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Pretty Sammy - Magical Project S - Sasami Club

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This guide covers the various television spinoffs where Sasami, the smallest of the Tenchi Muyo girls, gets to be a magical girl. In Pretty Sammy and Magical Project S Sasami Kawai is your typical (aren't they always?) Japanese fourth-grader, who one day gets a visit from the Queen-to-be Tsunami to become a magical girl. Tsunami's sister, Ramia, has other plans: transforming Sasami's best friend Misao into a rival magical girl Pixy Misa, who summons Love-Love monsters to wreak havoc every week. In Sasami Magical Girls Club, Sasami and friends are a group of fifth-graders that end up forming a quintet of magical girls under the guise of Washu's cooking club. They grow their friendships and go on magical adventures. This series is more dramatic than the previous Pretty Sammy and Magical Project S series. One of the strong points of the series is that it is one of the few shows that recasts a popular set of characters in completely different roles, not only once from Tenchi Muyo to Pretty Sammy, but also from Pretty Sammy to Sasami Magical Girls Club. It also takes potshots at the Magical Girl themes that shows like Sailor Moon made popular, reusing sound effects from Tenchi Muyo, and occasionally refers to older anime shows. Season and Series Explanation Here is how the guide is being organized on Series 1: Pretty Sammy OVA Also known as: Magical Girl Pretty Sammy OAV Number of Episodes: 3 Originally released: 1995-1997 in Japan Series Composition: Hideyuki Kurata, Yosuke Kuroda Series Director: Kazuyuki Hirokawa, Takeshi Aoki, Yasuhito Kikuchi Licensed by: Pioneer/Geneon (English) Storyline: The characters are close to the ones in the Tenchi Universe parallel world episode. US Release: Pretty Sammy Mihoshi Special (October 29, 2002) Series 2: Magical Project S Also known as: Pretty Sammy TV Number of Episodes: 26 Runtime: half-hour time slot Originally Aired: October 1996 - March 1997 in Japan Series Composition: Hideyuki Kurata, Yosuke Kuroda Series Director: Katsuhito Akiyama Licensed by: Pioneer/Geneon (English) Storyline: The story focuses more on Sasami, her friend Misao, and a new cast of school characters! US Release: 2 DVD packs (Japanese with English subtitles) Volume 1: Pretty Sammy Debut (ep 1-13, 2 discs) Volume 2: Pixy Misa Finale (ep 14-26, 2 discs) Series 3: Sasami: Magical Girls Club Also known as: Sasami Mahou Shoujo Club, Sasami Club Number of Episodes: 13 Runtime: half-hour time slot Originally Aired: April - July 2006 in Japan Series Composition: Mari Okada Series Director: Nobuhiro Takamoto Licensed by: Funimation (English) Storyline: Sasami, Misao, and friends return in a brand new magical girl series with new voice actors and artwork. Washu starts a club to watch over the girls as they explore their magical abilities and go on adventures. Release Information: Season One: The Magic of Friendship - released August 12, 2008. (2 discs) Series 4: Sasami: Magical Girls Club 2 Also known as: Sasami Mahou Shoujo Club 2 Number of Episodes: 13 Runtime: half-hour time slot Originally Aired: October 2006 - January 2007 in Japan. Also started broadcast in the US on the Funimation Channel in January 2009, and made available online at in Spring 2009. Series Composition: Mari Okada Series Director: Nobuhiro Takamoto Licensed by: Funimation (English) Storyline: Direct continuation of Sasami Magical Girls Club Release Information: Funimation Boxset: November 25, 2008 Pretty Sammy OVA Characters Sasami Kawai- She is Pretty Sammy! With her friends, and guide Ryo-Ohki she is very heroic and smart. Ryo-Ohki- Ryo-Ohki is Sasami's specifically selected assisant. She is the brown Cabbit, and she can SPEAK! Mihoshi Mizuani- Mihoshi is a college student who also works at the music store. She is best friends with Kiyone, and lives with her. Tenchi Kawai-Tenchi is a good student in school sometimes, but likes to socialize with the girls more than study. Ayeka Takada-Ayeka is the president, and one of the best students in school. She uses her martial arts to protect her true love...Tenchi (some things never change series to series.) Chihiro Kawai-The mother of Sasami and Tenchi is a very happy-go-lucky women who love music! She is so proud of her famous kids. Kiyone Makabi-Kiyone is an employee at Chihoro's music store. She has countless failures in dating, and is also upset that Mihoshi got to college and she didn't! Misao Amano- Misao is a shy student and good friends with Sasami. She is not around when strange things happen. Ryoko Hakubi- Ryoko is a bad student and commonly picks fights, also in love with Tenchi. Tsunami- She is trying to help make a peaceful Earth so she uses the help of Pretty Sammy. Washu Kobayashi- She is a science teacher and also invented the Internet! Magical Project S Characters Main Characters Sasami Kawai- The fourth-grader who gets chosen to become Pretty Sammy! She wears her light-blue hair in two very long ponytails that sometimes move like ears. Tsunami-The first candidate for queen of her planet called Juraihelm. She must first restore the balance of good by choosing a Magical Girl: a champion for justice. She enjoys planting flowers and nice things. When the balance is restored, Juraihelm and