Pretty Sammy - Magical Project S - Sasami Club

Season 3 Episode 5

Out of the Tunnel

Aired Thursday 6:00 PM May 18, 2006 on TV Tokyo



  • Trivia

    • Monta's birthday is November 18th.

    • Storytellers
      They are the descendants of the humans that lived with the witches in the magic world. They do not possess any innate magical ability, but can teach magic.

      Daimon, Washu, and Ginji are storytellers. Daimon considers himself a Junior Storyteller, compared to Ginji. Of the three, Washu has spent the least amount of time on Earth.

      It isn't clear yet whether Sasami inherited her magical girl ability from her mom or dad.

  • Quotes

    • Conductor: This is the end of the line, miss.
      Washu: The end is the beginning
      Conductor: And the end of hopes lost
      Washu: opens unto dusk
      (Conductor leaves.)
      Sasami: So, uh, what does all that mean?

    • Makoto: Tsukasa, why is your bag so squishy?
      (Makoto opens Tsukasa's bag and it's full of toilet paper.)
      Tsukasa: Don't judge me. Any other kind is irritating and uncomfortable.
      Makoto: Good to know.
      Anri: (rubbing roll against her cheek) What a lovely flower print matted on top of a super soft scented double ply; it's perfect for Tsukasa's high class bottom.

    • (Washu and the girls talk about their trip.)
      Misao: Miss Washu, can I bring a banana for an afternoon snack?
      Washu: Sure. Bring all the bananas you want. Fill your pockets with them.
      Makoto: Are you exploiting us again?

    • Sasami: Papa, come on, being hit by the door is so cliché; you're usually so careful.

    • Daimon: Here it is. We'll be staying at this house tonight.
      Tsukasa: It looks like a normal house.
      Itoki: I know, but it's not. It's a sweet witch home.
      Sasami: A sweet witch home? Wow!
      Makoto: Please don't be fooled by that magical crap.

    • Sasami: Look how pretty everything is.
      Misao: And the air is so fresh here. Neat.
      (Sasami giggles.)
      Makoto: Uh, it's air. Gosh. We have plenty of it in our world too, guys. I really felt like this would be more exciting. I'm so over it.

    • (At the train station, the five girls are looking at the other passengers at another train exit.)
      Makoto: Look over there!
      Sasami: Are all of them magical girls?
      Makoto: Oh my gosh. They have boys here too!
      Washu: And you can collect all five.

    • Makoto: Oh that one is so cool. Hey, do my bangs look okay? Hurry, tell me!
      Anri: If long stringy antennas are what you call okay, then I'd say you're fine.
      Makoto: Do us all a favor and get back in the closet.

  • Notes

    • Additional Crew
      Episode Director: Kei Oikawa
      Animation Director: Tadasu Sakata
      After Recording Assistance: Miho Ideta
      MA Assistance - Hironobu Kida
      Associate Producer: Naoto Igari
      PR: Umihiko Mine, Midori Ooka, Yuka Nakai
      Web Promotion: Hiroyuki Wada, Hiroshi Endo
      Media Coordinator: Yoshihito Suzuki
      Production Coordinators: Tsukasa Tamura, Yuichiro Tsutsumi
      Production Assistance: Hiroe Kishikawa
      Broadcasting Coordinators: Tetsuya Tanahashi, Kazuhiko Sasabe, Hajime Kusaka

    • Also known as: Through the Tunnel

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