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  • One of the best anime series ever.

    I liked Sailor Moon alot. However, I never heard about it until I was 10 years old, but I didn't watch any episodes back then. Then back when I was 12, I watched some English dub episodes on Cartoon Network and I was attracted to it immediatly. I did enjoy the episodes in English. To tell you the truth, what really attracted me to it was the senshi costumes the sailor warriors (Or scouts) wear. I watched every episodes, until it dissapeared from Cartoon Network shortly afterwards. I haven't seen it for about 4 years, though I look it up online some days. Then back around when I first discovered Youtube, I started to watch the Japanese Episodes. I liked the Japanese Version as well as the English episodes. I have seen the first 3 seasons by now and I liked it alot. And I had a load of laughs in a few episodes. I still like Sailor Moon now. It's a classic anime.
  • This is, believe it or not, one of my favorite anime shows of all time.

    This review is based on the Japanese version of the series.

    Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon, or just simply Sailor Moon, is an anime series about an ordinary middle school aged girl named Usagi Tsukino who is clumsy and isn't exactly the best student. One day, on her way to school (After being late for the millionth time), she runs into a black cat with a bandage on her forehead. She takes it off to reveal a crescent shape. Later on she finds the cat again in her room, saying that her name is Luna, and that Usagi is a destined hero named Sailor Moon, and her mission is to find the Princess of the Moon.

    And this is how the show begins.

    I really have to say, for a magical girl show, it is fantastic. It is a beautiful series that teaches you a lesson in some way or another in every episode. A few episodes made me cry (ex. the one where Nephrite dies). The music is some of the best I've ever heard in anime, and the voice acting is fantastic. For a show that was made in the early 90s, it was very well executed. It doesn't follow the manga exactly, but it holds its own very well. I'm so disappointed that the English version was poorly done.

    The only complaint I have with this series is that it has many filler episodes and a lot of them were irrelevant to the series, but most of them were enjoyable anyway.

    If you want to see this beautiful series, I suggest you see the JAPANESE version, so you can see the episodes in their true, uncut glory.
  • My childhood, my mornings before school.. my memories.

    This was the show that I use to watch every morning before school. They use to put it in Antena 3 (Spanish Chanel) wene there was still a kids area on tv!

    Also its one of my introductions to Anime, together with Ranma 1/2, Dragon Ball and a nother anime that they use to call in Spanish, Chicho Terremoto.

    Resuming... I love it! Maybe its very kidy but at least it gives out the inocense that many kids need today. Fantasy, dreaming, maybe it is unreal but, I think a kid should always have that in there life.. sometimes this can change the way of a person in a way that we can even imagine.
  • Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon is a magical girl anime series about a typical clumsy lazy teenage girl called Usagi who is granted with magical powers and becomes the champion of love and justice and saves the world with the help of her friends.

    I absolutely love this series. It is the best magical girl anime series ever. It had comedy and a lot of depth to the stories. It had really beautiful songs that became some of my all time favorites. There were really touching moments that were tear jerkers. Other cartoon series today are
    good , but none of them can compare to Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon was a classic. I was an instant fan of the series the first time I watched as a 10 year old kid. Watching it now brings back memories. Cartoons today can't compare , Sailor Moon is the best ever.
  • Loved it from begining to end.

    Come to think of it this was my very first anime. So many great memories. A classic story of love and justice. There seems to be more of a story and dramatic effect in the original Japanese version then the dubbed English version.
    I started on The dubbe, but then I stumbled upon the last session on the Internet and fell in love with the show all over again. My personal favorite is the last session with the sailor stars, but I could never forget the classics. If you think about it the whole thing with chaos was connected beginning to end. I had always wondered what/who Queen Barel of who ever was talking to but when i saw the last two episodes I think it became somewhat clear. Overall this show is a great classic. I love going back and watching it for old times. =]
  • This is a pretty good anime!

    Well, I remember watching the English version of this show when I was younger, but then I saw this version, so I think that this is much better. I did'nt see this version until either last year or the year before that. I got to see episodes that I have never seen in English, the voices and names are better, well, pretty much every thing in this version is much better than the English version. My favorite character in this show would have to be sailor moon (Usagi) because she is so funny! She always goofs up in someway. This show is much better than the English version.
  • Wow is all I have to say.

