Pretty Sammy - Magical Project S - Sasami Club

Season 2 Episode 20


Aired Thursday 6:00 PM Feb 14, 1997 on TV Tokyo
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Misao realizes she is the infamous Pixy Misa and tries to hide. Sasami is upset about the whole magical girl thing as well, and tries to find Misao. Will the two become friends again or will their magical girl counterparts lock them into battle again?

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Miki Itou

Miki Itou


Guest Star

Takehiro Murozono

Takehiro Murozono

Shigeki Amano

Guest Star

Aya Ishizu

Aya Ishizu


Guest Star

Kazuki Yao

Kazuki Yao


Recurring Role

Rie Iwatsubo

Rie Iwatsubo


Recurring Role

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    • Rumiya: (seeing Misao cry on a tree) This is all my fault. It's my fault for listening to my sister, and making Misao transform into Misa.

    • Misao: All the things that are important to me: Mom, Dad, Sasami, the bird, Dad's piano piece, my hair bands, the picture of Dad and I at a amusement park. And also... also... (enters the locker room) This place.

    • Misao: I am Pixy Misa, the evil magical girl. I've been cruel to everyone and fought against Sammy. That was me. It was I who was the bad girl. I was the one who caused so much trouble. It was me! Sasami must be so angry. She must've told everyone I tricked her all along. What should I do? I haven't got anywhere left to go. I can't even see Dad anymore. I... I...

    • Sasami: I just can't believe that Misao was Pixy Misa.
      Ryo-Ohki: Misao's had an evil magic spell cast on her.
      Sasami: An evil magic spell?
      Ryo-Ohki: Otherwise that shy Misao couldn't have turned into Misa. Someone forced her to transform, to interfere with Sammy.
      Sasami: You mean, if I hadn't turned into Sammy, Misao wouldn't have turned into Misa?
      Ryo-Ohki: I don't know. But that's possible.
      Sasami: Then it's my fault. It's my fault for getting her into this mess. Misao turned into Misa because I accepted this baton! I knew I should have given it back, then! This stupid baton! This stupid baton! I don't want it!
      (Sasami tosses her baton)
      Ryo-Ohki: Sasami!
      Sasami: I'm going to look for Misao. Don't follow me, Ryo-Ohki.
      Ryo-Ohki: Sasami...

    • Sammy: Even if you stay as Pixy Misa forever, I'll still really love you, Misao!

    • Misao: Goodbye, Pixy Misa. The other side of me.

    • (Shigeki finds Misao's note at the end of the music sheets.)
      Kotoe: What is it?
      Shigeki: Nothing. Nothing at all.

    • Misao: Sasami!
      Sammy: That's the true form of the evil magic that was in your heart. Misao, let's do it together!
      (Misao agrees and she and Sammy grab Sammy's baton)
      Misao and Sammy: Converge, magic powers of justice! Pretty Coquettish Bomber!

    • Rumiya: Keep your chin up, Sis.

    • Misao: Sasami!
      Sammy: Misao.
      Misao: I'm going to get better. I'm going to try my best.
      Sammy: Yeah.
      Misao: I'm sorry.
      Sammy: Don't apologize.

    • Misao: Sasami!
      Sammy: Misao!
      Misao: I'm sorry, Sasami! I... I... I want to be your friend!
      Sammy: We are friends! Of course.
      Misao: I want to be with you!
      Sammy: I'll always be with you, Misao!
      Misao: I care so much for you!
      Sammy: I care about you, too, Misao!

    • Sasami: Sorry I'm late! There were these runaway horses in the way... (in shock) WHAT?!
      Misao: (in Pixy Misa costume; in English) Welcome, Sasami.
      Sasami: (in shock) What?!
      Misao: (removing her wig) Did I scare you? I made it to try to get better and try to cheer myself up! What do you think?
      Sasami: Misao! I don't think that's the right way to cheer yourself up.
      Misao: Really?
      Sasami: Misao, are you sad because you couldn't see your dad?
      Misao: No! I'm fine, because I've got you here!

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