Pretty Sammy - Magical Project S - Sasami Club

Season 2 Episode 24

The Moon Must Be Hell

Aired Thursday 6:00 PM Mar 14, 1997 on TV Tokyo
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The Moon Must Be Hell
Romio fires her magic cannon which pushes the earth away from Juraihelm, but towards the sun! Pretty Sammy and her classmates try to figure out what to do. Washu comes up with a rocket that will take them to Juraihelm, and Ginji gets to pilot it. Washu, Ginji, Pretty Sammy, and Ryo-Ohki hop aboard. Misao wants to help out too and transforms into Pixy Misa. She finds a way to space travel to Juraihelm as well.moreless

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    Masamichi Ohta

    Masamichi Ohta


    Guest Star

    Emi Motoi

    Emi Motoi


    Guest Star

    Yumi Takada

    Yumi Takada


    Recurring Role

    Ai Orikasa

    Ai Orikasa


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    Yuko Kobayashi

    Yuko Kobayashi


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    • QUOTES (18)

      • Ryo-Ohki: What? So you mean, even though Oryo went...
        Rumiya: Yeah. As long as that thing's around, people in Juraihelm are helpless. Romio has conquered Juraihelm. Sammy, you're the only one who can confront Romio!
        Mihoshi: (screams) The cat and the bird...
        All: Shut up, Teacher!
        Mihoshi: Okay.

      • Love Me Eimi: Gee, that's against school rules!

      • Misao: Be careful, Sammy.
        Sammy: No problem! I'll whiz here! Boom! Fix the problem! And zoom! Whiz home! Okay? See ya!

      • Love Me Eimi: First of all, guitars on school grounds are against the rules!

      • Romio: You weak, delicate, weird maiden. You have no magic. You're a short-necked giraffe.
        Oryo: What's that supposed to mean?
        Romio: Not a thing.

      • (Misao's incantation to transform.)
        Misao: Pixy Mutation! Magical Recall!

      • Operator: Report your status, Endeavor. Over.
        Pixy Misa: All systems A-Okay! Green lights all the way! Things are super-duper!

      • Pixy Misa: What's with that dejected expression, Rumiya?
        Rumiya: Just wondering whether it was a good idea for you to transform!
        Pixy Misa: Oh, there's positively nothing to worry about! Leave absolutely everything to me!
        Rumiya: Yeah, sure. But how are you gonna get there? Even you can't make it into outer space!
        Pixy Misa: Nothing to fret about! (in English) It's show time!

      • Misao: Listen, Birdie. I have a favor to ask. You changed me into Pixy Misa, right?
        Rumiya: I'm sorry. But I won't do it again!
        Misao: No! Please, you gotta lend me the magical cane once more! Up until now, Sasami has always rescued me. So, this time I want to rescue Sasami.
        Rumiya: But you might turn into Misa who doesn't embrace your feelings.
        Misao: I'll be fine. I won't try to hide my weakness or jealousy anymore. I know I'm full of contradictions. But all things considered, I love myself and Misa. So I think I'll be fine. Please, Rumiya.
        (Rumiya materializes the Pixy Misa baton)
        Rumiya: Ready, Misao? The transformation incantation is...
        Misao: I know. Because I am Misa.
        Rumiya: Okay.

      • Romio: Put something away for a rainy day!

      • Rumiya: (after seeing the broadcast of the Endeavor) You're not...
        (Pixy Misa grabs Rumiya by the neck)
        Pixy Misa: (in English) Go to America!

      • (Mission control is contacting the Space Shuttle.)
        Operator: Who's up there? Endeavour?
        Pixy Misa: Why of course, the fighter for justice, the magical Pixy MI-OW!!!
        (Pixy Misa banged her head on the ceiling when she stood up.)
        Operator: Pixy Meow?? What's that? Pixy Meow?

      • (Hiroto, Kenji, Konoha, and Love Me Eimi have discovered that Misao is Pixy Misa)
        Hiroto: A-Amano is Pixy Misa!
        Kenji: Boy, what a shocker that is!
        Konoha: What on earth is with that girl?! Running wild in that outfit, and normally acting as a shy bimbo!

      • (Pixy Misa appears.)
        Pixy Misa: (English) Hello, everybody! (Japanese) My 1.1 trillion, 1 million, 101 fans from across the country! (steps on a can and trips) Long time no see! I'm Magical Girl Pixy Misa! It's a little embarassing, but I've made my comeback!

      • Washu: Let me handle this. Can you operate a rocket, Johnny?
        Ginji: It's Ginji.

      • Mihoshi: Aaaah!! The cat talked!
        Sammy: What'll we do, Oryo?
        Kenji: At this rate, everyone's gonna be done in!
        Oryo: First of all, I'll...
        All: Shut up, Teacher!
        Mihoshi: B-But the cat was talking!
        Love Me Eimi: That's not what's important here!
        Hiroto: That's right! Who cares about a talking cat when the Earth is headed for the sun?!
        Mihoshi: Okay.

      • (The class learns that the earth is heading towards the sun!)
        Love Me Eimi: No way! I'd rather die than die in this outfit!
        Mihoshi: Miss Date, your Japanese is terrible. You'd better start reading some books.
        Pretty Sammy: Teacher, I don't really think this is the issue here.

      • Romio: Tsunami and Ramia are nothing more than weird young ladies.

    • NOTES (1)

      • In the Tenchi Muyo series, Ryoko was the bad girl and Ayeka was the good girl.

        In this series, Ryoko plays the good girl, while Ayeka plays the bad girl.

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