Season 1 Episode 5


Aired Unknown Feb 19, 1998 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • Matching the tattoos on Tom's back to the celestial map and aligning them to the 5 stars in the celestial map taken from the pillar's design proves to be a perfect fit. However, the squares on Tom's tattoos don't match anything on the celestial map. Ed runs a celestial cycle program showing different variation of this exact night sky 100 years back and forwards. Through the simulation, Sloan finds a comment that will pass by earth again on October 1998. They realize the date is significant but they don't know what it signifies.

    • Through hypnosis, Sloan, Ed and Dr. Attwood learned that Tom received his tattoos when he was five years old.

    • The patterns on the pillar match a celestial map. The coordinates are Southern Mexico, 19 degrees north 97 degrees west, for a spring night sky facing the north. The new species etched their night sky on the pillar.

    • Everyone seems to be keeping secrets in this episode. When Sloan asked Tom if he asked his mother what the tattoo on his back meant, he told her that he didn't get that far, when in fact his mother told him that it means he was chosen to be one of their leaders. When Dr. Attwood's boss asked him who was translating the pillar brought back from Mexico he told her Sloan and Ed were working on it. He deliberately avoided telling her Tom was in the warehouse helping them decipher the pillar. Detective Peterson is avoiding telling his wife about the new species as it's frightening and there's nothing that can be done about it.

  • Quotes

    • Sloan: I'm sorry Mrs. Leon, we never meant to endanger you.
      Mrs. Leon: So why did you? You know what they are.
      Sloan: Yes, and I know they're multiplying at an incredible rate. There are thousands of them out there and if we don't stop them here we may not be able to stop them at all.
      Mrs. Leon: What do you want to know?
      Sloan: First, I need to take some blood for a test
      Mrs. Leon: You said questions.
      Sloan: First the test then we can talk.
      Mrs. Leon: Lehas, my village, was tiny, over the mountain was the Pueblo Acculto. The secret village.
      Sloan: Did you have any contact with them?
      Mrs. Leon: Almost never.
      Sloan: Almost?
      Mrs. Leon: Lupe was my friend. When we were little, 11 or 12 years old we would sneak over the mountain to watch village
      Sloan: And that's when you saw the pillar. Did you ever get close enough to hear them talk about the pillar.
      Mrs. Leon: Yes. But that last time the men in the village they saw us and they caught us and took us to a cave. It was so cold.
      Detective Peterson: What happened in the cave Mrs. Leon?
      Mrs. Leon: To me nothing, I was knocked unconscious they thought I was dead.
      Sloan: And Lupe?
      Mrs. Leon: I just lay them listening to her scream I don't know what they do to her but I still hear her scream. I never saw Lupe again.
      Sloan: And the pillar?
      Mrs. Leon: It was in the village that night.
      Sloan: At night?
      Mrs. Leon: They only did the work at night. Always looking towards the mountains.
      Detective Peterson: If it was naturally secluded why work on it only at night?
      Sloan: The stars.

    • Ed: So Sloan said you risked your life by going home
      Tom: What else did she say?
      Ed: We don't have many secrets, except about you.
      Tom: I never meant to come between you and Sloan.
      Ed: What are you intentions?
      Tom: What do you mean?
      Ed: With Sloan. It's not that she and I are an item. We're not. But I can definitely see that there's something happening between you two and she's the best friend I have.
      Tom: She's lucky to have a friend like you.
      Ed: Yeah, but is she lucky to have a friend like you?
      Tom: I would never hurt Sloan.
      Ed: Yeah, I guess you proved that.
      Tom: So have you.

    • Tom: Don't go.
      Sloan: How are you feeling?
      Tom: I'm a little sore
      Sloan: Your shirt's soaked through, let me get you another one
      Tom: How long have I been asleep?
      Sloan: Almost a day
      Tom: You saved my life. I'll never forget looking up, seeing you in that place.
      Sloan: Neither will I. It was so dangerous for you to-, I just hope it was worth it. Did you get any of the answers you were looking for?
      Tom: Some. I learned that wiping out my childhood memories was part of my training.
      Sloan: Why would they do that?
      Tom: So if something went wrong on one of my assignments I couldn't betray any secrets.
      Sloan: Did you learn that from your mother?
      Tom: How do you know about my mother?
      Sloan: I met her. Would she have killed you?
      (Tom sighs and doesn't respond)
      Sloan: Here let me help you. Did you find out anything about the tattoo?
      Tom: We didn't get that far.

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