    This is about a girl named Usagi Tsukino who finds out that she is a Sailor Senshi named Sailor Moon, and she fights many different kinds of evil. Other Inner Senshi include Ami Mizuno (Sailor Mercury) who happens to be quite smart. Rei Hino (Sailor Mars) a quick-tempered Shrine Maiden. Matoko Kino (Sailor Jupiter) a tomboy who is relatively strong physically and stands out due to her unusual height. Minako Aino (Sailor Venus) the first to discover her powers after meeting a cat named Artemis. The outer senshi are Sailor Uranus, Sailor Neptune, and Sailor Pluto. Sailor Saturn does exist but is not counted due to the fact that she has a unique role in one story arc. The Sailor Starlights are Sailor Star Fighter, Sailor Star Maker and Sailor Star Healer. Another protaginist is Tuxedo Mask.

    Overall: The concept is original, full of action and at times funny. This is one of my favorite shows.
  • wish it was still on

    The protagonist of Sailor Moon is Usagi Tsukino, who lives as an ordinary middle school girl until she is found by a talking cat named Luna. Through Luna, Usagi learns that the world is about to be attacked by a Dark Kingdom that had appeared once before, long ago, and destroyed the kingdom of the moon. Her dormant powers are then awakened to defend the Earth against the coming onslaught, and she is led to a number of friends who join her in the battle.

    Usagi fights using the identity of Sailor Moon, and as the story progresses she learns more and more about the enemies which face her and the evil force that is sending them. Gradually she discovers the truth about her own past life, her destined true love, and the possibilities for the future of the Solar System.
  • A story of a young girl named Tsukino Usagi who is a bit klutzy, a bit lazy, but still lovable. One day a black cat with a crescent moon on it's head called Luna gives her a gold brooch, changing her into the beautiful soldier, Sailor Moon!

    I did love the dub of this anime. But the dub really can't compare to the original. With more serious story points and dramatic scenes. This wonderful anime series also showed the amazing powers of love and what a small brooch with a mystical jewel inside can do. As this anime was even one of my favorites in English, the original Japanese animation and story will always get to me. As one of my favorite shows with three very entertaining movies with it, Pretty Female Soldier, Sailor Moon (Bishoujo Senshi Sera Mun) has made me feel really bubbly inside and I will remember watching it for a long time.
  • I loved this show from the start to the end...

    Ok so mostly everyone knows about the show the moon princess the sailor scouts the romance and some action? Well I started to watch the english version but when I was watching it I sense they were hiding something because of the dubbing.. This was long ago when it was on cartoon network... I read on the internet there was another season sailor stars. I bought all the seasons on ebay and spent over three hundred.. Itwas worth it watch the jap version and not the english well if you would rather hear english then read subtitles.. I just didn't like it when the us changed everything into some teen drama... With some dumb lines... I loved the jap version it was more for teens then little kids though for some language. And I heard there was some stuff on this anime that raised some eyebrows but all of it is good I reccomend it!
  • i just love this show

    i just love this show! ! ! even though the manga is totally better and more romantic. The show is a bit less romantic because Mamoru is more of a jerk but still Usagi and Mamoru still make a great couple. Setusna (i have no idea of how to spell that) is i have to say is the greatest character of the show ( excluding Usagi ). the japanese with english subs is that best to watch. it has more action and alot of other things. who ever hasn't seen the orignal japanese doesn't know what he or she is missing.
  • If a man could marry a television show. I might consider marrying sailor moon.

    I believe that Sailor Moon made me who I am today!

    Classic - Great, but became long winded at times (who really needed all those episodes with Zoisite looking for the "rainbow crystals") Usagi became a great person and helped all the girls become great too.

    R - I HATE Ali/Ann! But the Chibi-Usa part was amazing and it's nice to know that Usa and Mamo-chan get together and have fun.

    S - BEST EVER! The outer senshi really make the show and the Death Busters are the best villians

    SS - Kill Me NOW! Chibi-Usa in R was cute and adorable, but when the entire series revolves around her, it's too much. Also, after the powerful attacks from S, Moon looses a lot of power by having to rely on Chibi-Usa and Pegasus.

    Stars - The Starlights are great. How amazing would this season have been if there were more Outer/Starlight scenes. The ending was amazing!

    Only problem - The action couldn't have taken place over two years (as Usa says - In the first episode she's 14 and in the last she's 16). There are too many summers and winters and only one birthday!).

  • All my friends watched this when we were all 5.

