Pretty Little Liars

Season 2 Episode 25


Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Mar 19, 2012 on Freeform

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  • Very good episode

    Very good episode, although I don't buy into the *big reveal* the last 2 episodes have been super creepy and I've loved that. Awesome 'Psycho' shower scene at the motel!
  • Pretty littel liars

    Very good
  • Not shocked, but still amazed.

    First off, let me start by saying what a strong season this was for Pretty Little Liars. Most shows start going downhill after their first season, especially once they've found the success that Pretty Little Liars has, but no the writers, actors, directors still put in alot of effort and gave us an extremely rich and entertaining twenty five episode season. It's not easy putting all those characters together on a web of twisted storylines and complicated relationships but this show does a pretty decent job.

    Okay, now the actual finale. Mona? Well, see, it's not hard to believe. Maybe it was even easier for me because I opened a thread on the forums titled "Who killed Maya?" which completely rowened things for me. But, still, I found out there was an "A" team and that Allison was looking for "A." So who's in this team? Lucas? Mellissa? Jenna and Garret? It's all so twisted. This episode made me feel kind of lonely and scared for the girls. Like the only people they can trust are themselves. Like everyone is out to get them. It was exiting. I love how it kicked off with a spooky scene sequence with Hanna in the shower. I love how it continued into a masquerade, and then a car chase, and then a imprisoned psycho Mona. I never knew the actress playing Mona could be so good!! Who's she taking orders from? Jenna? I mean she did tell someone the girls would be at the masquerade. Anyway, can't wait for season 3 to start. It was a great season. I'm glad one member of the "A" team has been revealed and I hope they could keep this up, but it's hard to imagine them topping the first couple of seasons without copying a few storylines.
  • Shocker not so shocking!!!

    First of all, I loooooooooved the reference to Norman Bates & Psycho in the first part of the episode with the motel lost in the woods, it was beyond amazing!!!!

    There was even a shower scene including Hahhah, but covered in mud, not blood of course!!!!

    Eventually, Hannah was saved by her cellphone too bad they didn't have those in the 60's ^-^

    Having Mona pausing as A for 10 minutes wasn't very believable, though!!!

    Mixing Psycho and PLL was very goooooood in the end, you got me there however!!!!

    In your opinion, who's the real A then????