Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon

Season 1 Episode 1

Crybaby Usagi's Magnificent Transformation

Aired Saturday 8:00 AM Mar 07, 1992 on
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Crybaby Usagi's Magnificent Transformation
The show opens with Usagi Tsukino waking up late for school. On her way, she saves a mysterious black cat with a "crescent shaped bald spot" on its forehead. During school, Usagi and her classmates talk about Sailor V, a mysterious warrior. After school, Usagi goes to her best friend's mother's jewelry store, which is having a big sale. However, the sale is being used as a plan to steal energy for the evil Queen Beryl. Walking home from the store, Usagi bumps into an attractive man who teases her for a low test score she has received. Later, while Usagi is taking a nap, the cat from earlier creeps in and gives Usagi a magical broach. To Usagi's amazement, the cat can talk and her name is Luna. Luna also tells Usagi that her mission is to fight the enemy and find the princess with the others. Using the broach, Usagi transforms into the Sailor Soldier of love and justice, Sailor Moon. Her first assignment is to save her best friend, Naru; Naru, as well as other people, are being held hostage in her mother's jewelry shop and having their energy stolen by a youma sent by Jadeite, a minion of Queen Beryl. With some encouraging words from the mysterious Tuxedo Mask, who shows up to help her, Sailor Moon saves the day by destroying the monster.moreless

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  • Long live to the Sailor Moon phenom. Not my cup of tea at the beginning, but it hooked many viewers, and this states how GOOD it is.

    When Sailor Moon firstly aired here in Italy, I was definetely not a big fan of it. It seemed a bit childish, a LOT girlish and, well, I just didn't see anything special about it. But, after just a few days, I couldn't help but notice how many of my schoolmates were becoming big fans of it, even (mostly, to be exact) people who hadn't watched a cartoon since they were 10 or something. It was then that I realised that that cartoon had something going for it. Still, couldn't figure out exactly what attracted people. And, big surprise, I can't say I've quite figured it out yet (ok, not that I've lost nights of sleep trying to analyze the phenomenon). But, the big success of it just forced me to give it another try. And, well... It just became better and better every episode, every season. Like many animes, the main character just grows as a person, and it grows on you, even when you don't really indentify yourself with it. By the end of the second season, I was a fan.

    Years have passed, I'm still a big anime fan, and now I can re-watch Sailor Moon from the beginning in its full glory, with no stupid western dubbings (the english one was quite cheesy at times, but the italian, oh, well, it was so butchering, with so many jokes lost...even if voice acting was a bit better than the other). I can't possibly give to this episode anything but top grades. It introduces the character perfectly and it's great great fun: sadly, I know perfectly how BIG this story is going to be (nice Sailor V hint, though: on second watching you can appreciate this sort of things more), how the "crybaby Usagi" is going to mature (but without betraying her roots, remaining true to herself), knowing all that, the misterious chemistry that this first episodes could establish with casual viewers remain quite a bit of a mistery to me. But, this episode was a trendsetter: it started it all, and it started just perfectly, attracting a lot of viewers and making them huge fans. I regret it wasn't magical to me at the right time, but as for now, there is little doubt it was a strong pilot.moreless
  • Ai to seigi no. Seeraa fuku bishoujo senshi, Seeraa Muun! Tsuki ni kawatte, Oshiyoukyou!

    Probably only half of this episode was retained for "Moonstar is Born." It's good to see our heroine's humble beginnings. She is a normal schoolgirl. Usagi likes to hang out with Naru and other friends. She has crushes. She's a fan of Sailor V. This episode has a lot of comedy and we get to meet Mamoru.

    This episode only sets up what will be a 200 episode series. Whether it's her powers or emotions, Usagi will learn to grow. Usagi will make many sacrifices and go through hardships, depression, and lonliness. At the same time, she will make friends, fall in love, save the Earth (present and future)and galaxy, her friends, and her prince, Mamoru.moreless
  • An interesting insight on the life of a Japanese girl turned superheroine... This episode stays close to Naoko Takeuchi's original first story.

    This was a very impressive first episode for an anime. Most anime don't have me watching past the third episode, but there was something special about Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon. I must say that I already knew the basic plotline for this episode before I watched it because I am an avid reader of the manga and I had seen A Moon Star is Born, which is the English dubbed version of this episode.

    To the manga (or Japanese comic book), this episode stuck very close to the original first act in the 18 volume series. Most anime stick very, very close to their original manga stories. However, Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon does not! This works very well for me! I did not like or appreciate this idea at first because I thought that the anime-makers were just being mean jerks and ruining the original storyline. Instead, new doors were opened and more characters had time to develop. This first episode is one of those rare insidences where the show syncs with the comic.

    Of course, being on television allows for a lot more jokes. However, the character Motoki Ithe arcade guy) had a one episode delay before he appeared in the anime. And, when Usagi first bumps into Mamoru, he is wearing a tuxedo giving a bigger hint to his alterior motives.

