Pretty Sammy - Magical Project S - Sasami Club

Season 2 Episode 25

New Technology

Aired Thursday 6:00 PM Mar 21, 1997 on TV Tokyo
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New Technology
Pretty Sammy and Ryo-Ohki are on Juraihelm and are making their way to the castle. Romio summons some squid monsters to attack Sammy and then sucks the magic out of Sammy with the NT System!
What will Sasami do now? Will Pixy Misa and the others be able to help?moreless

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    Takehiro Murozono

    Takehiro Murozono

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    Masamichi Ohta

    Masamichi Ohta

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    Yuko Mizutani

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    • TRIVIA (2)

    • QUOTES (18)

      • Pixy Misa: Here's a present for you, Sammy!
        Sasami: What's this?
        Pixy Misa: (English) Message Start!
        Washu: Listen up, Sammy! That's the NT System. I, genius that I am, researched and researched Sammy's magic, input the data, and developed this magic absorption system.
        Sasami: Absorption? But there is no magic here anymore.
        Washu: You're gonna attract it here! Forget it; just stick my NT System attachment on your baton!
        Sasami: Y-Yes!
        (Sasami puts the NT System into her baton)
        Washu: The magic words are "Magical Sign!"
        Sasami: Okay!

      • (Pixy Misa jumps and Rumiya gives a score to 10.00)
        Rumiya: Very nice.
        Pixy Misa: Long time, hey, Sasami?
        Ryo-Ohki: Pixy Misa!
        Sasami: Which means Misao... But how come?!
        Pixy Misa: To help out a friend in trouble, why else?
        Sasami: Misao! No, Misa. Thank you.
        (Pixy Misa holds Sasami's hands)
        Sasami: Anyway, who's that guy?
        Pixy Misa: Oh, that's Rumiya. We're just friends.
        Rumiya: Couldn't you rephrase that to something a little kinder?
        (Pixy Misa pushes Rumiya aside)
        Pixy Misa: Forget that little sissy bug...

      • Pixy Misa: (singing) I am a pretty magical girl! I'm the magical girl who's gonna save Sammy! And they call me... and they call me... Pixy Misa!
        Rumiya: Uh, Misa, could you be a little more serious here?
        Pixy Misa: Don't worry, Rumiya! Now that I'm here, the problems will be perfectly solved!
        (Rumiya falls in shock)

      • Pixy Misa: Fighter for justice, friendship and love! The pretty and wonderful magical girl, Pixy Misa!

      • Sammy and Pixy Misa: Victory for the magical girls!
        Ryo-Ohki and Rumiya: They did it!

      • Tsunami: I'm glad you came, Sammy.
        Ryo-Ohki: Tell us what happened, Mistress Tsunami!
        Tsunami: Well, actually, I don't have a clue!
        (Ryo-Ohki and Sammy fall in shock)

      • Sasami: You're treating me too harsh for a grade four student!

      • Ryo-Ohki: It's happening again! The magic's being absorbed!
        Rumiya: No problem!
        Pixy Misa: Sammy, press the NT switch on your attachment.
        Sammy: Huh? Okay...
        (A force field appears around Sammy, Pixy Misa, Ryo-Ohki and Rumiya)
        Ryo-Ohki: What the heck?!
        Pixy Misa: Professor Washu made it to protect against the NT system. It's an M field.
        Rumiya: It's an anti-NT System barrier!
        Sammy: Unreal!
        (Tsunami and Oryo's powers get absorbed)
        Pixy Misa: Sorry! I feel so bad!
        Oryo: Forget it, just hurry to the Autumn Hall, where Romio is!
        Sammy: Right! Ryo-Ohki, can you move?
        Ryo-Ohki: Sure, I can.
        Sammy: And you, Misa?
        Pixy Misa: Of course! I'm okay! Follow me, Rumiya, or I'll beat you up!
        Rumiya: Gee, she could at least be a little more gentle with me... Hey! Wait for me!

      • Ryo-Ohki: Mistress Tsunami! Are you okay?!
        (Ryo-Ohki turns Tsunami around to find a scary face. He and Sammy scream)
        Tsunami: Did I scare you?
        Ryo-Ohki and Sammy: Quit fooling around at a time like this!

