Character profile: Sasami Kawai/Pretty Sammy

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    Sasami Kawai/Pretty Sammy is the main protagonist of Magical Project S.


    Sasami Kawai is an ordinary elementary school student. She attends the same school as her best friend, Misao Amano, was. One day, Sasami was chosen by Tsunami to be transformed into a magical girl, Pretty Sammy. She battles Pixy Misa at every attempt. However, Sasami isn't aware that Pixy Misa is none other than Misao. Later, in The Magic Fades Away, she discovers her friend's secret. Sammy goes to Misao's heart and she and Misao had defeated the evil in Misao's heart. With that, the two have a greater relationship with each other.


    * Genji Kawai - father

    * Honoka Kawai - mother

    People who know that Sasami is Pretty Sammy:

    1. Tsunami - Episode 1: First Contact

    2. Ryo-Ohki - Episode 1: First Contact

    3. Washu Fitzgerald Kobayashi - Episode 7: Talent for Trouble

    4. Misao Amano/Pixy Misa - Episode 19: The Magic Fades Away

    5. Hiroto Majima - Episode 26: Magical Victory

    6. Konoha Haida - Episode 26: Magical Victory

    7. Kenji Oyamada - Episode 26: Magical Victory

    8. Eimi Date/Love Me Eimi - Episode 26: Magical Victory

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