Pretty Sammy - Magical Project S - Sasami Club

TV Tokyo (ended 2007)




Episode Guide

  • Season 4
    • Amitav's Song
      Amitav's Song
      Episode 13
      Keura has entered the world of the humans. The grownups try to find a way to seal away Keura, but that means locking her inside Amitav again. Sasami refuses, and had flown off with Amitav, but Amitav is feeling rather sick. The Shining Team, led by the Chief Sorceress, continues to wreak havoc but then Keura gets out of control and disables the witches. Could this be the end of the world? Not if Sasami can help it!moreless
    • The Warm Dream
      The Warm Dream
      Episode 12
      Misao returns back to the human world, and life seems to be fairly normal, except that Amitav is hanging out at Sasami's house. The Chief Sorceress is refueled with Keura's power that she orders the Shining Team to go into the human world and cause trouble. Not only that, but Keura herself has been fully unleashed from the cauldron, and wherever she walks, life becomes death. The grownups decide to seal away Keura, but in order to do that, they would need Amitav to agree.moreless
    • The Blooming Flower of Smile
      Misao wakes up from her sleep and joins Sasami and the girls in the Temple of the Witches, where Sasami has volunteered to help out the executives. Apparently they need to feed the executives by casting a spell similar to the one they used to make the flower glow during the tournament. Sasami and the girls huddle and they focus on their friendship through the times and their current feelings. That seems to have some effect on the executives, although Chief Sorceress gets rather concerned of the result.moreless
    • The Night Becomes Dawn
      Keura, who is fueled by Misao's dark feelings and the evils that were sealed in the cauldron, manifests as a grown-up Misao. She easily takes down Sasami and the girls with her powerful magic. But Sasami persists and does all she can to try to reach her friend. Later on, Sasami decides she wants to talk with Chief Sorceress and find out how her magic can help the situation. Sasami and the gang go to a temple where the Chief Sorceress introduces her to the mysterious executives.moreless
    • The Dark-Tainted Heart
      After an unsuccessful run at rescuing Misao, Sasami and the girls try to find their way out of the underground area when they encounter Amitav. Chief Sorceress directs Misao to walk down a special passage where she is to confront her darkest fears. Meanwhile, the Shining Team goes after Sasami again, and this time it's not without a fight, as the Sasami's friends scramble to defend Sasami and Amitav. But then the sky suddenly darkens with butterflies as an evil presence emerges from the depths.moreless
    • Reunion
      Episode 8
      Misao is given new responsibilities at the Tower of Twilight. Her first assignment is to deliver Sasami to the Chief Sorceress. That isn't difficult, considering that Sasami and the girls are on the way to rescue Misao, but the tower is full of obstacles. Can the girls stand up to the challenge?moreless
    • The Maiden of the Dawn
      The school announces that Misao has gone missing. Sasami and the girls, along with Monta, know what really happened, but no one knows what to do about it. Washu has the girls continue magical training, focusing on their primary magic ability. Meanwhile, Misao watches as Ayane easily bests her team member in a magical duel. Sasami questions whether to go after Misao; her friends initially tell her to stay back and support Misao, but later change their mind. Misao later decides to accept a magical duel with Ayane, and comes to grips with her identity; will she remain in fear or realize her potential?moreless
    • The Invitation of the Witches
      Misao is surprised to find the Shining Team girls visiting. They invite Misao to come to the world of the witches, and give her a magic ticket. Sasami wants to make food for Amitav, so she gets the girls to help do some cooking. Misao learns that Monta likes hamburger steak, and tries to cook that. Will she succeed in winning Monta's heart?moreless
    • Repeated Emotions
      While Washu battles with Itoki outside, the girls and Monta must find a way to escape or defeat the water spell surrounding the school building. The girls learn to work together, and find help in small packages. Misao continues to refute the possibility that the witches want to harm the girls. Itoki steps it up by bringing water attacks both inside and outside the school.moreless
    • At the End of Summer
      Washu closes off the portal to the world of the witches and converts the magical girls' club into a cooking club. Misao gets upset at Washu and stops attending for the rest of the summer. On the day back from break, Sasami tries to greet Misao, who explains her situation. Monta helps out by giving Sasami some fireworks. Washu invites Misao but will she come?moreless
    • My First Love
      My First Love
      Episode 3
      The girls continue to practice darker magic with the Chief and the other students. Ginji, Washu, and Daimon come up with a plan to rescue the girls. Ginji checks up on Amitav and discovers there's a second one wandering around and interacting with Sasami. He must find them before that Amitav does something.moreless
    • The Witch's Cauldron
      Itoki brings Sasami and the girls to the magical girl camp where they get an opportunity to practice some advanced magic. Washu and Daimon realize the girls have not shown up for club. Suspecting Itoki, they head off to Sasami's house and then the magical world to find some answers.
    • The Chosen Girls
      The Chosen Girls
      Episode 1
      Sasami meets up with the magical club girls at the beginning of summer session. Things are the same as usual, except that Monta knows they do magic now. Sasami wonders why her dad has been gone. The girls each get a note to meet in town. They end up seeing the Chief Sorceress from the magical world, who invites them to attend a magical girl summer camp. At first their parents refuse to let them go, but later they have a sudden change of heart. Washu finds the camp invitation rather suspicious; she and Daimon ask Itoki about it.moreless
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