      • Ryo-Ohki: There's a stairway over here. Let's go.
        Sammy: Sure, Ryo.
        Ryo-Ohki: "Ryo"? What gives? You always call me "Ryo-Ohki".
        Sammy: Uh, it's nothing! (laughs sarcastically) It just didn't feel right, that's all.
        Ryo-Ohki: Snap to it, Sammy! There could be enemies nearby. (Sammy slaps him) Hey, what are you hitting me for?!
        Sammy: Because! Just because!
        Ryo-Ohki: I don't get it...

      • Ginji: Are you okay?
        (Ginji pulls Pixy Misa from the ground)
        Pixy Misa: Thank you, Sasami's daddy-o! Speaking of which, where is Sammy?
        Ginji: Anyway, we got separated from her on the way here.
        Pixy Misa: Oh, my. That's a bad situation.
        Washu: This is good timing. Here, give this to Sammy, okay?
        Pixy Misa: What? What is this thing?
        Washu: My NT System!

      • Pixy Misa: Oh my! If it isn't the dangerous teacher over there!
        Washu: Pixy Misa! What are you doing here?
        Pixy Misa: Of course I'm here because I came to save Sammy! That's why!

      • (Oryo explains to Sammy about the device that absorbs the magic.)
        Oryo: Look at me; she's stolen my magical powers too. I'm useless as a guard.
        Tsunami: And that's the story, Sammy. You must try to destroy that strange device of hers.
        Sammy: So you've decided to join the conversation?
        Tsunami: Ah! I'm so dizzy!
        (Tsunami faints again.)

      • Romio: You can become sentimental kangaroos in there, in the shrine.
        Sammy: What's that supposed to mean?
        Romio: No meaning, of course.

      • Washu: It's stopped, Johnny.
        Ginji: What's stopped, Catherine? Nothing's even happened.
        Washu: Your average person can't sense it. (thinking) Sammy is no longer her transformed self.

      • Eimi's brother: Oh, my older sister turned into a magical girl!
        Eimi's parents: Eimi! Why did you change into a magical girl?
        Love Me Eimi: It's because I can't change back! Stop bugging me!

      • (A crab representing Washu's new device emerges from the water.)
        Crab: Crabbie is here!

      • Sammy: Ryo-Ohki, what does that...
        (Sammy sees that Ryo-Ohki transformed into a boy. She screams!)
        Ryo-Ohki: WH-WHAT?!
        Sammy: Who... Who the heck are you?
        Ryo-Ohki: What are you talking about? It's me, Ryo-Ohki!
        Sammy: Ryo-Ohki?
        Ryo-Ohki: Oh, yeah! You've never seen me like this before. This is what I really look like.
        Sammy: No way.
        Ryo-Ohki: It's true, I tell you! Meow!
        (Sammy starts flailing around.)
        Sammy: Then who did I used to kiss good night?
        Ryo-Ohki: Me.
        Sammy: Then who scoffed my cake and ate it behind my back?
        Ryo-Ohki: Might have been me.
        Sammy: And who came in the bathtub with me?
        Ryo-Ohki: Uh, was that me?
        Sammy: Gee Whiz! (whacks Ryo-Ohki)
        Ryo-Ohki: That's mean, Sammy!
        Sammy: But I didn't know that you weren't really a cat!
        Ryo-Ohki: I had to be or else your family wouldn't have taken me in!
        Sammy: Yeah, that might be, but still...
        Ryo-Ohki: If a boy suddenly moved in, the neighbors would be shocked.

    • NOTES (3)

    • ALLUSIONS (2)

      • Space Pirate Pixy Misa!
        This is one of the obvious spoofs of the Captain Harlock series from the 1980s. Pixy Misa appears on top of the Shuttle, wearing the captain's trademark cape and sporting a scar on her cheek. Her hair covers where there would be an eyepatch.

      • Pretty Sammy NT!
        Romio and Washu have both developed magic absorbing devices called NT Systems. Considering the original series is dated 1996 or so, they're probably goofing on the Windows NT platform.