Pretty Sammy - Magical Project S - Sasami Club - Season 3

TV Tokyo (ended 2007)




Episode Guide

  • Magical Girl Tournament - The Glittery Part
    Tsukasa, Makoto, and Anri are struggling through some of the magical girl competitions as everyone waits for Sasami and Misao to come back, but they can only hold out for so long. Sasami and Misao realize they can't make the train, but Ryo-Ohki has an idea and they chase Ryo-Ohki down to a familiar place, and end up in the magical world in time for the final event. The girls must fly over to a mountain and make flowers bloom from it using their heart power, which proves to be a challenge as the girls still have a lot of personality conflicts, but with their season-long friendship, there is some hope after all.moreless
  • Magical Girl Tournament - The Noisy Part
    The day of the tournament is approaching. Misao writes a letter to Monta saying to meet at the park at 10am Saturday, the day before the tournament. She is going to tell Monta the truth about her being a magical girl. Sasami is going to support her. Misao arrives early at Sasami's house (8am) and they decide they can go to practice at Daimon's place, but when they arrive they find out that Washu, Daimon, and the other girls are all there, ready to go on the trip. It turns out the tournament begins on Saturday instead of Sunday! They're boarding the train to the magical world, when Misao runs out at the last second. Sasami wants to help but the train is already underway.moreless
  • Everyone Together
    Everyone Together
    Episode 11
    A Magical Girl Tournament, which is kind of like Sports Day, has been announced. Washu is hesitant about telling the girls, but does so anyway, letting them decide. Sasami gets really excited, and the other girls are on board with the idea. However, with the extra practices, the girls soon get worn down. Some magical boys in America make the newspaper headlines by demonstrating magical powers. Misao overhears from Monta that those powers creep him out, and gets really worried that he won't like her, so she stops going to club. Sasami tries to rally the girls but with no luck. So she ends up practicing alone. Could this be the end of the club?moreless
  • Magical Girl Apprentice
    A little girl named Asami starts following Sasami and the gang around, and when the girls spot her, she greets them and affirms they are witches! Asami invites to the girls to her house. The girls learn Asami lives with her grandfather, but that Asami's parents have passed away. Asami wants the girls to help bring mommy and daddy back. The girls play with Asami, but also try to find a way to bring back Asami's parents. Washu says a resurrection spell would only mean animating a skeleton/zombie. Daimon, however, has a magic potion that shows people's most fond memories. But when Tsukasa learns of the potion, she immediately grabs it and thinks about using it for herself. But will she use it or give it to her friends?moreless
  • Goodbye, Miss Washu
    Tonobe-sensei thinks the girls have been spending too much time in the cooking club as Makoto's grades are slipping. He challenges Washu to cook him something, and if it's good, she can stay, otherwise she will have to resign and leave the school. But Washu can't cook. Sasami and friends try to find a way to save their leader.moreless
  • Ring of Friendship
    Ring of Friendship
    Episode 8
    The school festival is coming, and everyone's excited, except for the painfully shy Misao, who doesn't know anyone besides Sasami and the girls in the cooking club. She hopes to join Sasami's group, but the groups are determined by lottery, and she ends up in Kozue and Chiaki's group. They decide to make beaded jewelry accessories, but Misao doesn't make much progress on her set so she takes them home. The day of the festival, Misao discovers she was not informed that the group was going to wear a common T-shirt, making her feel even more isolated. Sasami tries to do what she can to help her friend.moreless
  • Night Sky Letter
    Night Sky Letter
    Episode 7
    Sasami is feeling rather down as she misses Amitav; she still has Amitav's flower. Mihoshi has her class write a letter to someone they've never met before, but Sasami is obviously distracted by her feelings. Washu tells the girls that the club can practice magic now. Later on, Sasami is shocked to find that her flower had been thrown out. Misao gets an idea; she and Sasami hop on a train to go to the magical world, but they have forgotten the password and they don't have the money to go back. What will the girls do now?moreless
  • Starlit Sky Dance
    Starlit Sky Dance
    Episode 6
    Sasami meets a guy named Amitav. He shows her some of the magical world scene by a lake, and even dances with Sasami under the starlight. Later that day, the girls do some more chores and then gather with other magical girls and boys, where the chief sorceress welcomes them. They sing a song, but for some reason Sasami is somehow familiar with it.moreless
  • Out of the Tunnel
    Out of the Tunnel
    Episode 5
    Washu and Daimon get a visit from sorceress Itoki to invite the magical girl club to the world of the witches for an overnight trip. Sasami wants to go but dad doesn't want her to go, but Sasami is determined. The girls take a train trip and get their first experience of the magical world. They help a family with some housework.moreless
  • The Dreaded An-An Notebook
    Anri Misugi tries to befriend Tsukasa but gets ignored. She decides to get revenge on Sasami and the girls by writing in a diary that transforms words into big labels. What will the girls do?
  • First Time in First
    Washu presents the girls some magical girl uniforms. At school, the girls are introduced to a new student, Tsukasa Takamine, who has a quiet and aloof attitude. The PE teacher holds a marathon to celebrate her arrival. Could this be Sasami's big chance to win?
  • Wishing on a Star
    Wishing on a Star
    Episode 2
    Washu explains to Sasami and Misao about the magical girl history and the purpose of the club to suppress magic from running out of control. As part of the charter, Sasami and Misao must learn how to do a proper magical girl pose. Meanwhile, a short brown haired girl named Makoto has been drinking a lot of milk in an attempt to become big and tall, skipping a lot of class as a result of it. That doesn't work, but when she sees the evening star and makes a wish, she does indeed become big and tall, like 15 feet!moreless
  • Sasami and Misao
    Sasami and Misao
    Episode 1
    Introduces Sasami Iwakura as a cheerful fifth grade girl who is getting ready to start the new school year. She also has some magic powers that she keeps hidden as a promise to her family. She befriends the painfully shy Misao Shinohara as they help chase down an animal for the new school nurse and cooking club advisor Washu.moreless