant, but I know there's going to be a whole episode or two dedicated to unlocking A's phone. I mean the story is getting really predictable. "A" does something horrible, the girls get close to finding out who "A" is but then things get worse. They really should just reveal who killed Allison now, and what happened exactly and then drag "A'"s identity some more. That's ofcource if "A" wasn't the one who killed Allison.

    Anyway, another solid installment, but I'm hoping for something bigger next time.
  • Pretty Little Liars

    A very obvious episode but altogether it was pretty good. Really slow paced though, they could have done a lot more. The ending is what saved this episode for me.
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