    Pretty Soilder Salior Moon is the best. The Japanese is better than the English so if you can watch the Japanese. The 5th season is my personal favorite and I think most people might agree with me. You can only watch the 5th Season on Japanese so its something that is kinda cool. I think the 1st season was okay. I didn't like the 4th season much, it was pretty boring. The 2nd Season was probaly the second best, in my view it is and the 3rd season is somewhere in the middle of my favortie season. Everyone has proably watched this show, or probaly watched an episode unless you were born after like 1995.
  • wow

    This was the show that actually got me into anime. Five normal high school girls having unique "super powers" and cool outfits and attacks. I loved this show so much. I really wish they'd show reruns again. This is a complete kick butt show for anyone, but especially girls. After seeing always male superheroes with lame abilities, this show rocks. This story is so original and has never been done before. At least up until now where they have Mew Mew Power, which is a complete childlike rip off of Sailor Moon. I always loved to see them transform and do thier attacks. Now if they'd only show the series again...

  • One of the most easily liked and still loved to this day anime.

    Although most americans didnt get a glimpse of "Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon" until late 1995 when DiC butchered it into a very dull american cartoon, It was one of the most loved anime's in Japan (lost some love during the SuperS arc). Each Season was amazing, and some were better than others, but throughout a 200 episode compaign, it remained pretty consistent. A little too consistant in some places, but over all, a great show, and I highly reccomend the ORIGINAL version to anyone.

    Season One- (1-24) Great first season. Most people count the seasons 1-46, but in this sense, I'm counting by story arcs. We are introduced to Sailor Moon (Usagi), Sailor Mercury (Ami), and Sailor Mars (Rei). This season ends when Nephrite dies.

    Season Two- (25-34) Even better! We are introduced to the remaining Sailor Warriors, Venus (Minako) and Jupiter (Makoto). This season ends when Sailor Moon is dicovered to be the moon Princess.

    Season Three- (35-46) This season wraps up the Dark Kingdom story. Has a great finale! There are some really good scenes in here

    Season Four- (47-59) Not as good, but still something to watch. There are two villians, Ail and En, who didn't amaze me until the final two episodes.

    Season Five- (60-72) Personal favourite. This season was pretty plain, but in the end pulled itself to make an amazing revelation on the Black Moon family.

    Season Six- (72-89) The best season. We are introduced to the rest of the Black Moon family, and a rather chilling account as to why their under Wiseman's guidence.

    Season Seven- (90-102) I haven't seen all of this season, but from what I know this is a great one.

    Season Eight- (103-127) Long season, but wraps up the Witches 5's arc, and focuses on why the Daimohn are after Tomoe's family. Touching climax, but finishes poorly.

    Season Nine- (128-149) This season introduces the Dark Moon Circus. I haven't seen it, but most people think that this, and Season Ten are poor.

    Season Ten- (150-166) Wraps up the Dark Moon Cirus act. I haven't seen any of these episodes, but since they were declining in ratings, they decided to end this in a cliffhanger to keep veiwers excited for the next season.

    Season Eleven- (167-172) Short season. The premeire of this season was amazing, but shortly after became boring. They pulled it together at the end.

    Season Twelve- (173-200) Most people were estatic over this season, but I wasn't impressed. The final episode was something notable, but other than that, it was pretty drab.

    All in all, 12 amazing seasons, and I hope that one of these days, they bring it back.
  • The first anime I've ever watched and my favorite up to today.

    This was the show that actually got me into anime. Five normal high school girls having unique "super powers" and cool outfits and attacks. I loved this show so much. I really wish they'd show reruns again. This is a complete kick butt show for anyone, but especially girls. After seeing always male superheroes with lame abilities, this show rocks. This story is so original and has never been done before. At least up until now where they have Mew Mew Power, which is a complete childlike rip off of Sailor Moon. I always loved to see them transform and do thier attacks. Now if they'd only show the series again...
  • I remember rushing home from school when I was younger to watch this on tv when it came on at 3:30... that had to be 6-8 years ago. Now I am watching them from the beginning using and I'm glad I am... I'm getting more of the sto

    I remember rushing home from school when I was younger to watch this on tv when it came on at 3:30... that had to be 6-8 years ago.

    Now I am watching them from the beginning using and I'm glad I am... I'm getting more of the story.

    Great show.
  • Best anime series to-date. Five teenage girls who transform into Sailor Soldiers based on their native planet and fight evil such as Queen Beryl and her generals.

