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Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon

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Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon is the story of a typical underachieving Japanese teenage girl. One day, this girl, Usagi Tsukino, encounters a strange black cat that can talk! Luna, the cat, says that she is Usagi's guardian and gives her a magical broach that allows her to transform into the pretty soldier of love and justice, Sailor Moon. Luna also tells Usagi that her mission is to fight the enemy and find the princess of the moon with the other Sailor Senshi (Soldiers or Warriors). (If you are looking for the English dubbed version or the live action version of this who, click one of the links below!) English Dubbed Version: Sailor Moon Live Action Version: Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon The other Sailor Soldiers are: Ami Mizuno as Sailor Mercury. (This warrior uses specialized water attacks to fight. Ami also uses her VR goggles and mini-supercomputer, which she received from Luna, to aid the others. She is the brightest Sailor Soldier and studies very hard to become a doctor, like her mother.) Rei Hino as Sailor Mars. (This warrior uses specialized fire attacks to fight. Rei is hot-tempered and has psychic abilities. She lives with her grandfather in Hiwaka Shrine as a Shinto priestess.) Makoto Kino as Sailor Jupiter. (This warrior uses specialized electric attacks to fight; Makoto also uses martial arts to attack. She has a reputation of being a violent tomboy, but is an excellent cook and a talented figure skater.) Minako Aino as Sailor Venus. (This warrior uses specialized "love" attacks to fight. Before Usagi became Sailor Moon, Minako fought crime in England as Sailor V with he cat, Artemis. She dreams of becoming an idol star.) Together, the five Sailor Soldiers and Tuxedo Mask, fought against Queen Beryl and her 4 Great Warriors. The story twists and turns, and doesn't end there. There are many more allies and enemies these 5 soldiers encounter, like the soldiers from the outer rim of the solar system... Setsuna Meioh as Sailor Pluto. She is the soldier of revoultion, guarded by the planet of time. Haruka Tenoh as Sailor Uranus. She is the soldier of flight, guarded by the planet of the skies. Michiru Kaioh as Sailor Neptune. She is the soldier of affinity, guarded by the planet of the deep sea. Hotaru Tomoe as Sailor Saturn. She is the soldier of death and rebirth, guarded by the planet of silence. Usagi's future daughter, ChibiUsa (or Small Lady as Sailor Pluto calls her), also becomes a Sailor Soldier... Sailor Chibi Moon! Opening Theme Song from Seasons 1 through 4: "Moonlight Legend" ("Moonlight Densetsu") Lyrics by Kanako Oda I'm sorry that I'm not straightforward (Gomen ne sunao ja nakute) I can say that in my dreams (Yume no naka nara ieru) My thoughts are about to short-circuit (Shikou kairo wa SHORT sunzen) I want to see you right now (Ima sugu aitai yo) It makes me want to cry, this moonlight (Nakitaku naru you na MOONLIGHT) And I can't make a call at midnight (Denwa mo deinai MIDNIGHT) Because I'm so naïve, what should I do? (Datte junjou doushiyou) My heart is a kaleidoscope (HEART wa mangekyou) Guided by the light of the moon (Tsuki no hikari ni michibikare) We meet each other again and again (Nando mo meguri au) By counting the constellations' blinking (Seiza no matataki kazoe) We forecast the outcome of this love (Uranau koi no yukue) We were born in the same land (Onaji kuni ni umaretano) Miracle romance (MIRACLE ROMANCE) I believe in it (Shinjite iruno) Miracle Romance (MIRACLE ROMANCE).

Kotono Mitsuishi

Kotono Mitsuishi

Usagi Tsukino/Sailor Moon

Toru Furuya

Toru Furuya

Mamoru Chiba/Tuxedo Mask

Rica Fukami

Rica Fukami

Minako Aino/Sailor Venus

Megumi Ogata

Megumi Ogata

Haruka Tenoh/Sailor Uranus

Aya Hisakawa

Aya Hisakawa

Ami Mizuno/Sailor Mercury

Chiyoko Kawashima

Chiyoko Kawashima

Setsuna Meiou/Sailor Pluto

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  • Endless Love

    I admit it I'm a guy and I'm a Sailor Moon fan, I'm not ashamed to admit it and I don't see why anyone should be. "Marcross" (a.k.a. Robotech) was the lighting that got me into anime, but it was this show that was the fire that litteraly pushed me in, and has became an eternal flame that still burns strong. This is my second favorate anime show as well as one of my all time favorate tv shows ever that doesn't get enough of the credit it deserves. Anyway, what can I really say there is just a lot I love about this series I'll just say the things I love the most.

    For one thing how it handles the characters, all of them feel human like real people. All have wants and needs, strengths and weekness, it's easy to forget that their anime charcters. My favorate of course is Rei Hino/Sailor Mars, I'll never forget her I remember having a crush on this character when I was 14, she was just awesome and I don't me just looks and powers but main in her persona which I find beautiful. Two the positive phylophy implyed in the show. Some may find this kind of phylophy kind of hokey by todays rather synical standards but I personally don't care. I still find it's applicable, important, and powerful. From the strengths but also limitations of heroism and what true heroism really is. Coming of age principles like the importance of taking ones time when growing up. Or our constant pursuit and struggle for our inner ideal self we strive to be in the present for the future. Faith how it makes one spirtually strong and transends everything as long as one can truely believe. Commitment how hard it can truely be to stay true to the other no matter how far or what might have happened to them. But most of all the importance of love and friendship how can transent anything and can be eternal depending on how much you believe and fight for it. And that of course is the characters true power that truely surpasses any superpower they have.

