Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon

Season 1 Episode 27

Love for Ami-chan?! A Boy Who Can Predict the Future

Aired Saturday 8:00 AM Oct 10, 1992 on
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Love for Ami-chan?! A Boy Who Can Predict the Future
Zoisite discovers that the 3rd crystal carrier is a boy named Ryo Urawa. Ryo is a genius who has just transferred into the Sailor Warriors' school. Ami immediately likes him (a fellow genius!), and they become friends. Urawa reveals to her that he can see the future. He also knows that Ami is Sailor Mercury and begs her to destroy him before he is turned into a monster. Unfortunately, Zoisite arrives and does just that. The Rainbow Crystal is dropped during the fight, and Sailor Mercury manages to retrieve it. Once the others arrive, they combine strengths and defeat the monster and restore Ryo to normal.
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      • Ending Theme Song:
        (Japanese lyrics)
        Lyrics by Naoko Takeuchi

        During the day, the fragrance of flowers
        During the night, the twinkle of the stars
        It's a world no one knows about
        With white shoes clicking
        Cross the white moon bridge
        And there lives a princess, dreaming of a sweet kiss
        Offer a prayer to the moon
        It will surely bring you happiness
        Go round and round, the moon's merry-go-round
        Make that serene dress made of glass flutter in the wind
        She's always watching over us
        Moon, moon princess

      • Ending Theme Song:
        (Japanese Lyrics)
        Lyrics by Naoko Takeuchi

        Hiru ni wa hana no kaori
        Yoru ni wa hoshi no matataki
        Soko wa daremo shiranai sekai nano
        Shiroi kutsu o narashite
        Shiori tsuki no hashi watatte
        Amai kisu no yume o miteru ohimesama ga sunde iru no
        Inori o sasagete MOON
        Kitto shiawase ni shitekureru
        Maware maware tsuki no MERRY-GO-ROUND
        Suzushige na GLASS no DRESS hirugaeshite
        Itsudatte mimamotte iru wa

      • Mamoru: (thinking) I'm getting a better idea about my past, bit by bit, but a lot of it is still unknown to me. Do I have not choice, but to become Tuxedo Mask and get a hold of the legendary Silver Crystal?

      • Usagi: It's not fair to control an innocent boy's mind against his will! As long as the moon shines in the night sky, I will not overlook any evil deed! I'm the pretty soldier in a sailor suit! In the name of the moon, Sailor Moon will punish you!

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