Earth will become the planet it used to be. Misao Amano- Misao is Sasami's best friend. A shy gal who is smart, and hopes to be a pianist like her dad. She is also not around when strange things happen. Pixy Misa - She is the "evil magical girl" with blonde hair and a purple outfit. She is the nemesis of Pretty Sammy! She uses many English phrases and summons the Love-Love monsters which are themed around certain items of the week. Ryo-Ohki- Ryo-Ohki is Sasami's specifically selected assisant, the brown Cabbit, and can SPEAK! Ryo-Ohki is a male in the TV series. Ramia-The second candidate for queen of Juraihelm. She was so angry and jealous that Tsunami was chosen, that she creates her own evil "Magical Girl", Pixy Misa, to upset the balance. Rumiya - Ramia's little brother. He transforms into the bird Ru and facilitates Pixy Misa's transformation. Supporting Characters Ginji Kawai- Sasami's dad. No one quite knows what he does for a living but it is certainly adventurous.. Honoka Kawai - Sasami's mom. She owns a music store. Mihoshi Mitzuani- Mihoshi is Sasami's main teacher. She teaches 4-3 (4th grade, section 3) and is as ditzy as she was in Tenchi Muyo. Washu Fitzgerald Kobayashi- She is a science teacher who is 12 years old! She sometimes teaches Sammy's science and is really interested in this magical girl concept. Eimi (pronounced like Amy) Date - Sasami's brown-haired ate and president. She's big on having everyone abide by the school rules. Konoha Haida - Sasami's green-haired ate. She is jealous of all the magical girls. She also likes Hiroto, and uses the French phrase je t'aime a lot with him. Hiroto - Sasami's brown-haired ate, who loves sports and coming up with new competitive techniques. He tries to dodge Konoha's displays of affection. Kenji - Sasami's ate with the dark hair partially in his face. He's the guy who takes pictures and has occasional crushes on women. Kiyone- The dark-blue haired gal from the Tenchi Muyo series, who scolds Mihoshi regularly. She teaches the neighboring 4-2. Overly-Splendid Oryo- a Royal guard member of Tsunami's. She is played by Tenchi Muyo girl Ryoko. Romio - Was the third candidate to become queen. She is played by Tenchi Muyo girl Ayeka. What about Tenchi?- He's in this series for one episode. Sasami Magical Girls Club Characters Main Characters Sasami Iwakura - The star of the show. An easy-going fifth grader who has some magical abilities to manipulate objects. Misao Shinohara - Misao is a shy student who becomes friends with Sasami. Her power manifests as shadowy worm creatures emanating from her fears. Makoto Hozumi - The brown-haired petite but spunky girl whose ability includes changing her Tsukasa Takamine - The pink-haired silently cool girl whose ability includes lifting objects or people and moving them around. Anri Misugi - The green-haired girl who can make words come to life with her diary, and who is totally infatuated with Tsukasa. Washu Kozuka - The Magical Girls …ahem… Cooking Club advisor. Supporting Characters Ryo-Ohki- Ryo-Ohki is Washu's mascot and the brown Cabbit. Daimon - Although he serves as the school's groundskeeper, he is also from the Magical World and works with Washu to train the girls. Monta - A boy in Sasami and Misao's Although he is freaked out by magic, he becomes good friends with the girls in the club and perhaps even a love interest. Ginji Iwakura - Sasami's dad. He regularly tells Sasami not to use her magic, but also has an important connection to the Magical World. Honoka Iwakura - Sasami's mom. Mihoshi-sensei- Mihoshi returns as Sasami's ditzy homeroom teacher. Itoki - A sorceress from the Magical World and rival to Washu. Amitav - A mysterious boy from the Magical World that Sasami takes a liking to. Chief Sorceress - She participates more in the second season as one of the leaders of the Magical World. Songs! Magical Project S Opening Theme: "Yume Mireba Yume Mo Yume Ja Nai" Sasami sings. Ryo-Ohki's words are in ()'s. I should be able to do anything with all these things around me I just have to use my head and the incantation. If I get hungry my incantation's "Pipopa" (Pipopa!) and the noodle shop will make a speedy delivery. When I get sleepy I flop out (I flop out) If I lie down a while, I'll be feeling fine (Meow!) by the next morning. You have it in you too...this mysterious power. If you have a dream, then even a more than just a dream. Magical Project S Closing Theme: "Persona" (ep 1-13) Once again, the girl you're watching isn't the real me. It's a girl that was made up for you and for our love. You like my honesty That's what you say but it's an illusion (clap clap) Deceiving others is a way of life It's a woman's romance I love you more than anyone I want to show you a wonderful dream I love you so much I'm going to keep deceiving you I'll make you happier than any other guy in the world Magical Project S Closing Theme: "Chosai Ni Nottee / I should have known better" (ep 14-26) It may be too late, saying this after such a long time But I was wrong To say there are any number of guys out there I should've known better Midnight comes to anyone not only to Cinderella It may be too late, saying this after such a long time But I've made light of the whole world To think that somehow things would turn out all right I should've known better. Related Shows Tenchi Muyomoreless