    This is among the best anime series that I've seen in recent memory. Usagi Tsukino is a ditzy, crybaby 14 year old who wears a magical brooch that transforms her into Sailor Moon. She eventually gets allies such as Ami Mizino (Sailor Mercury), Rei Hino (Sailor Mars), Makoto Kino (Sailor Jupiter) and Minako Aino (Sailor Venus, formally Sailor V) as well as the mysterious Tuxedo Kamen (a.k.a. Mamoru Chiba).

    I highly reccomend Sailor Moon to all anime fans worldwide. :D
  • My absolute favorite show in the universe. How do you not love it?

    I'd have to say that Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon is my absolute favorite show in the universe. How do you NOT love it? It has humor, action, adventure, romancse, realistic characters, and a plot that won't let your eyes more from the screen. It can be fun and girly and pointless, but also serious, mysterious and thought-provoking.

    First I saw the dub, a long time ago when the R episodes were first airing. I don't really remember it but I fell in love with it. Years later I watched the R movie and I was just blown away. Beutiful animation, and a plot that fits the rest of the series, but still has something different.

    I just love the series. This is what made me an otaku. After seeing the S series, all the movies in both languages, and funny scenes on the internet, BSSM is now officially my favorite show that's ever been on television. Enough said.
  • Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon is about Usagi Tsukino who finds out that she is the reincarnation of the moon princess. She is awakened to fight the evil that is sent to destroy earth from other galaxies.

    Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon is by far my favorite anime ever. It is full of comedic charm, romance, and just a bunch of girls having fun. It seems that many people find Sailor Moon to be childish, when it has a very serious side. This show has the power to make you laugh, cry, and fall in love with the characters. Each of the Sailor Senshi have their own distinct personalities that you can't help but adore. Plus, who can resist three talking cats? I personally own seasons 1-4 of the japanese uncut episodes and I love everyone of them. Not to mention, the three movies are great too, and real tear jerkers. I know that season 5 (Stars) of Sailor Moon is (I think) available right now, and I just can't wait to buy it and complete my collection. After all, Sailor Moon is a classic that no one should miss out on! If you get the chance to see it, don't let it pass you by or you will be missing out on the best.
  • Not the anime you thought it was

    although sailor moon does seem kind of girly and pointless its one of the best animes ive ever seen it has fun characters and a good solid story. i guarantee if anyone does watch this show they get a good kick out of it. i especialy like the comedy and the action the most the romance ....its ok
  • Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon. A wonderful show about five teenage girls fighting evil- and why I love it a lot.

    Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon(Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon, ofter refered to as Pretty Soilder Sailor Moon to keep it from being confused with the live-action version of the same name) is a wonderful anime about five, later ten, later thirteen, teenage girls fighting evil that comes their way. The show starts out with Sailors Moon, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, and Venus, introduced in that order. Then (introduced in chronological order) are Sailors Pluto, Chibi-Moon(Moon's future daughter) Uranus and Neptune, and finally Saturn. Finally Sailors Star Fighter, Star Maker, and Star Healer are introduced, bringing the team to a close.

    I love this series because of the in depth look at the characters. Episodes divulge deeply into the character's lives, such as Makoto's freindship with Tomoko, a girl from her old school, and Rei's relationship with Yuuchiro. Also because of the stories of unriquitted love makes it great. These characters depend on each other, and relationships are nice and long living. Also, the senshi(scouts) have to deal with secret identities. Overall, this series is a light-hearted, yet serious anime about love, justice, and the trials of being a superheroine.
  • One of the best anime you could ever watch.

    I\'ll admit two things. One, when the English dub aired 10 years ago, I was not a fan. I did watch a few episodes, but to me, it felt like a cartoon. Two, it started to grow on me in the fall of 2000/winter of 2001 as Cartoon Network aired the S and SuperS dubs. Before I knew it, I collected the R, S, and SuperS movies. I started with the dub tapes, but replaced them with the DVDs when the VCR began eating tapes. Once I turned on the Japanese and English subtitles, I never went back to painful sounding dub. The voice actors are great. The animation, while old, still looks good. I like the music.

    Now, my collection includes all 200 episodes, the 3 movies, SuperS TV special, Ami-chan no Hatsukoi (short film), Make Up Sailor Senshi (short film), Dreaming Moon Fankansha, Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, and some of the musicals.

    You don\'t have to study up on the shows mythological elements or the Japanese culture to enjoy the show. But I do recommend avoiding the English dub because it\'s missing so much of the show\'s charm.