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Aired Unknown Jan 15, 1998 on ABC
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Bio-anthropologist Dr. Sloan Parker makes a startling discovery: a new specieso f humans. The drama begins as Sloan is working with her mentor, Dr. Ann Coulter, on a criminal case involving a highly intelligent and ruthless serial killer, Randall Lynch. Hours after revealing to Sloan that "there's a genetic anomaly" in the killer's blood, her teacher is found murdered. Undaunted, Soan continues the research with the help of a colleague, Dr. Ed Tate. She learns that the killer's DNA differs from that of other humans and that he's not alone. It seems that a new breed resembling Homo Sapiens has evolved, and it intends to be the dominant species.moreless

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  • Pretty good, I suppose, but not that well thought out.

    While the pilot of "Prey" is pretty well-acted and has an intriguing interest, it's not that "smart" and it's not surprising it didn't catch on.

    Basically, these scientists discover that there is a new species emerging, with a 1.6% difference in their DNA. That's a lot, actually, meaning they aren't human.

    There's a lot of stuff that could be done with THAT plot. These new species could have "X-Men" like powers or have some new abilities, but all they really do is act hostile.

    We are also expected to believe this show takes place more than a decade in the future, but nothing looks different. The hair, clothing, cars, EVERYTHING is exactly the same as the year 1998, with the only difference being that the rather primitive looking computers can talk back and receive voice commands.

    The show also tries to hard to make itself sound smart. It focuses way to much on evolution and scientific "facts", none of which makes too much sense.

    The hardest thing to wrap your head around is how the new species has discovered that they are something more than human, and how they have formed some sort of community and have decided to kill us all. It's just very illogical.

    However, the show can provide a few thrills, and it's entertaining enough, but it would've been better if they'd done it differently and wasn't worried about trying to make it "science fact". The show would have worked even better if it had a supernatural twist to it.


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  • TRIVIA (3)

    • The new species seems to be extremely agile and athletic. After killing Dr. Ann Coulter the killer jumped through the lab window and disapeared into the night. At Sloans apartment after her confrontation with Tom, he goes over to her window and prepares to depart through it, as there are cops waiting outside her door.

    • Through Tom Daniels conversation with Sloan we learn that the new species lack emmotions.

    • Through Sloans DNA tests it is revealed that there is a 1.6 DNA difference between humans and the new humanoid species.

  • QUOTES (3)

    • Sloan: Hey, Ed, how's it going?
      Ed: Uh, fine. You know, Coulter's looking for you.
      Sloan: I know. I've got to prep her for court but I promise I'll be back in time to go over last week's DNA differentials reports--
      Ed: Sloan, it's ok. They're finished.
      Sloan: Finished?
      Ed: Stayed up all night. Kind of, got on a roll.
      Sloan: Ed, you're amazing! I owe you one.
      Ed: I'll see you.

    • Ann: Let's take a look at what happened to Homo neanderthalis. Neanderthals were the undisputed master of their environment for over 300,000 years. They must've thought that nothing would stand in the way of their dominance.

    • Ann: Evolution. Natural selection. We've all heard these phrases our entire lives. But how many of us have ever really understood what they really mean? Or thought about their implications.

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