    Three, the way the episodes are handled there is actually a sense of foward movement that truely builds up and adds up to something in the end. This is an element that has unfortunately been misused in some animes mainly by stretching it too long. But this show always goes the right length it never wastes it's time. The story and fantasy within the show is just positive that despite what happens it just gives you a good warm feeling inside in the end and has an emotional freedom to it makng me actually caring deeply about the characters. It definantly has some episodes/episode arcs that are truely memorable (forgive me if I missed some but theres no room). Four of my favorates are:

    1. Pheroh 9 arc: Yeah it's sort of another Dark Phenix like arc but this one I thought was taken to a more deeper darker level because Sailor Moon was beinging to realize even her powers and phylosophy has limitations.

    2. The Dark Lady arc: Not just did it reveal the future of the saga but also it took an unfun turn when we see that Sailor Moon, Tuxcedo Mask, and the Senshi are in conflict with their own daughter turned evil, and they either have to do their best to save her or even kill her to save mankind. It just reminded me of "The Dark Phenix Saga" arc on "X-Men" or even "Star Wars Episode 3" both about good people embracing their darksides while losing their own souls in the process.

    3 and 4: Last three episodes of Season one and Episodes 196-200 of Sailor Moon of Sailor Stars: Yeah, I know what your thinking why the hell would I pick these because these episode were just another episode watch they were an emotional experence. For season one it was the first blow which is why it's one of the best of the best in my book, however the final episodes of the entire show were my favorate episode/arc not just in the show but in Television in general, because it truely moved me to tears which is something that rarely happens to me, just the way the whole thing is executed and handled I guentee you'll never forget it which makes it truely powerful.

    Well I've just about said enough but I'll say a few last things. This show did a lot for me it not just gave me a good feeling deep down inside every time I see it which is why I still watch it even today but has inspired me whether you believe it or not in writing. And just bear with me on this don't read this the wrong way I'm not being totally serious, have to let some fan steam out to the creator and Toei: Please, Please for the love of God make another season or two of the saga. I'm just begging you man, I'm sick of all this overhype over anime shows that have been given just way too much credit than they deserve or even certain cleches that have been done one time too many, it's giving people the wrong idea about what anime truely should be. We just need to bring something back, heck I could provide stories for them. Or heck may'be a revival use some other animation style I'm thinking that animation you see in the show "Blood Plus" and make the story the same yet different, darker but positive, and just as much character depth just a thought. Another thing I hope for is a live action movie series to come out, I don't see why not, as long as it's in the right hands, handled well and stays true to the spirit. Sorry, had to let that fandom out.

    Sailor Moon is not just an anime saga it has became a eternal legend.moreless
  • One of the best anime series ever.

    I liked Sailor Moon alot. However, I never heard about it until I was 10 years old, but I didn't watch any episodes back then. Then back when I was 12, I watched some English dub episodes on Cartoon Network and I was attracted to it immediatly. I did enjoy the episodes in English. To tell you the truth, what really attracted me to it was the senshi costumes the sailor warriors (Or scouts) wear. I watched every episodes, until it dissapeared from Cartoon Network shortly afterwards. I haven't seen it for about 4 years, though I look it up online some days. Then back around when I first discovered Youtube, I started to watch the Japanese Episodes. I liked the Japanese Version as well as the English episodes. I have seen the first 3 seasons by now and I liked it alot. And I had a load of laughs in a few episodes. I still like Sailor Moon now. It's a classic anime.moreless
  • This is, believe it or not, one of my favorite anime shows of all time.

    This review is based on the Japanese version of the series.

    Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon, or just simply Sailor Moon, is an anime series about an ordinary middle school aged girl named Usagi Tsukino who is clumsy and isn't exactly the best student. One day, on her way to school (After being late for the millionth time), she runs into a black cat with a bandage on her forehead. She takes it off to reveal a crescent shape. Later on she finds the cat again in her room, saying that her name is Luna, and that Usagi is a destined hero named Sailor Moon, and her mission is to find the Princess of the Moon.

    And this is how the show begins.

    I really have to say, for a magical girl show, it is fantastic. It is a beautiful series that teaches you a lesson in some way or another in every episode. A few episodes made me cry (ex. the one where Nephrite dies). The music is some of the best I've ever heard in anime, and the voice acting is fantastic. For a show that was made in the early 90s, it was very well executed. It doesn't follow the manga exactly, but it holds its own very well. I'm so disappointed that the English version was poorly done.

    The only complaint I have with this series is that it has many filler episodes and a lot of them were irrelevant to the series, but most of them were enjoyable anyway.

    If you want to see this beautiful series, I suggest you see the JAPANESE version, so you can see the episodes in their true, uncut glory.moreless
  • My childhood, my mornings before school.. my memories.

    This was the show that I use to watch every morning before school. They use to put it in Antena 3 (Spanish Chanel) wene there was still a kids area on tv!

    Also its one of my introductions to Anime, together with Ranma 1/2, Dragon Ball and a nother anime that they use to call in Spanish, Chicho Terremoto.

    Resuming... I love it! Maybe its very kidy but at least it gives out the inocense that many kids need today. Fantasy, dreaming, maybe it is unreal but, I think a kid should always have that in there life.. sometimes this can change the way of a person in a way that we can even imagine.moreless
  • Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon is a magical girl anime series about a typical clumsy lazy teenage girl called Usagi who is granted with magical powers and becomes the champion of love and justice and saves the world with the help of her friends.moreless

    I absolutely love this series. It is the best magical girl anime series ever. It had comedy and a lot of depth to the stories. It had really beautiful songs that became some of my all time favorites. There were really touching moments that were tear jerkers. Other cartoon series today are

    good , but none of them can compare to Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon was a classic. I was an instant fan of the series the first time I watched as a 10 year old kid. Watching it now brings back memories. Cartoons today can't compare , Sailor Moon is the best ever.moreless

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