Season 1 Episode 4


Aired Unknown Feb 05, 1998 on ABC
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Sloan, Tom and Ed travel to Mexico to search for clues about the origin of the new species, where they make a discovery that may reveal how many of the new humans exist. When they return, Tom investigates his own origins by visiting his boyhood home.

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    • TRIVIA (4)

      • Based on the autopsy Sloan and Ed conducted on the mummy Tom brought back from the desert and the fact that the female mummy had 4 uteruses, Sloan and Ed calculated that there may be around 187,000 individuals belonging to the new race.

      • The females of the new species have multiple uteruses.

      • The new species origin is in Oaxaca, Mexico. They lived in a village that was a mile and a half across. At the time they lived there, which was 60 years ago, the area was a swap. However, a unique condition that accelerated the global warming in the area caused the place to become inhospitable and the new species were forced to leave their Eden.

      • The tattoo on Tom's back is a tattoo that is bestowed only on chosen members of the new species. Those selected to become their leaders.

    • QUOTES (3)

      • Sloan: Where's Tom?
        Tom's mother: Why do you care so much, Sloan?
        Sloan: Who are you?
        Tom's mother: His mother.
        Sloan: What did you do to him?
        Tom's mother: He's downstairs. Don't get too attached.

      • Tom's mother: Our weakness is that our ancestors were human. We still carry traces of warmth and emotion within us, but if we start to feel compassion or pity we're lost. We have to fight those emotions. No matter how hard that fight may be and I do know it can be hard.
        Tom: Do you?
        Tom's mother: Yes I do.

      • Tom: We have to go.
        Ed: We can't.
        Tom: Look I've come to this place with you, I've helped you find it. Sloan knows I've helped you in other ways as well, now I'm telling you, leave.
        Ed: I'll load the equipment, you two break down the tent. Let's go.
        Tom: I'm not coming with you.
        Sloan: Where are you going?
        Tom: Out there.
        Sloan: In the desert?
        Tom: I need to take care of whatever is out there.
        Sloan: I can't leave you here.
        Tom: I'll be alright.
        Sloan: I'm not leaving you.
        Tom: Sloan, it's the safest thing for all of us. You gotta believe me. Promise me you'll go.
        Sloan: If you'll promise me you'll come back.
        Tom: I do. Now hurry.

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