    Every anime-lover should be able to view this first episode of one of the most popular anime of all time. It gives a major hint to the other 45 episodes in the first season, by talking about Sailor V and how Usagi must find the princess with the others. This episode can actually make you feel deeply for the underachieving main character and how her life is turned upside down just by meeting a talking cat. The good thing is that there are 199 more episodes, 4 specials, and three movies to go. And many themes that arise in this season overall, appear in the fifth and final one. Watch them all!moreless
Chieko Nanba

Chieko Nanba

Girl Student

Guest Star

Junko Shimakata

Junko Shimakata

Girl Student

Guest Star

Keiko Han

Keiko Han

Voice of Queen Beryl

Recurring Role

Keiichi Nanba

Keiichi Nanba

Voice of Umino Gurio

Recurring Role

Masaya Onosaka

Masaya Onosaka

Voice of Jadeite

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Morga locks Naru's mother in the basement when she could have just killed her right away. This could be because her energy was more valuable than her death.

    • Mamoru is characterized as a jerk throughout most of the first season. However, in every other season, he is made out to be a kind-hearted and nice person. His change is never explained. It could be assumed that being with Usagi made him nicer, but he was nice in the second season, when they weren't together.

  • QUOTES (8)

    • (after Usagi shows her mother her test)
      Usagi's Mother: Usagi?!?
      Usagi: What?
      Usagi's Mother: Getting such a bad score. I'm not letting you in the house!
      Usagi: Mom!!!!
      Usagi's Mother: I can't hear you!

    • Tuxedo Mask: Good job, Sailor Moon! I'll remember this night.
      Luna: You did well, Sailor Moon.
      Sailor Moon: He's gorgeous.

    • Morga: Who's there?
      Tuxedo Mask: I am Tuxedo Mask. Crying isn't going to solve anything, Sailor Moon.

    • Morga: Who are you?
      Sailor Moon: Um, I'm the Sailor Soldier of Love and Justice. Sailor Moon! In the name of the moon, I will punish you!
      Morga: Sailor Moon? I've never heard of such a thing.

    • Luna: Usagi, listen to me! There are strange things happening in Tokyo right now. An enemy the police can't fight. Usagi, you're going to fight these enemies. You are a chosen warrior. And your other mission is to find our princess with the others.

    • Usagi: Hey, it's the cat with the crescent bald spot.
      Luna: It's not a bald spot. How rude.
      Usagi: It talked. A cat... A cat talked.
      Luna: My name is Luna. I've been looking for you, Usagi. Oh, I need to thank you first. Thank you very much. You really helped me out by taking the band-aid off. I can't talk and my sensory powers are dulled when I'm like that. I was having trouble because of that band-aid prank. But thanks to you, I finally found you.
      Usagi: Good night.
      Luna: Usagi, this is not a dream. C'mon Usagi! Fine then, I'll wake you up! There!

    • Usagi: It must be nice being Sailor V. You don't have to worry about tests, and I bet catching bad guys feels pretty good.

    • Usagi: I'm Tsukino Usagi, 14 years old. I'm in the eighth grade. I'm just a little clumsy and a bit of a crybaby. That's about it.

  • NOTES (15)

    • Sailor Moon has a slightly different Sailor Senshei outfit compared to the other Sailor Senshei. The neckerchief and skirt that Sailor Moon wears is the same color (dark blue) while the bow, the parts at the end of her gloves, the bow at the back of her and her boots are a different colour (red). Every other Sailor Senshei has a neckerchief, skirt, parts at then end of their gloves and their shoes are the same colour while the bow on their chest and the bow at the back of them are a different color.

    • The Youma of this episode is Morga. To get energy, Morga pretends to be Naru's mother, a jeweler.

    • This is one of the few times Sailor Moon uses her "cry" technique, where her wailing is a source of pain to the enemy.

    • This episode shows that Sailor Moon is able to hear cries of help, even when she is no where near the victim. However, this is never shown again in any other episode.

    • The opening song is "Moonlight Densetsu" by DALI

    • English Title: A Moon Star is Born

    • Naru is victim for the first time!

    • The ending song is called "Heart Moving" by Misae Takamatsu .

    • Usagi receives a 30 on her test. In Japan, all tests are graded out of a 100. This means Usagi received a 30% grade; in other words, she got an "F."

    • This episode shows the first use of "Moon Prism Power Makeup" and the "Moon Tiara Action" attack.

    • In the English dubbed version, an opening scene shows what happened 1,000 years prior on the Moon Kingdom, the Silver Millennium. In the this version, you don't learn this until much later.

    • Sailor V is first seen and mentioned in this episode. However, she is the only other future Sailor Solider to appear in this episode, the others do not appear in this episode, nor are mentioned.

    • This episode introduces three of the main characters: Usagi Tsukino (Sailor Moon), Mamoru Chiba (Tuxedo Mask), and Luna. This episode also intorduces two of the main villains of this season: Queen Beryl and Jadeite; Usagi's classmates: Naru Osaka and Gurio Umino; Usagi's mother, Ikuko Tsukino, and her brother, Shingo Tsukino; and her teacher, Miss Haruna.

    • Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon was based off of the hit manga with the same name (or "Bishôjo Senshi Sailor Moon" as they say in Japan.) The manga is different in many ways from this anime. The Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon manga came from the hit manga series called Codename: Sailor V which centered around Sailor V!

    • This episode was the first episode of Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon ever produced.


    • Usagi's monologue in the very beginning of the first episode is the same as in the end of the final episode, except the speech in the latter is extended.

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