Pretty Sammy - Magical Project S - Sasami Club

Season 3 Episode 10

Magical Girl Apprentice

Aired Thursday 6:00 PM Jun 22, 2006 on TV Tokyo

Episode Recap

The girls are outside talking about practicing their magic skills. Maybe they could use a stick or something. Tsukasa finds a stick and mounts it; she starts to levitate. Wow, she did it! Everyone is amazed. As Tsukasa lands on the ground, she senses someone is watching them. Everyone looks over and they see a little girl.

The girls are walking home but the little girl is still following her, not being subtle about tailing them at all. As they stop and look, the girl reaches in her backpack, and pulls out a rock. Uh oh. She throws a whole mess of rocks at the girls as they try to run away. Tsukasa casts a spell with a wave of her baton, and the rocks stop midair and fall. Well, the secret is out as the little girl boldly declares them "Witches!" Anri quickly replies they're not witches but magical girls. The little girl replies she won't tell anyone. Then she changes into a magical girl costume, and asks if she can be an apprentice. She introduces herself as Asami Minakata. Another Sasami? No, Asami. Anri introduces herself but Asami calls her anko (bean paste).

Asami and the girls arrive at a home. Asami calls out for grandpa, who greets the girls and invites them in. As grandpa serves them tea, Tsukasa notices some pictures of some grownups, likely mom and dad, on the shelf. The girls notice a whole shelf full of picture books. There are so many that they even include some of Ginji's works. Asami has been studying some of them. Tsukasa asks what is her favorite, and Asami says it's the one titled "Witch and the Muddled Zombies." That seems scary, but Asami points out her favorite part in the book, where the witch raises her hands and casts a spell, and the zombies come out of the ground. Tsukasa asks why she wants to learn magic. Asami replies so she can meet mommy and daddy, like in the book. Just tap on the grave, and mommy and daddy can come home. That means they have passed away. Grandpa leaves to get some more snacks. Asami affirms and asks if they can bring back her parents. Sasami ponders, and replies that maybe there is a way to bring them back and that they can talk with Washu. Asami gets excited, while Tsukasa just stares out in deep thought.

"Absolutely not," Washu replies. She explains that you could bring her back to life, but she'd be just as she is, as a rotting dead body. She picks up a skull and asks Sasami, "How would you like THIS to be your mom?"

The girls are on the way to the school gate when Asami arrives. She asks if they can bring her back. Tsukasa straightly answers, "It's impossible." But instead of that being a shock to Asami, she replies that it's okay and writes that off as their not being skilled or knowledgeable of the spells yet. She then invites the girls to play.

The girls are at the playground and Asami is on some sort of spinning wheel. She asks Anri to spin her, and Anri obliges with one of her super fast spinning skills. Asami spins around so much that her plush rabbit flies out and hits a tree. Asami asks her to stop, and afterwards rushes over and hugs the rabbit, apologizing for the injury. She comments that the rabbit smells like mommy's perfume.

Afterwards, Asami returns to her home with the girls. Grandpa is outside, and he's been packing some boxes. He has Asami go inside and comments how Asami has been so excited and cheerful lately, all thanks to the girls.

Tsukasa is having dinner with her dad, who has made some thick fried tofu. Tsukasa thanks dad for the food and tries a piece. She asks her dad if he could bring mom back to life, would he do it. Dad asks where she got that idea. Tsukasa replies, oh it's nothing. Dad replies that he tries not to think of things like that; it's not like she doesn't miss her, but some things happen for a reason. When she was alive, he was so busy that he didn't even know Tsukasa's favorite food was fried tofu, but now given the circumstances, he has gotten closer to her. So he wouldn't change a thing. Tsukasa replies she feels the same way.

The girls discuss what they can do with Asami. Anri just wants to get rid of her somehow, but then Asami appears from inside one of the shoe locker cubbyholes and asks to play. Later on, she starts appearing whenever they are outside. During the magical girl broom practice, An-An looks over her shoulder in paranoia. It looks like she'll keep bothering them, until they bring her parents back. As the girls come out of the tansu, they see that Daimon's room is a complete mess. He's been organizing some of the stuff since Washu had arrived. Sasami finds a mask and is about to put it on, but Daimon screams, "No don't!" and knocks it out of her hand. Sasami asks why, and he replies if she did, her face would get stinky. Oh, oops.

Tsukasa finds a vial, and asks what it is. Daimon explains that's a Memory Potion; the way it works is that you pour it on an object that holds memories, sometimes a gift from someone you miss. Then the memories would appear before your very eyes and you can relive some experience. The girls think so maybe they can find something related to Asami like the stuffed bunny rabbit! That must be it! They look to Tsukasa but she is clutching the potion. They ask Tsukasa what is the matter, and Tsukasa replies she feels sick that she runs off with the potion.

Outside, Asami has been waiting by the gate when she sees Tsukasa and asks what's up. Asami says she has something important to tell her. The other girls arrive and talk about needing the potion to bring back the parents. Asami is excited. She asks Tsukasa if that is the potion she is holding. Tsukasa replies she can't use it. Asami asks why not. Tsukasa replies, "Because!" They stare at each other, but Asami tears up and cries, running away.

At night, Tsukasa is nervous as she holds the bottle over a picture of her mom. She ends up dropping on the carpet and then hugs the picture. She comments she can't do it. "It's better this way, right, Mom?"

The next day, the girls remark that Tsukasa didn't appear at school and Asami wasn't outside as usual. Makoto wonders what Tsukasa is thinking. Sasami has an idea and they go over to Asami's house. But when they arrive, they see a big moving van. Grandpa is talking with the mover about a box of picture books. They ask Grandpa if that means they are moving. Grandpa affirms that saying that they are going to live with her relatives. Asami arrives and asks, "Where's Witch-girl?" referring to Tsukasa. Anri says she's not here but she was thinking of her and looking forward to playing with her again. Alas it's time to say goodbye. They wish Asami a safe trip. Asami gives Anri her rabbit, saying to give this to the witch-girl. As the van gets going, Asami waves goodbye as the girls chase her, and then she tears up.

The van takes off, leaving the four girls alone. Back at the club, Tsukasa gets notified by the girls and feels sad. Anri presents Tsukasa with Asami's bunny. Makoto remarks that they don't need the memory potion, but Washu replies that they should go ahead and use it. Tsukasa places the bunny on a desk and opens the vial, pouring the potion on the bunny, which glows and then bubbles emerge above the bunny. They look at the bubbles, but they see pictures of Anri, and each of the girls. The bubbles float to the ceiling. Misao comments, "I don't get it; why is it full of memories of us?" Washu explains that it contains her memories of her friendship, that it's not just about the past but also the present. Tsukasa understands and gives the bunny a hug.

Later on, Tsukasa is at the front door of Asami's former home. She is about to apologize, but Washu says there's no need, and that she's learned something, right? Washu offers to treat Tsukasa to some ramen; Tsukasa replies to add some fried tofu as well.
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