Pretty Little Liars

Season 2 Episode 10

Touched by an 'A'-ngel

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Aug 16, 2011 on Freeform

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  • Hanna makes an enemy of her new step sister

    Hanna makes an enemy of her new step sister, Aria was close to telling her mom about her and Ezra, Emily gets a massage instead of a message from A,
  • So now we know it's the girls VS. Garret/Jenna/Jason..

    Hannah has a change of heart towards her father's wedding and goes bridal gown shopping with Mona. She runs into her new soon to be step sister. One thing leads to another and Hannah ends up blurting out what she really feels about her father's new family on a hidden microphone. Emily goes in for a free massage. Soon she finds out that the massage was actually given to her by "A." Aria finds out about the pictures of her sleeping and confronts Jason, who tells her the photos belonged to Allison. Spencer, with Toby, looks through Ian's old high school yearbook and notices that he belonged to a club called NAT. Apparently, Jason, and Garret belonged to that club aswell. Spencer is then visited by Jenna, things heat up and Spencer kicks Jenna out, informing her that she knows about Garret in the process. She also lets Ezra know she knew about him and Aria and that Aria is in danger. Jenna tells Garret it's time to talk to Jason. Ezra steps up and is ready to tell the world about him and Aria, but Aria backs out when her mother tells her something like this would make her feel dissapointed and betrayed. Hannah recieves a call from her step sister telling her she wants to destroy her. The episode ends with Jason and Garret on the front porch of Jason's house.

    I really enjoyed this episode. We've established an alliance consisting of Toby/Jenna/Ian/Jason vs. the girls. "A" is really inventive in the ways at which to harrass the girls as we see with Emily. Hannah's new subplot is entertaining as all girl vs. girl storylines are in teen shows. Alot more interesting than her and Caleb in my oponion.

    I really feel like Ella knows about Aria and Ezra. I want this secret to be out in the open already. Some things drag way too much on this show, but all in all the season is heading in the right direction. All the episodes are entertaining and, sure, the pace is slow but there's so much going on but I'm okay with the fact they're taking their time, aslong as it dosen't get boring.
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