Pretty Sammy - Magical Project S - Sasami Club

Season 3 Episode 5

Out of the Tunnel

Aired Thursday 6:00 PM May 18, 2006 on TV Tokyo

Episode Recap

Daimon is sleeping when a woman crawls up into his blanket. But before the woman can lay a kiss or anything, Washu throws a pillow at her. Daimon wakes up, and the girl says good morning. Daimon recognizes her as Itoki, who acts affectionately that Washu has to whack her again. She asks what she is doing there. Itoki announces she has a notice of assembly from the world of the witches.

During art, the students are drawing each other. Chiaki and Kozue comment how Sasami and Misao have paired up again. Monta arrives and takes a look at Sasami's picture. He starts laughing, saying that she didn't get any of it right except the ribbon color. Sasami takes that as a compliment. Then he looks at Misao's picture of Sasami. It looks really scary, that he shudders and mutters nervously.

As the girls clean up, Misao tells Sasami that she sure has a nice relationship with Monta. Sasami replies that Monta's hardly anything beyond casual friendship; she doesn't know any of those details like his birthday or favorites. Misao immediately replies with Monta's birthday and other information about his part-time work. Sasami is impressed by Misao's Monta-knowledge, but Misao shyly excuses that as just paying attention whenever Monta casually talks to her, no big deal (totally denying her obvious romantic interest.) Sasami affirms Monta is a nice guy.

Washu tells the club they are going to have an overnight trip to the world of the witches. Anri gets a nosebleed over the possibility that she will be sleeping with Tsukasa, and gets scolded by Makoto for that. Washu reminds them to bring stuff. Misao and Tsukasa ask about snacks, and Washu says those are fine. Daimon reminds everyone to get their parents' permission.

Cut immediately to the next scene, where Sasami's dad says, "No way," to going. Sasami asks why, but dad doesn't want to give an answer and ends the conversation. Sasami states that everyone else is going, so she is going to go. She calls dad a jerk and leaves upstairs. She even does a little magic to remove one of dad's shoes. Afterwards, Honoka asks why she can't go. Before Ginji can reply, she excuses herself to go fold the laundry. Dad mutters something about her not getting it, but when Honoka asks what he meant, he dismisses the remark.

Washu and Daimon are at a pub. Daimon reads the notice which sounds like an invitation to a retreat. Daimon wonders if Sasami will come; Washu thinks so, and they'll take her even without dad's approval. Daimon remarks how dedicated Washu is to the task, but Washu replies that it's because Sasami is determined to go; they couldn't even stop her.

Sasami cries at her desk. Then she looks at the picture of her family and says, "Dad, I still love you." Dad is outside the door, and says that he still loves her too. He talks about how he didn't want to put her in any danger, but loving also means letting go, so Sasami can go. Sasami is so happy, she quickly opens her door, knocking dad to the floor.

On board the train, the girls are excited. Sasami, Makoto, and Tsukasa look outside. Anri asks what's in Misao's bag, and there's a pillow that she can't sleep without. Tsukasa has a big bag too but it's full of toilet paper; Anri praises her choice. The train reaches the end of the line. The girls wonder if they are getting off, but Washu continues to rest with a magazine covering her face. The conductor says it's the end of the line, but Washu responds with some phrases that prompt the conductor to say other related phrases. It apparently is some pass-phrase. The conductor leaves, and the train starts up again, taking a route to the barn. Oh no, they're going to hit the shed, but not really; they enter it and end up in a tunnel and out to place where you can see the ocean. The girls are amazed; they see other train tracks in the air, and water below them; they realize they are riding over the ocean!

The trains are converging at some island like a tent. The girls are standing at the train platform and observe that other kids are getting off their trains. Some of them are boys; Washu says magical boys exist too, but they're rarer. Makoto finds a good thing, and asks if her hair is alright. Anri pokes fun of Makoto's hair, and they get to a scuffle until Washu tells them no fighting. But while the girls stop, Itoki arrives and gives Daimon an affectionate hug, so Itoki and Washu find themselves clasping hands in a fight. Makoto makes a casual remark about no fighting, so the women stop. Itoki says the coach is ready for them. But the coach is just some beast that pulls a wagon as they make their way to a village.

The girls arrive at a hut. The door opens and a person appears. It's an old woman. And then a mom with a baby arrives and greets them. Daimon thanks them for the hospitality. Washu pulls forth Anri and Makoto, telling the hostess to use them in whatever labor you want. Anri and Makoto refuse until Washu reminds them what real witches could do to disobedient kids.

Anri and Makoto are sweeping up the house. A baby is crying. Itoki, not having a clue about babies, offers one of her breasts. That doesn't work. Anri picks the baby up a few times and laughs. The baby calms down and giggles. Anri says it's because she has a baby brother. But then the baby breathes fire and scares her! Anri drops the baby, but Daimon catches him just in time.

Misao, Sasami, and Tsukasa are in the garden. Sasami pulls a turnip, but it talks! The old woman says it's a clamoring turnip. Misao comments that it looks upset; should she put it back? The turnip says not to worry about it. Tsukasa asks if they are any good. The turnip replies, "Just try me." Tsukasa takes a bite, and likes the taste. Anri and Makoto greet them, and Itoki calls them for a break.

The girls are eating rice balls. Then the mom arrives with some juice, which is clamoring turnip broth mixed with some sugar. Makoto tries some and likes it. Everyone else tries it except for Misao, who is still bothered about the turnip talking. The old woman says not to worry about it since they eat them all the time, although the talking looks like it could have human qualities. She thanks Misao for getting her to think about that. Misao tries some juice, and likes it.

The girls look over the sunset. That night, Makoto announces a pillow fight, but some of the girls aren't interested. Misao complains about waking up early, and Anri says it's immature. Anri looks to Tsukasa to affirm but Tsukasa is stretching out her legs so she can pillow fight. Makoto throws a pillow at Anri, and everyone tosses their pillows around.

Everyone's asleep but Sasami; who has to go to the bathroom. She asks if anyone else has to go but they're all asleep. She makes her way outside, as there isn't a facility in the hut, and she sees an outhouse. After she's done using that, she hears something outside from the nearby woods. She walks through the woods and notices a silver-haired guy sitting in a tree playing a harp. He looks at Sasami and continues playing.
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