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Pretty Little Liars

Tuesday 8:00 PM on ABC Family Premiered Jun 08, 2010 In Season



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  • Birds of a Feather

    Full Episode

    S 3 : Ep 4 - 6/26/12

    Caleb is mad that Hanna is spending so much time with Mona; Aria doesn't want to tell Ella about the situation of Byron and Meredith; Spencer wants to know the truth about Melissa; The girls find out the identity of the Black Swan.

  • Kingdom of the Blind

    Full Episode

    S 3 : Ep 3 - 6/19/12

    Spencer's mom decides to take Garrett as a client. Spencer is convinced that her mother only agreed to do this by force. After she begins to investigate, her suspicions are not confirmed and she comes across a bigger Hastings family secret.

  • Blood Is the New Black

    Full Episode

    S 3 : Ep 2 - 6/12/12

    The girls are stressed out when a new message from A appears; When she starts remembering things from "that night", Emily's drive to succeed at school is put on hold.

  • It Happened 'That Night

    Full Episode

    S 3 : Ep 1 - 6/5/12

    A summer has passed and the girls reunite in Rosewood and try to get over whats happened.

  • unmAsked

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 25 - 3/19/12

    Aria, Emily, Spencer, and Hanna get closer to finding out who "A" is. The girls attendsRosewood's Junior League Masquerade Gala. By the end of the episode, they discover who "A" really is.

  • If These Dolls Could Talk

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 24 - 3/12/12

    The girls suspect that Melissa might be "A", and they set up an investigation. Meanwhile, Aria finds a boarding school application on her Mom's desk, and Jenna takes the bandages off her eyes.

  • Eye of the Beholder

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 23 - 3/5/12

    The Liars don't know what they're in for when they meet Duncan, a boy from Ali's past. Meanwhile Toby strolls back into town, and Jason leaves the girls with a treasure: a box of Ali's old belongings.

  • Father Knows Best

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 22 - 2/27/12

    As Rosewood's annual Father-Daughter Dance arrives tensions are high with the Liars and each of their fathers. Meanwhile, Ashley is snooping around attempting to find out what's wrong with Hanna.

  • Breaking the Code

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 21 - 2/20/12

    The Liars may have a fifth member, as it's revealed that "A" is torturing someone outside of Ali's BFFs. Meanwhile, Wren becomes a much-needed support for Spencer.

  • CTRL: A

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 20 - 2/13/12

    As Aria discovers what Holden's secret is, Caleb becomes the target of a Rosewood Police Department witch hunt after his laptop is confiscated.

  • The Naked Truth

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 19 - 2/6/12

    "Truth-Up Day" comes to Rosewood High as a chance for students to put a stop to bullying and clear the air. But for Aria, Emily, Hanna, and Spencer, the day has a whole different meaning. They all see this day as an opportunity to finally get the answers to some burning persoonal questions. Will the girls be ready to handle the truths they are about to receive, or will they crack under the pressure?

  • A Kiss Before Lying

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 18 - 1/30/12

    In A Kiss Before Lying, Caleb is working with Hanna's three best friends to decode video from the night of Alison's murder. Meanwhile, Hanna's evil step-sister, Kate, is enrolling at the same high school. Caleb discovers that Alison had a second fake ID, and in this one she has dark hair, which opens up a whole new line of questions.

  • The Blond Leading the Blind

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 17 - 1/23/12

    Aria is desperate to get Ezra to return her calls, while Hanna begs the girls to stop using Caleb as a researcher for "A". Meanwhile Spencer attempts to fend off Toby's attempts at salvaging their relationship.

  • Let the Water Hold Me Down

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 16 - 1/16/12

    When Lucas goes missing Caleb searches tenaciously while Hanna hesitates because she doesn't want it to lead to Caleb's discovery of "A".

  • Through Many Dangers, Toils and Snares

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 14 - 1/2/12

    While all the Liars seem to be at odds with each other, Toby fights to win Spencer back and becomes suspicious of the antics of the supposed best friends. Meanwhile, the Montgomerys receive some worrisome news.

  • The First Secret

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 13 - 10/19/11

    In the Halloween event set before Ali died, It's Halloween and Ali is keeping a big secret from Aria, Emily, Hannah and Spencer who all have secrets of their own.

  • Over My Dead Body

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 12 - 8/30/11

    The Four Liars told someone about "A" and they must now pay the price. Hannah, Aria and Spencer are sent out to do a hard task in order to keep Dr. Sullivan alive. Aria must get rid of Jackie, Hannah must stop her dad and Isabelle's wedding and Spencer must keep Toby safe and in doing so must break up with him. Emily is the only one without a heartbreaking task and is a little worried.

  • I Must Confess

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 11 - 8/23/11

    Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer finally decide it is time to tell someone about "A." Meanwhile, Hanna's infamous grandmother drops into town for Tom's rehearsal dinner.

  • Touched by an 'A'-ngel

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 10 - 8/16/11

    Aria is finding it hard to believe Spencer and Emily's revelation about Jason all the while dealing with her feelings for him. Hanna tries to play nice with her future stepsister. Meanwhile, "A" continues to torment Emily trying to push her to a breakdown.

  • Picture This

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 9 - 8/9/11

    Spencer zeroes in on Jason and is determined to find out what exactly he has been hiding. Yet, Aria can't help but see the good in him. Meanwhile, Hanna aids Caleb when it comes to making a decision about his family.

  • Save the Date

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 8 - 8/2/11

    The pressures upon Emily come to a head when her father shows up for one of her biggest swim meets, and she winds up in the hospital. Meanwhile Hanna is dealing with her Dad's upcoming wedding and the possibility of Caleb leaving town.

  • Surface Tension

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 7 - 7/26/11

    It's Emily's moving day, while Hanna worries about Caleb's wheelings and dealings. Aria is concerned about a party that both Ezra and Jason are invited to and Toby reacts to a discovery about Spencer.

  • Never Letting Go

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 6 - 7/19/11

    The night before the annual Rosewood Charity Fashion Show, Allison's mother reappears in town and requests that the remaining girls model in the show in honor of her deceased daughter.

  • The Devil You Know

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 5 - 7/12/11

    Hanna learns more about Caleb's foster family situation, while the other Liars deal with the resolution and closure of the news about Ian.

  • Blind Dates

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 4 - 7/5/11

    Hanna and Tyler double date with Lucas and Danielle, while Emily's mother Pam tells other at her school that she has a scholarship offer.

  • My Name Is Trouble

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 3 - 6/28/11

    Aria signs up for a college pottery class to get closer to Ezra. Emily lies to her mother about her swimming scholarship status, and Spencer spies on Alison's older brother, who has just moved back into Rosewood.

  • The Goodbye Look

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 2 - 6/21/11

    Emily is contacted by a college swim team recruiter.  While the Liars struggle with being separated, Hanna doesn't know who to reach out to when her father shows up in Rosewood unexpectedly.

  • It's Alive

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 1 - 6/14/11

    The Liars are back for the second season premiere, and the mystery continues. With Ian missing, and the police questioning them, no one seems to believe them, especially the girls' parents who have sent them to therapy together. Their therapist who seems more confused than before she met them recommends them to spend some time apart, which their parents take very seriously.

  • Ask Marlene and Oliver, Part 2



    Marlene King and Oliver Goldstick answer YOUR questions!
  • For Whom the Bell Tolls

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 22 - 3/21/11

    The Pretty Little Liars use the videos that they found as blackmail against Jenna. Meanwhile, Aria and Ezra get into another conflict when his ex returns to town, Emily's father wants the family to move to Texas for a year, and Spencer finds herself in life-threatening situation after life-threatening situation.

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